Person:John Maloney (1)

Facts and Events
Name John Maloney
Gender Male
Birth? Nov 1771 Burke, North Carolina, United States
Marriage 1789 possibly Burke County, NC
to Susannah Crawford
Death? 17 Aug 1839 Estill, Kentucky, United States
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    BIOGRAPHY: Occupation - farmer

    1790-99 Burke Co., NC (1790 Burke Census; NC 1794-7 per birth places of daughters Nancy, Sally & Jemima's birth; 1799 Burke per entry takers returns)
    1800 Rutherford Co., NC
    1801 Bunscombe Co., NC (per son Wm.'s birthplace)
    1807-12 Madison Co., KY (per Sidney's birthplace)
    1813-14 Susannah Maloney on Clay co. tax lists; also in 1814 Susannah gave permission for daughter Nancy to marry. Perhaps john was off fighting in the War of 1812
    1801-40 Estill Co., KY (John's birthplace; court records; marriages; census; tax list 1817-32)
    Note: Clay was created in 1807 from Floyd, Knox & Madison.
    There was an area taken from Clay & given to Estill in 1815 & it appears that this is wher John lived.
    1843-50 Breathitt Co., KY (1,000 a. on Kentucky River - per tax lists) (Breathitt taken from Estill 1839)

    John Maloney

    John Maloney s/o William Maloney was born about 1770 but it is uncertain as to where. He may have been born in North Carolina, which is where it is suspected that he married Susannah Crawford about 1789. John appears in the 1790 census in Burke Co., North Carolina. By 1800 he was in Madison County, Kentucky and 1810 in Estill County, Kentucky. John's first son was William and in many instances the first son born was usually named after his grandfather. We learn from the tax records that John owned a 1,000 acres of land. It is interesting how the acreage grew as this story was handed down in the family. My dad, remembered it being 15,000. Nevertheless the records reveal only 1,000 which is still a substantial amount. John had some unual names for his sons, Ballinger, Jameson, and McKinley besides William and John. John died 17 August, 1839 at age 67 in Estill County, Kentucky. Susannah lived with her son, John, and appears in the 1850 Breathitt County census listed with his household. She lists her age as 79 and born in Virginia. It is estimated that Susannah died abt 1852. The line for the Maloney's grows cold after John. It is surprising that as I talked to many family members about the Maloney's all claimed their grandfather came from Ireland. This reveals strong enthusiasm to be connected to their native heritage. Oh, if they had only kept better records it would be easier to establish that connection. One thing is clear, that the Maloney name is Irish and the two resources we have listed below reveal that the oldest record where Maloney appears is in County Clare, Ireland. With all the new technology and the continuing interest in Genealogy and the records that are available to research we might be able to make that connection in Ireland.

    Sharon Ogzewalla February, 2001