Person:John Morgan (45)

John Morgan
  1. Elizabeth Morgan
  2. Ellington Morgan - 1813
  3. John Morgan - Aft 1783
  1. William Morgan - Aft 1782
  1. Samuel Morgan1770 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name John Morgan
Gender Male
Birth[1] 26 Apr 1734 Bristol Parish, Prince George, Virginia
Death? Abt 1795 Amelia Co., Virginia


John Morgan [1782.3.1] (26 April 1734 -1795) married first a daughter of John Ellington and they were the parents of two sons named in her mother’s will and of Elizabeth Williams named in her father’s will.

John married second Amy Willson and they were the parents of Samuel. John’s third wife was Mary Walthall, a daughter of William Walthall, with whom he fathered William Morgan, named in Walthall’s 1782-will. 
John got 177 acres on Winticomack Creek in 1774.  In 1775 Samuel and John Morgan, and their wives, both named Mary, deeded 300 acres on Winticomack Creek to Absalom Tucker.  Mary’s brother Robert Walthall was a witness when an illiterate Mary Morgan for “love and affection I bear for my son [stepson], John Morgan,” confirmed the sale of part of her plantation to Tucker 27 March 1777.  
John was living in Amelia County in 1782, head of a household of five whites and twelve blacks. Four whites were in his family in 1785.  
Morgan married fourth soon before his death Martha (Huddleston) Tucker in Amelia County 25 April (bond) 1793.  Martha married Francis Tucker in Amelia County 4 August (bond) 1784,  but he omitted her name from his 1792-will.  
John Morgan made a will in Amelia County leaving his wife the plantation she held when they married. Executors to this will were John Finney, Simon Morgan Jr., and John Morgan Jr. (will dated 21 Sept. 1794,  recorded 28 Jan. 1796). 
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    Bristol Parish Record