Person:John Jackson (224)

m. 1668
  1. Elizabeth JacksonABT 1668 - 1758
  2. James Jacksonabt 1670 - 1735
  3. Col John Jackson, IIabt 1673 - abt 1744
  4. Mary Jackson1678 - bef 1724
  5. Martha JacksonAbt 1678 - 1753
  6. Sarah Jackson1681 - BEF 1763
  7. Samuel Jackson1684 - 1728
  8. Hannah Jackson1685 -
m. 1694
  1. Sarah Jackson1697 - 1765
  2. Hannah Jacksonabt 1698 - 1787
  3. Justice John Jackson, III1701 - 1784
  4. Samuel Jacksonabt 1706 - Btw 1780
  5. Mary Jacksonest 1708 -
  6. Phebe Jackson1715 - 1800
  7. Richard Jackson, Sr.est 1717 - 1783
Facts and Events
Name Col John Jackson, II
Gender Male
Birth[1] abt 1673 Queens, New York, United States
Marriage 1694 to Elizabeth Hallett
Death? abt 1744 Jerusalem (now Wantagh), Queens (now Nassau) Co., New York, United States
Other? FTDNA kit 55891. DNA tested

John is mentioned in his father's 1724 will. Oscar B. Robbins' book states that John II settled in Jerusalem.

John Henry Jones' book on the Jones Family states "The 2d Col. John Jackson had a large family; his will, dated Feby 27, 1738, names his children, including his dau. Phoebe Jones (Lib. 15, p. 76, NYCity)"

The obituary of the above John Henry Jones lists his ancestors and their wives. The obit says the 2nd Col. John Jackson, father of Phebe, was from Jamestown, Long Island.

Earlier 1692 was used as the birth date of the second Col. John Jackson. But this is now questionable as John was mentioned in a deed which I believe was dated 1683: From "The Jones Family of Long Island" by John H. Jones, pg 352: "Mary [Jackson Ferris] was not named in her father's will, but is named in a deed from him [Robert Jackson] to his son John, and the latter's two sons, John and James, under date 5 May, 1653, conveying 'all his lands in Hempstead, etc., excepting that which I have already given my daughter, Mary Ferris, of Westchester Co.' (See Vol. 7, p. 32 of Deeds, Secy. of State Office, Albany, N.Y.)"

On reflection about this deed, I've come to believe that this is a misprint of the date of the above deed. My guess is that it should read 1683 not 1653. This would be a few weeks before Robert signed his will, as he was perhaps winding up his affairs. Also by this date his daughter Mary would have been married and his son John sired two sons. None of this could have happened by 1653. If anyone has access to records of the actual deed, it would be helpful to know if this 1683 assumption is correct.

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