Person:John Coggeshall (6)

John Coggeshall, the Younger
m. Bef 1564
  1. Katherine Coggeshall1564 -
  2. Elizabeth Coggeshall1571/72 - 1604/05
  3. John Coggeshall, the Younger1576 - 1615
  • HJohn Coggeshall, the Younger1576 - 1615
  • WAnne ButterEst 1583 - Bet 1645 & 1648
m. Bef 1601
  1. President John Coggeshall1601 - 1647
  2. Anne Coggeshall1604 - Aft 1645
  3. Katherine Coggeshall1607 - 1640
Facts and Events
Name John Coggeshall, the Younger
Gender Male
Birth[1] 24 Jul 1576 Halstead, Essex, England
Christening[1] 29 Jul 1576 Halstead, Essex, England
Marriage Bef 1601 to Anne Butter
Burial[1] 4 Aug 1615 Halstead, Essex, England

John was actually “John the Younger”, his father also naming his eldest son John in his first marriage. By the time John the Younger came along, John Sr. was wealthy, but his son did the “appropriate” thing by marrying Ann, the daughter of an even wealthier clothier named Pierce Butter. However, economic conditions were not the best in Halstead (the departure of the Dutch clothiers his father had supported having thrown large numbers of people into poverty). John mortgaged some of his lands. After he died (at a young 39), his wife tried to get back the lands by calling him “somewhat unthrifty in his estate and not provident to preserve the same” as well as “weak and improvident and much neglecting the good of himself, his wife and children.”

-- Coggeshall, Robert Walden, Ancestors and Kin
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    John Coggeshall..called 'the Younger' to distinguish him from his half brother, John Coggeshall, 'the Elder' of Haltead, co. Essex, gentleman, born 24 July and baptized at Halstead 29 July 1576, was buried at Halstead 4 Aug. 1615.

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    1576 John Coggeshall son of John Coggeshall, gent., baptised 29 July, being Sunday, born the Tewsday before in the morning between twelve and one of the clock.