Person:John Ide (1)

John Frederick Ide, Sr
m. 25 Dec 1884
  1. Johanna Wilhelmina Ide1866 - 1886
  2. Elizabeth Helena Ide1886 - 1968
  3. John Frederick Ide, Jr1888 - 1948
  4. Anna Catherine Ide1890 - 1984
  5. Harry Frederick Ide, Sr1892 - 1935
  6. Louisa K Ide1895 - 1896
  7. Conrad August Frederick Ide1898 - 1940
Facts and Events
Name John Frederick Ide, Sr
Gender Male
Birth[27] 6 Oct 1856 Pfaffenhausen, Hesse, Germany
Immigration[28] 18 Mar 1882 New York, New York, United Stateson SS Erin
Marriage 25 Dec 1884 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesSalem Reformed Church
to Wilhelmina Zeltwanger
Death[29][30][31] 30 Nov 1929 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Statescause: chronic myocarditis
Burial[29][30][31] 4 Dec 1929 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United StatesNorthwood Cemetery
John Frederick Ide was born on 6 October 1856, in Pfaffenhausen, Hesse, Germany, to Konrad Ide and Anna Elisabeth Bechtel. According to figures from the Philadelphia Social History Project, in 1880, only 1.3% of Philadelphia Germans were from Hesse Cassel, and only 3.7% were from the Northwest region of Germany.
John may have left Germany to avoid military service. At least, on 9 August 1882, the Homberger Kreisblatt published a notice ordering John Ide to report for service within six weeks, since he had illegally emigrated to the United States.
John took the Erin, which left London on the 28th of February, and arrived in New York, New York, on 18 March 1882, with Johan Ide in steerage, twenty-five years old, and a laborer. It was carrying 148 passengers, including 13 in saloon, and 135 in steerage. According to the ad for the return trip, the Erin was leaving for London on 25 March, and prepaid steerage tickets cost $28, "$2 lower than most lines". (A cabin ticket would have cost $30 to $70.)
1881 and 1882 saw huge increases in German immigration, with 1881 barely below the previous peak of 1854, and 1882 far surpassing any other year between 1840 and 1890
John was married to Minnie Zeltwanger on 25 December 1884, by Rev Frederick William Berleman (minister of Salem Reformed Church), Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. (He also married their daughter Anna.) The witnesses were Friedrich Bickhardt and Mattheis Kellmeier. (See the family page for more information about their life.)
According to John's death certificate, he started having heart problems (chronic myocarditis) on the 23rd of November 1928. One year later, on the 30th of November 1929, at 12.25 pm, he died. He was living at 2718 E Orthodox Street, was still a baker, and was a member of Schoeffer Lodge, number 464, of the Knights of Pythias. The funeral service, held Wednesday at 2.30 pm, undertaker J S Buttenklepper, was held at their residence, with a private interment, in the family plot at Northwood Cemetery.
Image Gallery
  1.   Homberger Kreisblatt
    9 August 1882.

    Der Ersatz-Reservist I. Klasse Johannes Ide, geboren am 6. October 1856 zu Pfaffenhausen, Kreis Homberg, welcher den angestellten Ermittelungen zufolge ohne Consenz nach Amerika aus gewandert ist, wird hierdurch ausgesordert, sich innerhalb 6 Wochen, vom Heutigen Tage ab gerechnet, also spätestens bis zum 18. September 1882, entweder mündlich oder schriftlich bei dem unterzeichneten Commando zu melden, widrigenfalls das Verfahren wegen unerlaubter Auswanderung gegen ihn eingeleitet werden wird.

    Ratburg [?], am 7. August 1882.

    Königliches Landwehr = Bezirks = Commando.

  2.   passenger list, SS Erin
    18 March 1882.

    District of New York - Port of New York
    I, W A Griffiths Master of the Erin do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that the following List or Manifest, subscribed by me, and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs of the Collection District of New York, is a full and perfect List of all the Passengers taken on board of the said Erin at London from which Port said Erin has now arrived; and that on the said List is truly designated the age, the sex, and the occupation of each of the said Passengers, the part of the vessel occupied by each during the passage, the country to which each belongs, and the country of which it is intended by each to become an inhabitant; and that said List or Manifest truly sets forth the number of said Passengers who have died on said voyage, and the names and ages of those who have died. So help me God.
    Sworn to this 18th [blot] 188[blot] W A Griffiths before me [illegible]
    List or Manifest of all the Passengers taken on board the SS Erin whereof A Griffiths is Master, from London, burthen 2910 tons.

    [the one relevant entry is:]
    Johan Ide
    " [sc. Male]
    " [sc. Germany]
    " [sc. United States]
    " [sc. Steerage]

    [Total number of passengers: 148; 13 in saloon (3 from England, 10 from US), and 135 in steerage (10 from US, 34 from England, 15 from Germany, 76 from Russia).]

  3.   Salem-Zion United Church of Christ. Salem marriages Jan 1850 to Dec 1894, #122 .

    Dec 25th
    Friedrich Ide, 28 J. alt, aus
    [illegible word] Hessen [?] bäcker in Phila.
    Frl. Wilhelmina Zeltwanger,
    23 J. alt, aus [illegible word]
    Zeugnen: Friedrich Bickhardt, u.
    Mattheis Kellmeier

  4.   Philadelphia marriage register, 1884, p.194 .

    Date of marriage " [sc. December] 25
    Full name of male Frederick Ide
    Occupation Baker
    Residence " [sc. Phila.]
    Place of birth " [sc. Germany]
    Age of male 28
    Full name of female Wilhelmina Zeltmeyer
    Residence " [sc. Phila.]
    Place of birth " [sc. Germany]
    Age of female 23
    Color: White X
    Ceremony employed " [sc. German Reformed]
    Name of person pronouncing ceremony " [sc. F W Berleman]
    Residence " [sc. 341 Fairmount Ave]

  5.   Philadelphia Board of Health marriage returns, 4th quarter 1884 .

    Returns of marriages, in the City of Philadelphia, from the 1st day of October to the 31st day of Dec 1884, made to the HEALTH OFFICER, in accordance with State Laws, by Rev. Frederick William Berleman. Denomination, Reformed Church in the U.S. Residence 341 Fairmount Ave. DATE OF MARRIAGE " [sc. Dec] 25th
    FULL NAME OF MALE Frederick Ide
    RESIDENCE Philadelphia
    PLACE OF BIRTH Germany
    Age of Male 28
    FULL NAME OF FEMALE Wilhelmina Zeltwanger
    RESIDENCE Philadelphia
    PLACE OF BIRTH Germany
    Age of Female 23
    COLOR White "

  6.   1887 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.843 .

    John Ide, weaver, house rear 116 Carpenter

  7.   1890 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.924.

    John F Ide, weaver, house rear 118 Carpenter

  8.   1891 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.916 .

    John F Ide, weaver, 436 Wilder

  9.   1892 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.942 .

    John F Ide, weaver, house 436 Wilder

  10.   1893 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.950 .

    John F Ide, weaver, house 436 Wilder

  11.   1894 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.975 .

    John F Ide, weaver, house 436 Wilder

  12.   1895 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.916 .

    1895 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.916

  13.   1897 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p975 .

    Jno H Ide, baker, house 407 Wilder

  14.   1898 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.1068 .

    Jno Ide, baker, house 1311 South Leithgow

  15.   1899 Gopsill's Philadelphia city directory, p.1113 .

    Jno F Ide, baker, house 412 Greenwich

  16.   1900 US census, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, ward 1, supervisor's district 1, enumeration district 14, microfilm series T623, film 1451, page 173 = 4 A handwritten, lines 5-11 .

    [John Ide, b. Oct 1856, Germany, m. 15 years, immigrated 1882, alien, baker, unemployed 0 months, at 412 Greenwich (rented) with wife Minnie and children Lizzie, John, Annie, Harry, Conrad]

  17.   real estate transfer notice, 4 July 1900, page 7 [see "Canal st"] .

    John F Ide, bought property on Canal St from John D Phillips

  18.   1910 US census, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, ward 37, supervisor's district 1, enumeration district 915, microfilm series T624, film 1407, page 167 = 2 B handwritten, lines 90-95.

    [John F Ide, baker (employee), unemployed 0 weeks 1909, 53, b. Germany, married 25 years, 1010 W Huntingdon St (rented) (with wife Minnie, children Elizabeth, Anna, Conrad, and brother August)]

  19.   Bucks County Pennsylvania property index .

    John F Ide and wife bought property in Bedminster Township from Mary Irene Roth and husband, 5 April 1909
    John F Ide and wife sold property to Charles Hellwarth in Bedminster Township, 13 August 1915
    John F Ide Sr and wife bought property in Plumstead Township from Joseph Hander and wife, 29 June 1916

  20.   [real estate transfer notice], Philadelphia Inquirer, 19 August 1915, page 11 [see "Twenty eighth"] .

    TWENTY EIGHTH 2758 N--Charles Hellwarth to John F Ide, Aug 12, 1915, 15x62, mtge $2400 nom

  21.   1920 US census, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, Plumstead Township, supervisor's district 3, enumeration district 46, microfilm series T625, film 1543, page 48 = 1 A handwritten, lines 44-47 .

    [John Ide, 63, b. Germany, immigrated 1881, farmer on general farm (working for himself), 2 Stump Road (owned, mortgaged), Plumstead Twp, Bucks County, PA, with wife Minnie and children Elizabeth and Conrad]

  22.   1920 US census, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, ward 28, supervisor's district 1, enumeration 919, microfilm series T625, film 1632, page 47 = 13 A handwritten.

    [John Ide Sr, living with son John Ide at 2348 25th St; entry is incomplete and crossed out]

  23.   death certificate, Pennsylvania, John F Ide, 30 November 1929 .

    [John F Ide, 2718 E Orthodox St., husband of Minnie Ide, b. 6 Oct 1856, Germany, baker, d. 31 Nov 1929 of chronic myocarditis (duration 1 year 7 days); bur. Northwood Cem, 4 Dec 1929; undertaker J Buttenklepper]

  24.   newspaper death notice, John F Ide Sr, Philadelphia Bulletin 2 and 3 Dec 1929, page 43 .

    IDE.--Nov. 30. JOHN F., SR., husband of Minnie Ide, aged 73 years. Relatives and friends, also Schoeffer Lodge, No. 464, K. of P., invited to services, on Wed., 2.30 P.M., at residence, 2718 E. Orthodox st. Int. private. Viewing Tues. eve.

  25.   cemetery records, Northwood Cemetery, section Elm lot 385 (John F and Minnie Ide) .

    [John F Ide, 73, bur. Northwood Cem., section Elm lot 385, 4 Dec 1929; died of myocarditis, undertaker J S Buttenklepper]

  26.   Lothar Ide
    December 2005.

    e-mail, from

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