Person:John Steele (1)

John Steele
chr.12 Dec 1591 Fairsted, Essex, England
m. 10 JAN 1595
  1. George Steele1583 - bef 1664
  2. Richard Steele1587 -
  3. Ric Steele1588 -
  4. John Steele1591 - 1665
m. 10 OCT 1622
  1. John Steele1624 - 1653
  2. Lieutenant Samuel Steele1626 - bet 1685
  3. Daniel Steele1628 - bef 1645
  4. Rachel Steele1632 - aft 1636/37
  5. Lydia Steeleest 1635 - 1659
  6. Mary Steeleest 1637 - 1718
  7. Sarah Steele1639 - 1695
  8. Hannah Steeleest 1642 - 1655
  9. Daniel Steele1645 - 1646
m. 25 Nov 1655
Facts and Events
Name John Steele
Gender Male
Christening[1] 12 Dec 1591 Fairsted, Essex, England
Marriage 10 OCT 1622 Fairstead, Essex, Englandto Rachel Talcott
Marriage 25 Nov 1655 Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Mercy Ruscoe
Death[1] 27 FEB 1665 Farmington, Hartford, Ct

Freeman 14 May 1634 [2] Deputy for the General Court for Cambridge in 1634-1635.[3]

Granted land in Cambridge in 1633-1635, and held nine parcels by the land inventory of 20 Aug 1635.[4] He sold all his land to Robert Bradish on 28 Aug 1635.[5] He held four parcels at Hartford by the time of the land inventory there. [6]

John's 1st wife, Rachel died in Farmington in 1653 ("Rachell Steell The wife of John Steell Senor Eanded hur Natterall Lif October the Twenty & fower on Thousand Six hundreth fifty Three") and John married Mercy Seamer ("John Steell was maryed to mercy Semer Nouemr the Twenty & fiue one thousand Six hundreth fifty & fiue"). He died 27 Feb 1664 ("mr. John stell ended his natarull Lif the twenty and seuenth of fabarary won thousan six hundred sixty and foure").[7]


Last Will and Testament of John Steel Dated: 30 Jan 1663 Presented: 15 Jun 1665

I John Steel of ffarmington being stricken in yeares and weaknes doe see necessary to set our smal occasions in ye world at a stay. I being therfore though weak in body yet of competent ability for this work I humbly comitting my spirit into the hands of god that gaue it and into ye hands of our blessed saviour who euer hath bene a gracias God to me and also doe comit my body to a comly and decent buriall in the comon place of burial at ffarmington appointed for that purpose.

I giue and bequeath unto my dear and loueing wife mercy Steel The house wherein I now dwell wth the appurtenances belonging to it in al three little closes thervnto belonging also one Barne dureing the time of her natural life esteemed at Ð 4 4s per ann:

I giue and bequeath vnto ye said Mercy a certein parcell of houshold goods that were hirs at ye time when I married to her linnen and wollen brass and pewter and other implements of houshold goods esteemed about nineteen pounds as also a mare colt valued at Ð 2 10s. Also two Cowes and one three yeare old Heifer as also one third part of al ye provision in ye house, which is one third part of what more is in my house wch is for the maintenanc of our familie as one third part of meat one third of our malt one third of butter and cheese one third of flax or yarn woolen or linnen also ten busheld of wheat and six bushels of peas one stock of bees two store swine one third of ye fowles three sheep wth their lambs a pint skellet on woollen on linnen wheel one beer barrell.

I giue and bequeath vnto my said wife marsy steel one half of all the linnen cloth she hath made since I married to her. All wch parcel of goods in the perticulers before mentioned except the house and barne and three Closes I giue and bequeathe vnto my Loueing wife and her heires for euer.

I giue and bequeath vnto my Loueing wife a parcell of Pasture land inclosed esteemed at three Acres to her for her vse dureing her natural life.

I giue and bequeath to my Son Samuell Steel my best bed wth ye furniture belonging vnto it wch is a bed wth one Green Rugg one feather boulster two good feather pillowes one suit of green Say Curtaines and Vallons and the girt Bed sted wheron it vsed to lie wth ye Curtaine rode, belonging to it.

I giue and bequeath to my Son Samuell a siluer Bowle wch was myne owne Marked wth three siluer stamps and on S. al on the vpper end of ye bowle. Also I giue vnto my son Samuel one half of al my Books also my gold scales and weights belonging to yt. All which pticulers aboue mentioned I giue and bequeath to my Son Samuel and his heires for euer to enjoy them imediately after my natural life is ended.

I giue to my son Samuell a peice of inclosed Pasture land by estimation three Acres abutting on Isaack Moor South and Mathew Woodroof west and Samuel Steel north and comon land East wch said land I giue and bequeath to him ahd his Heires for euer to enjoy it imediately after myne and my wife decease.

And to avoid the trouble of other conveiances of house and Land to my Son Samuell Steel of what I gaue him at his marriage wth Mary Boosy I here express it that as then I did so here I doe giue and bequeath vnto my Son Samuel Steel a parcel of Land wth a tenement standing on it wch parcel of Land conteines by estimation two Acres abutting on the high way east and Riuer West and William Juds land South and John Steels land North. As also a smal parcel of Land on wch his Stilhouse stands conteineing by estimation nine roods more or less abutting on Willm Judds Land sourth and on ye high way East and on John Steels Land north and West.

One parcell of Land lying in the great meadow conteineing by estimation seauenteen Acres more or less abutteing on John Nortons land South and the riuer west and on John Steels land deceased North and on the highway east.

One parcell lying in the third meadow conteining by estimation three Acres and a half more or less abutting on the Riuer West and on John Steels land deceased South and on the comon land East and Samuell Steels land North.

One parcell of land lying in the Cock crook which is one third part of all that land wch was Cocks crook wch whole parcel of Land was giuen by ffarminton inhabitants to me also by ye Indian wch was ye owner of ye forementioned Land wch Indian is now deceased which Indian was called by the name of Cock crook.

Wch parcell of Land giuen to my son Samuell is one third part of this whole parcell both for quallity and quantity, al wch parcells formentioned (except the three Acres of pasture land not yet to be possessed by him) I doe giue and bequeath, both Land and house forementioned vnto my Son Samll Steel and his heires for euer.

I giue and bequeath vbto my Son in Law Willm: Judd one third part of my Land called Cocks crook.

I giue and bequeath vnto my Son in Law Thomas Judd one third part of my Land at Cockscrook wch three parcels of land is all that was mine in Cockscrook granted by farmington Inhabitants to me in that place. That whole parcel of land shalbe devided equally both for quantity and quallty amongst my three Sons Samuel Steel, William Judd and Thomas Judd for them and their heires for euer.

I giue vnto my Son in Law Thomas Judd on pcell of Land lying in ye neck of Land in Hartford being by Estimation Twenty Acres more or lesse abutting on Willm Wadsworth Land north and on Windsor highway on ye West on ye dead swamp East, wch said Land I giue vnto Thomas Judd and his heires for euer.

I giue and bequeath vnto my too Sons in Law Willm and Thomas Judd my now dwelling house and barn house Lott yards Garden orchyard therto belonginge to be equally devided betwixt the foresaid William and Thoams to them and their heires for euer to enter possession immediately after myne and my wiues departure ou of this natural life.

ffurther my Wil is that a few things should be disposed to my Loving wife and Children and Ctandchildr

To my wife two smal siluer spoones and some small matter of linnen And to Mary Judd one peice of Gold and to Sarah Judd one peice of Told to John Steel son of John Steel deceased on siluer spoon And to Samuell son of ye said John deceased on siluer spoon and to Benony Steel one siluer spoon And to Rachel Daughter of Samuel Steel on siluer spoon to be delivered to them at their marriadge by my Son Samuell Steel, but my wife and two Daughters shal haue theirs imediately after the departure of my naturall life.

further it is my wil that if any of these three John Steel Samuell or Benony die before marriage then ye fore mentioned spoones to be devided betwixt the Surviuors And if al three die then the spoones to returne to my Son Samuel and his Heires for euer And it is my Wil that for the remainder of my siluer spoones broken or whole as also a smal gold ring I giue and bequeath to my Son Samuell Steel

And for the rest of my Estate Cattle or horses sheep ec within doores of wthout vndisposed all just debts being first paid I giue and bequeath to my two Sons in Law William and Thomas Judd And doe make them my Sole Executors and doe desire and make choice of my Son Samuel Steel and James Steel to be the ouer seers of this my Will and Testament.

John Steel

Testes vpon Oath in Court June 16.65 James Steel Samuel Steel

Inventory of Estate of John Steele Presented Jun 1665 house barne Lott & Orchyard Ð 65-0-0 on peice of pastur land 12-0-0 peuter & too siluer spoones 2-0-0 foureteene books 3-0-0 siluer Plate 3-0-0 in gold to tenn shilling peices on gold ring 1-5-0 on matchlocke Muskett on holberd 0-6-0 wampom & honey 0-6-0 three quir of papper 0-2-0

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    Origin: Fairstead, Essex. Migration 1633. Residence: Cambridge; Removes Hartford 1635, Farmington 1645.
    Birth: Baptized Fairstead, Essex, 12 Dec 1591, son of Richard
    Death: Farmington 27 Feb 1664/5? [Farm VR Barbour 158]

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