Person:John Jackson (181)

  1. Henry Jackson, Sr.Est 1710 - Aft 1779
  2. Ambrose Jackson, Jr.Est 1712 -
  3. Tabitha JacksonEst 1714 - 1750
  4. John Jackson, Sr.Est 1720 - Abt 1794
  5. Anne JacksonEst 1722 -
  • HJohn Jackson, Sr.Est 1720 - Abt 1794
  • WElizabeth - Bet 1778
  1. Henry JacksonBef 1751 -
  2. Abigail Jackson1751 - 1832
  3. Drury Jackson - Abt 1794
  4. James Jackson1753 - 1823
  5. Ailsey Jackson1755 - 1823
  6. Ann Jackson1757 -
  7. John Jackson1759 - 1821
  8. Green B. Jackson1767 - 1849
Facts and Events
Name John Jackson, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] Est 1720 Virginia, United States
Marriage to Elizabeth
Residence To 1761 Brunswick, Virginia, United Stateswith Elizabeth
Residence From 1762 to 1778 Bute (was Granville, now Warren), North Carolina, United Stateswith Elizabeth
Will[1] 26 Feb 1787 Edgefield District, South Carolina, United States
Death[1] Abt 1794 Edgefield District, South Carolina, United States
Probate[1] 1794

---Source: The Jacksons Of Lower Virginia -Evelyn Duke Brandenberger Assisted by Clara Jackson Martin - The Virginia Geneologist V. 32, p. 119

  • Ambrose Jackson had a son named John Jackson, and that John Jackson of Surry County had a son named John Jackson Jr., all of whom lived on the Meherrin River in the midst of the other Jacksons in Brunswick Co., Va.
  • 1745 - The will of Ambrose Jackson gave "unto my son John Jackson and his heirs the Plantation whereon I now live, etc." That plantation was the remaining part of the 510 acres Ambrose had by patent in 1732 and was situated in Brunswick County on both sides of Little Creek. Of the original 510 acres he gave 150 acres in 1741 to his son Ambrose Jr., and 150 acres on the same date to his son-in-law Samuel Harwell. Both tracts were on the south side of the creek.
  • 5 Nov. 1746 Ambrose Jr. . . . sold to "brother John Jackson" for 40(pounds) 150 acres on the south side of Little Creek adjoining John Ogburn whereon he now lives. This was the 150 acres the elder Ambrose gave to his son Ambrose in 1741.
  • 1757 "John Jackson son of Ambrose" witnessed the will of Peter Jackson, son of Thomas of Brunswick County.
  • 1761 "John Jackson and wife Elizabeth" of Brunswick County sold to Peter Adams of the same 150 acres on the south side of Little Creek, part of 510 acres granted Ambrose Jackson. No witnesses were given but the deed was proved on 26 Oct. 1761. The deed was signed with the mark of both John and Elizabeth.on the south side of Little Creek.
  • 1762 - Having dispossed of the last of their property in Brunswick County in 1761, John and Elizabeth went to North Carolina. They settled in Granville County., N.C., where on 9 Jan. 1762 John Jackson bought from William Kimball 210 acres at Hawkins' line. Witnesses were Will Johnson and Peter Kimball.
  • 18 Dec. 1777 John and Elizabeth sold the same 300 acres to Nemrod Williams, all of Bute County.
  • 11 May 1778 when he and Elizabeth conveyed to Ashenas Williams 50 acres on Owens Creek in Bute County. Soon after the time of this deed John settled in Edgefield Dist., S.C., where he died in 1794. It is not known when Elizabeth died but it must have been before he wrote his will, as he does not mention a wife.
  • John Jackson wrote his will in Edgefield District on 26 Feb. 1787. It was proved at June Term of Court, 1794. The witnesses were John Bostick, Thomas Forquhor and Thomas Anderson. John devised:
to my son Henry Jackson;
to my son Drewry Jackson;
to Abigail Duncomb and after her death to her children Elizabeth, James, Jeanette, John, Wiley and Alsey;
to my son James;
to my daughter Alsey Cimbrall;
to my daughter Ann Miller;
to my son John;
to my son Green one Negro lad and one Negro girl and also "the land and plantation whereon I now live containing one hundred acres more or less."
  • He appointed his two sons James Jackson and Green Jackson as executors.
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  2. Birth year estimated based on birth years of his children and his siblings, and the assumption that he was of age in 1745 (and possibly getting married then). Note that birth place is unknown, because he could have been born earlier and his father was only known to have been in Virginia starting in 1719.