Person:John Semple (7)

  1. Elizabeth SempleABT 1680 - Bef 1747
  2. Sir Francis Semple, of Belfast and EdinburghBet 1680-1690 -
  3. Cunningham Sempleabt 1685 - aft 1723
  4. Samuel Semple, Jr., Yeomanabt 1694 - 1776
  5. Jean SempleBet 1694-1700 -
  6. John SempleBet 1694-1700 - Bet 1758
m. abt 1718
  1. James Sempleabt 1718 -
  2. John Semple1728 - 1794
  3. David Sample, Esqabt 1730 - 1791
  4. Joseph Semple, Sr.abt 1738 - 1811
  5. Jannet Semple1743 - 1776
Facts and Events
Name John Semple
Alt Name John Simple
Alt Name John Sample
Gender Male
Birth[9] Bet. 1694-1700 Castlefinn, County Donegal, Republic of Ireland Hereditary Sempill Lords of Blackburn, Kirkhouse, and Long Dreghorn & Clan Sempill
Marriage abt 1718 Larne, County Antrim, Northern Irelandto Elizabeth Young
Immigration[3] 24 Aug 1729 New Castle, Delaware, United States
Residence[3][4] May 1740 Straban, Adams, Pennsylvania, United StatesManor of Maske
Death[7][9] Bet. 15 Feb / Mar 1758 East Pennsbough, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Will[7][9] 15 Feb 1758 East Pennsboro, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United StatesLast Will and Testament Written
Probate[8] 3 Mar 1758 Chester, Pennsylvania, United StatesWill Probated

John Semple, East Pennsboro Township

  • Newspaper: Harrisburg Telegraph; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Page 4, Saturday, August 21, 1886.S7
Will of: SEMPLE, JOHN, East Pennsboro Township.
Written: February 15, 1758,
Probated: 3 March 1758.
Children: i. John. ii. James. iii. David. iv. Robert. v. Samuel, son Joseph. Dau. Jannet Semple.
Executors: sons John Semple and David Semple.
Witnesses: John and Thomas McCormick Johnathan Hoge

Records in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

  • SILVER SPRING TAVERN - Oliver Pollock Tavern - Location - 6395 Carlisle Pike - Tavern - Standing - 2-story stone - :Built 1797 - Tavernkeepers were John McCurdy 1771-1776, David Briggs 1796-1804.
History - The original tavern burned in November 1796. The new tavern 40’ by 33’ was built by Oliver Pollock before 1798.
  • Robert Callender, the original landowner on which Silver Spring Tavern is built, died in 1776. The executors wrote in the Pennsylvania Gazette dated 2 Oct 1776,
"TO BE SOLD - 1,200 acres of excellent limestone land situated in East Pennsborough Twp. on great road leading from Harris Ferry to said town of Carlisle whereon are erected and built an excellent merchant mill and sawmill adjacent... now in tenure of Mr. Francis Silver, on a never failing stream of water known by name of Silver Spring. Oliver Pollock purchased the property.
Reverend Manasseh Cutler traveling to the Northwest Territory stopped at the tavern. He was the founder of Marietta, Ohio. He says "We went 7 miles from the Susquehanna River to Pollock’s Tavern. A fat Irishman gave us a grand dinner, but one horse fared badly; intolerably dear."
During David Brigg’s tenure as tavernkeeper, a disastrous fire occurred. It was reported in the 11 Nov 1796 edition of Klines - "CONFLAGRATION - the Silver Spring Tavern, property of Oliver Pollock, Esq., which was kept by Mr. Briggs, took fire and was consumed. Charles Smith, Esq., one of the lodgers and in adjoining room went where several Indian chiefs lodged who joined him in the cry to the other lodgers."
SAMPLE, Samuel on the 01 Aug 1766 applied for 300 acres of land on the Little Juniata, adjoining land applied for by Joseph Silver of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Francis Silver applied for the land in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on Apr 1, 1766.
Samuel Semple Sr., also operated a Tavern in Carlisle, before he and his son Samuel Semple Jr., began operating the Tavern at Fort Pitt.
  • Discussions of speculator James Silvers' land purchases in now-Cumberland County c.1735 dismiss warrants to Joseph Silver as a "straw man," that is, Joseph was not a brother but a front for additional warranting by James himself. But it should be noted that one of the George Brandons, possibly this Joseph Silver's father-in-law, was at a vendue in the Silver's Spring area in 1739 and that Presbyterians from York County travelled to Silver's Spring for church until the Monaghan congregation at Dillsburg was given the go-ahead in 1760.
  • Schaumann, Merri Lou Scribner. Taverns of Cumberland County Pennsylvania 1750-1840. (Lewisberry, Pennsylvania: Cumberland County Historical Society, 1994).
Samuel Semple Jr. also operated a Tavern in Carlisle, before operating the Tavern at Fort Pitt.
  • Newberry Library
30 Dec 1772 Order to Pay Samuel Semple, Jr. - Order (Logstown, Pa., 1772 Dec. 30) instructing Robert Callender to pay Samuel Sample Jr. twenty pounds, and letter (Fort Pitt, 1781 Sep. 7) to an unknown addressee regarding the supply of provisions to Fort Pitt.
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    Thomas Graves (Royal Navy officer) married Mary Sample. Was with his cousin at the Battle of the Chesapeake. The battle was tactically inconclusive but strategically a major defeat for the British, since it prevented the Royal Navy from reinforcing or evacuating the blockaded forces of Lieutenant Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia. Cousin Thomas Graves, 1st Baron Graves also Failed Cornwallis at Yorktown.

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    • William Gilmore - Sarah Hannah, 1778, Arthur Scotts, Jr. - Ann Hamilton, 1788, The Union of Four Families (1932) by Elizabeth Gilmore, pp.174-79:
      "…Calvin Hamilton of Gettysburg, deceased, a descendant of John Hamilton who landed at New Castle, Delaware, 24 August 1729, said his ancestor, John Hamilton, came over with his uncle Hance Hamilton."..."The descendants of John Hamilton, who came over with his uncle Hance Hamilton in 1729, have an old Bible which has written on the flyleaf, 'We landed at New Castle, Delaware, 24 August 1729.' 'We were the one hundred and forty families led into the Manor of the Masque by Hance Hamilton…" John Simple [Sample] is on this list.
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    Page 21, 22 - History of Adams County - The early settlers upon the Manor of Maske located on Marsh Creek. A paper published in the Compiler, January 16, 1876, gives an interesting account of an old record paper found in the possession of the county surveyor. It is a report to Penn's agent of a list of settlers on the manor who had filed their claims upon lands, and included those who had taken out warrants as well as those who had not. To this valuable list of early settlers are added the names of those who took out warrants between 1765 and 1775, as appears on the records of the Department of Internal Affairs at Harrisburg.
    John Simple

    Page 336 - History of Adams County - Straban Township - A part of this township belonged to the "Manor of the Maske," as laid out for the Penns in 1740, and shared in all the fortunes of that manor. Among the entries of land made prior to 1842, and recorded April 2, 1792, were those of William Stephenson, in May, 1741; Andrew Levenstone, in May, 1740 and John Simple or Sample, same year; a few other settlers in the manor may have owned lands in this section; but there is no specific record extant. Outside the manor lines were the settlers, whos death record is given in the history of the old Pines Church.

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    Page 19 - Boyds In America - The Boyds with which this book deals came from the north of Ireland with one hundred and forty other families, under the leadership of Hance Hamilton, landing at New Castle, Delaware, August 24, 1729.

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    Semple. John Semple, of East Pennsboro', d. February, 1758, leaving the following children: i. John. ii. James. iii. David. iv. Robert. v. Samuel. The witnesses to the will were John and Thomas McCormick and Jonathan Hoge.

  8. Chester County, Pennsylvania Wills, 1713-1825, Book A, Page 52, 3 Mar 1758.

    John Semple of East Pennsboro Township. 15 Feb 1758. Oldest son John, 2nd son James, 3rd son David, 5th son Samuel, 4th son Robert, son Joseph. Dau. Jannet Semple. Exs., sons John Semple and David Semple.

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    GENDER: Male
    BIRTH: about 1685 - Castlefinn, County Donegal, Ireland
    DEATH: 15 February 1758 - East Pennsboro, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
    WILL: 3 March 1758 - East Pennsboro, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, USA
    PARENTS: FATHER: Samuel Semple
    PERSON COUNT: 7,889