Person:John Duncan (31)

John Duncan
m. 11 FEB 1721/22
  1. Nancy Duncan
  2. Rawley Duncan1723 - 1786
  3. William Duncan, Jr.1726 - 1801
  4. Margaret Haldane Duncan1727 -
  5. Mehitable Duncan1729 -
  6. Joseph Duncan1732 - ABT 1801
  7. Mary Ann Duncan1732 -
  8. Rice Duncan1734 - 1788
  9. John Duncan1735 - 1774
  10. Charles Duncan1742 - 1789
  11. James Duncan1746 - 1823
m. 1757
Facts and Events
Name John Duncan
Gender Male
Birth? 23 Aug 1735 Culpeper County, Virgnia
Marriage 1757 Prob. Virginiato Rachel Warren
Death? 29 Sep 1774 Moore's Fort, Virginia
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Disambiguation and Sources

There are several "John Duncan's" in Southwest Virginia during the period of Indian Hostilities. See Disambiguation:John Duncan of Southwest Virginia for clarification. This article is about the John Duncan who settled at Dungannon, and was KBI'd in late September 1774, at Moore's Fort. He is not to be confused with Person:John Dunkin (2) or served at Glade Hollow Fort about this same time, or with Person:John Duncan (33), who is denoted as "John Duncan Jr", on the roster of Moore's Fort.


John Duncan, and family, and his brother Raleigh came from Culpepper County, VA about 1773, settling near Hunters Ford on the Clinch River. His wife is identified as Rachaell in land records in Culpepper County. Most genealogies, probably derivative from Source:Roy, 1959 identify her last name as "Warren" but it is not clear what this is based on. The DOB of his eldest child is c1759, implying a DOM for this couple of 1758, when he would have been about 28 years of age. John appears on the militia roster of Moore's Fort in early 1774. Correspondance between Maj. Arthur Campbell to Col. William Preston, dated Oct. 1, 1774 shows that he was killed during an Indian attack on Moore's Fort, on the 29th of September. According to an article by Emory Hamilton, he and three others went out about dusk to check on a pigeon trap, when they were attacked by Indians. Duncan was killed and scalped, but the other men, whose name is not known, made it back to the fort.


DOB:23 Aug 1730
POB:Culpepper Co, VABased on where parents were said to have been living in 1730
DOD:29 Sep 1774 Source:Campbell to Preston, October 1 1774
POD:Moore's Fort, Castle's Woods, VASource:Campbell to Preston, October 1 1774
DOM:c1757based on age of eldest child b 1759, but marriage could easily have been ten years prior to that
Father:William DuncanIdentifies John Duncan deceased in his father's will of 1781; MySource:Duncan Land Records Culpepper Co identifies his wife's name as Rachael; Court records given in MySource:Chalkley, 1912(2):73-74 indicate that John Duncan had come to the Clinch River with his brother Rawley, and wife Rachael. These records form an interlock showing that the John Duncan who lived on the Clinch River is the son of William Duncan of Culpepper Co, VA.
Mother:Ruth Rawley or Raleigh
Martinc1759Hamilton's article on the death of John Duncan
Williamc1761Hamilton's article on the death of John Duncan
John21 Dec 1763Hamilton's article on the death of John Duncan
Unknown Dauunknown


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