Person:John Jackson (342)

John Jackson, IV
b.ABT 1733 New York
  1. Martha Jackson1730 - 1799
  2. John Jackson, IVABT 1733 - 1821
  3. Obadiah Jackson1733 - 1802
  4. Elizabeth Jackson1735 - 1806
  5. Anne Jackson1736/7 - 1799
  6. Mary Jackson1739 - 1778
  7. Jerusha Jackson1741 -
  8. Parmenus Jackson, Sr.1743 - 1781
  9. Rosetta Jackson1745 -
  10. Abigail Jackson1749 - 1837
m. 13 Feb 1756
  1. Thomas Tredwell Jacksonest 1758 -
  2. John Jackson, Vest 1760 - ABT 1830
  3. Tredwell Jacksonest 1762 - AFT 1779
  4. Samuel Jacksonest 1764 - 1832
m. AFT Oct 1765
  1. Noah Jacksonest 1768 -
  2. Kesia Jacksonest 1770 -
  3. Mary Jacksonest 1770 - Bef 1810
  4. Charity Jacksonest 1772 -
  5. Obadiah JacksonABT 1774 - 1825
Facts and Events
Name John Jackson, IV
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1733 New York
Marriage 13 Feb 1756 St. George's Episcopal Church, Hempstead, Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York, United Statesto Charity Smith Tredwell
Marriage AFT Oct 1765 to Margaret Wright
Residence[3] 1794 & 1804 Jerusalem, L.I., New York
Death[1][2] 1 Jan 1821 Jericho, Oyster Bay Twp, Queens Co., New York

John and his first wife, Charity Treadwell, were married at St. George's Episcopal Church in Hempstead. But sometime later it appears that he became a Quaker.

From Jim Rubins: Hinshaw's Quaker Records: John received by request Jan 20, 1791 (to Jericho, NY Meeting) and Mary, [his child], received by request 3-17-1791

John's second wife, Margaret, was the widow of Noah Townsend and Daniel Thorne. This was her third marriage.

An interesting record of his home in Jericho is told at the following URL. It is called the Townsend-Jackson-Malcolm House. This hisoric home has now been completely restored. The restoration was made possible through a partnership involving the Nassau Conservancy, the County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums, and a team of 16 Long Island interior and garden designers who volunteered their time and services.

A quote from the above site: "Very little is known of John Jackson except that he was a Quaker and a fourth generation decendant of Robert Jackson, one of the original settlers of Hempstead. He was married twice, first to Charity Tredwell in 1756, and following her death to Margaret Wright Townsend. By his first marriage he had four children and by his second five more, the third being his son Obadiah.

"Like his father, Obadiah was a farmer and like his father, he was married twice, first to Elizabeth Wright, who died shortly afterward. Then in 1804, he married Rachel Underhill. Obadiah's son William's daughter Phoebe Jackson married James Malcolm who served as Town Assessor and was a director of the Oyster Bay bank. Their sons William and James A. Malcolm deeded the land to James A. Malcolm Jr. It was acquired by the county on April 2, 1974."

Noted by Frank M. Jackson: "This John Jackon’s will (sometimes known as John Jackson of Jericho) is dated 4 February 1820 and is recorded in Queens Co Liber D. of Wills, pp. 348-351. It was probated 9 March 1821. It is also recorded 10 June 1843 (Kings Co, Liber 6:314).

"It is a long and complex will in which he names his sons John, Thomas, and Obadiah and daughter Mary Jackson (Underhill). He also names the children of his son John: James T., Maria, Cornelia, Hamilton H. and Christiana. Also the children of his son Thomas: Robert and John. Also the children of his son Obadiah: none yet born but if born. Also the children of his daughter Mary Underhill: Amy, Samuel and Adonijah. He also mentions his grand daughter, Lydia De Peyster. He does use the phrase ‘in lawful wedlock’ with reference to the children his grandson, John, may have.

"His executors were son Obadiah, friend Valentine Hicks, and grandsons Hamilton H. Jackson and Samuel I. Underhill."

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