Person:John Jackson (248)

  1. John JacksonAbt 1719 - 1801
m. 04 Jul 1755
  1. George Jackson1757 - 1831
  2. Col. Edward Jackson1759 - 1828
  3. John Jackson, Jr.1762 - 1821
  4. Sophia Jackson1763 -
  5. Elizabeth JacksonAbt 1767 - 1852
  6. Mary Sarah Jackson1768 -
  7. Samuel Jackson1772 - 1842
  8. Henry Jackson1774 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] John Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[2][4] abt 1719 Northern Ireland
Marriage 04 Jul 1755 Cecil, Maryland, United Statesto Elizabeth Cummins
Death[4] 25 Sep 1801 Clarksburg, Harrison, Virginia (later West Virginia), United States

About John Jackson

Records of John Jackson in Augusta County, VA

  • 1801 - Patent to Hugh Phelps, assignee of John Jackson, 1,000 acres in Harrison County. 1
  1. John Jackson, in Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. (Rosslyn, Virginia: The Commonwealth Printing Company, 1912-1913 in Three Volumes)

    Entries by right of military service under proclamation of 1763, viz:
    1,700 acres for William Cromwell, 10th May, 1776;
    940 acres for Francis Kirtley;
    1,500 acres for Henry Gains;
    1,000 acres for Peter Hog;
    1,000 acres for Charles Scott;
    1,000 acres for James Walker, John Posey, Goodrich Crump, Jesse Scott, Marshall Pratt, John Poe, Robert Scott, Hugh Stephenson, Thomas Rutherford. (These records are certified from Rockingham.)

    Deed dated 2d September, 1805, by Hugh Phelps and Hannah of Wood County, to Thomas Creel, 200 acres on Little Kenawha, part of tract patented to Mark Harden and conveyed by him to Hugh Phelps 12th July, 1805. Recorded in Wood County, 2d September, 1805, Patented, 1785, to John Gibson, 1,000 acres by survey 1783, in Monongalia.

    Patent 1801 to Hugh Phelps, assignee of John Jackson, 1,000 acres in Harrison County.
    Ditto 1798, to Hugh Phelps, 391-3/4 acres in Harrison County;
    ditto 1802, to Valentine Cooper, 133 acres in Wood County;
    ditto 1808, to John Stokeley, 1,500 acres in Wood County;
    ditto 1787, to Paul Armstrong, 255 acres in Harrison County;
    ditto 1786, to Charles Wickliff, 400 acres in Monongalia.
    Patent 1796, to Wm. McCleery, 1,000 acres in Harrison County.
    Patent, 1808, to John Stokeley, 750 acres in Wood County.
    [cos1776 note: I left the citation text as is, since I do not know the original intent, but it probably can be condensed to just the text that specifically mentions John Jackson.]

  2. 2.0 2.1 John Jackson, in Haymond, Henry. History of Harrison County, West Virginia: from earliest days of northwestern Virginia to the present. (Morgantown, West Virginia: Acme Publishing, 1910)

    John Jackson.
    John Jackson, the pioneer of the Jackson family in West Virginia was born in Londonderry, Ireland, about the year 1719, his father removed to London when John was quite young and there he learned the builders trade.
    In 1748 he emigrated to Cecil County in the colony of Maryland and there married Elizabeth Cummins an English woman who according to tradition was a large, strong minded, energetic, courageous woman of great strength of character, which traits were inherited by her descendants.
    This couple were the progenitors of a long line of able enterprising men, who were distinguished in military and civil live and left their press on the times in which they lived.
    Several years after their marriage the young couple moved West and after several temporary locations, in 1769, crossed the mountains and located on the Buckhannon River at the mouth of Turkey Run. Jackson had under the guidance of Samuel Pringle explored the country in the year previous, 1768.
    John Jackson did his share of pioneer work and took an active part in the Indian wars of the period.
    He was the father of George, who was distinguished above his brothers, the grandfather of John G. the able United States Judge and Congressman, and the Great Grandfather of Thomas J. (Stonewall) whose fame as a soldier is world wide.
    He died at Clarksburg in 1804, aged 85 years. His wife, Elizabeth also died in Clarksburg in 1825 at the age of 101 years.
    [cos1776 note: I suspect that the death year for John should have been 1801, as the text states that he was 85 years old at the time of his death and the year 1801 matches the year on the VMI website cited below. Additional proof of this date should be added.]

  3. Stonewall Jackson genealogy, in Virginia Military Institute website.
  4. 4.0 4.1 Miller, Thomas Condit, and Hu Maxwell. West Virginia and its people. (New York, New York: Lewis Historical Pub. Co., 1913)

    'John Jackson, the American founder of this Jackson family, was born in the northern part of Ireland, near Londonderry, about 1719, died at Clarksburg, Virginia, at the home of his son, George, September 25, 1801.'