Person:John Hardy (35)

John Hardy
b.est. 1725-1735
m. bef. 1773
Facts and Events
Name John Hardy
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1725-1735
Marriage bef. 1773 Virginiato Catherine Vanderpool
Death? bef. 1788 Greenbrier, Virginia, United States

Records in Virginia

  • 1771-75 Mathews Trading Post Account Books lists John Hardy with Michael Sea his agent.
  • 1772, Nov 5: Botetourt Co, VA List of Tithables - John Hardy -3 (himself plus 2 males over 16-18 (George & John?).
  • 1773, Feb 9: Botetourt Co Court ordered that Church Warden bind out an orphan child Catherine to John Hardy according to Law [Botetourt Co, VA Order Book 3 A:97].
  • 1773, Feb 12: James Byrnsides against John Hardy- in debt £40 discharged by payment of £20. [Botetourt Co, VA Order Book 3 A:129, 208].
  • 1773. - David Jarred-1, James Jerret-1, John Hardy-3, George Yoakam-1, Coonrod Yoakum-1, John Seers-1 each are listed on Botetourt Co tithable list for "Tithables on the Waters of the Greenbrier.
  • 1780, Sept 8:
"Know all men by these Presents that We John Hardy & Michael See are held and firmly Bound unto the the (sic) Commonwealth of Virginia in fifty pounds Current Money to Be paid to Sd Commonwealth to the Which payment Well and truly to be made We Bind ourselves our heirs Exectr and Adms Joint(l)y and Severaly firmly By these presents Sealed with our Seal and Dated this 8th Day of Septr 1780.
The Condition of the above Obligation is Such that If there be no Lawfull Cause to obstruct a Mariage Intended to Be had and Solemnized Between the Above Bound Michael See and Elizabeth Shell then the above obligation to Void or Else to Remain in ful force and virtue.
(signed) John H Hardy (his mark)
(signed) Michael H See (his mark)
[Greenbrier Historical Society, Original Greenbrier Co Marriage Bonds Collection].
  • 1781: John Hardy listed in Greenbrier Co. index of Public Claims during Revolutionary War: [Anne Waller Reddy, comp. West Virginia REvolutionary Ancestors] -names of those who furnished goods, services, or supplies to the American army for which they were paid.
  • 1781--Revolutionary War Claims for Greenbrier Co lists John Hardy paid L3-14 for 74 rations
  • 1782, June 19: : List of people paid for supplies furnished the government includes following: [Greenbrier Court Mimutes Book, Shuck, Vol 1: 109-11]
Wm Morris L16:19 for 339# of bacon
Conrod Yoakum 5 sh.6 p. man and horse 1 day; L16:8 for horse employed
Wm Morrise, use of horse 20 sh.
Leonard Morris, use of horse 20 sh.
Rations furnished by following:
Jas. Jarrett 148, Peter Shoemaker 74, Geo Sea - 74, Michael Sea-74, Jesse Jerrett-74, John Shoemaker-74, Leonard Morris-74, Conrad Yoakham-148, Geo. Yokeham-194, John Hardy-74.
  • 1782 - Greenbrier Co,VA/WV Personal Property Tax List: Mr. Wm Hamilton's District. John Hardy listed with 7 horses 15 cattle, no slaves lving next door to Barnett Morren and (son-in-law) Peter Shoemaker. Also living in same district are: Michael Sea, Peter Shoemaker, John Hardy, William Morris Jr., Conrod Yochim, John Shoemaker, John, Wm. and Leonard Morris, George Yoacham, George Six?, David, Owen, James, and Jesse Jarrett, John Van Bibber, 2 Wm Griffins, James Graham. (Note John See living miles south on Greenbrier closer to David Jarrett, his father in law)
  • 1782, June 19: : List of people paid for rations furnished to the government includes: John Hardy-74; Geo Sea - 74; Michael Sea-74 [Shuck: V1: 109-11].
  • 1782, Aug 21: [Shuck, Greebrier Co Records, p. 112-113]: -Wm McClung vs. John Hardy, dismissed
  • 1783-1786 - John Hardy listed on Greenbrier County, Virginia Tax Lists. [Source: Greenbrier County, Virginia Tax Records}.
  • 1783, March 22: John Hardey vs. John Arbuckle [Shuck V1:121].
  • 1783, Apr 24: Mary Murphy an orphan was bound to John Hardy. [Stimson, Helen p. 21].
  • 1783, May 20: Mary Murphy bound to John Hardy [Greenbrier Co Records, Shuck V1:123].
  • Nov 19, 1784: John Hardy vs John Cowardin, dism. (Shuck V1:. 147-48)
  • 1782/3 - Greenbrier Personal Property Tax: (columns: - year, # of tithables-negroes-horses-cows)
Hardy, John 1782/83: 1/1-0/0-7/8-15/8 1786/88: 1/2-0/1-8/11-13/0 (Note: none after 1788).
  • Page 239. - 12th June, 1789 - List of debts by bonds, bills, notes, and acceptances due to above estate- (Estate of Thomas Stuart) -By Francis Allison and son, Andrew; George Burton; Francis Bogs, assigned by John Hardy; Thomas Bates (Holston); Wm. Butt; Isaac Burns; John Boal; Jno. Creely; Wm. Currance; David Clerkston; Wm. Dandridge; Jno. Emmitt; Jno. Earskins; Edward Harkins; Jno. Jack; James Walker (Samuel's son). [Chalkley's, Vol. 3].