Person:John Case (9)

m. Bef 17 Aug 1656
  1. Elizabeth CaseEst 1658 - 1718
  2. Mary Case1660 - 1725
  3. John Case1662 - 1733
  4. William Case1665 - 1700
  5. Samuel Case1667 - 1725
  6. Richard Case1669 - Abt 1746
  7. Bartholomew Case1670 - 1725
  8. Joseph Case1674 - 1748
  9. Sarah Case1676 - 1704
  10. Abigail Case1682 - Aft 1725
m. 12 Sep 1684
  1. John Case1685 -
m. 1693
  1. John Case1694 - 1752
  2. Daniel Case1695/96 - 1733
  3. Mary Case1698 - 1732
  4. Sarah Case1699 - 1750
  5. Jonathan Case1701 - 1787
  6. Hannah CaseAbt 1709 - 1799
Facts and Events
Name[1] John Case
Gender Male
Birth[2] 5 Nov 1662 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 12 Sep 1684 Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Mary Olcott
Marriage 1693 to Sarah Holcombe
Alt Death[4] 22 May 1733 Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Death[2][3][5] 24 May 1733 Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Burial[4] Hop Meadow Cemetery, Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
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    "John (Case), Simsbury, eldest s. of the preced. m. 12 Sept. 1684, Mary, d. of Thomas Olcott the sec. had John, b. 6 Aug. foll. d. soon, as did the mo. and he m. 1693, Sarah, d. of Joshua Holcomb, had John, b. 22 Aug. 1694; Daniel, 7 Mar. 1696; Mary, 1698; Jonathan, 15 Apr. 1701; Sarah, a. 1703; Hannah, a. 1709; and he d. 22 May 1733."

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    "Probate Records. Vol. XI, 1729-1732. Page 286.

    Case, John, Simsbury. Died 22 May, 1733. Invt. £1340-00-00. Taken 8 June, 1733, by Joseph Case, John Humphrey and Daniel Addams. Will dated 14 September, 1730.

    I, John Case, Sen., of Simsbury, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my well-beloved wife Sarah 1-3 part of my now dwelling house and barn, with 1-3 part of my improveable land during her natural life, and also 1-3 part of my moveable estate forever. I give to my son John a certain piece of land lying on the east side of the river in Simsbury, being 12 acres that his barn now stands upon, sd. land lying westward of Buttolph's house, north of the highway, bounded northerly side on Josh. Holcomb's land. I give to my son Daniel the pasture lott that his house stands upon, with 4 rods south of his dwelling house and so running west 1 1-2 rods, south of the south corner of sd. Daniel's land, straight through the lott to the west end, and also the 2 1-2-acre lott that bounds south upon sd. pasture and north upon Samuel Adams's land. I give to my son Jonathan my homelott that I now dwell upon, with all the buildings thereon. The remaining part of all my lands I give unto my sons John, Daniel and Jonathan, to be equally divided between them, except that I give to my son John £10 more than an equal part. I give to the heirs of my daughter Mary, 10 shillings to her son and 5 shillings to each of her daughters, besides what I have already given her in her lifetime. I give to my daughter Sarah so much in moveable estate as to make up £60 as money with what I have already given her, with this promise, that my wife Sarah quits all her claim in the law that she has or may have unto lands that descended to her from her Father Holcomb equally to my sons, John, Daniel and Jonathan; but, if not, I give unto my sd. daughter 10 shillings. Also I give unto my daughter Hannah £60 in moveable estate with what she has already received, in the whole £60 as money. I appoint my three sons, John, Daniel and Jonathan, executors.


    Witness: Andrew Robe, Esther Higley, Timothy Woodbridge.

    Court Record, Page 93—3 July, 1733: Will proven.

    Page 14 (Vol. XII) 13 November, 1734: Jonathan Case, executor, moves this Court that a division be made of some part of sd. estate not particularly given or divided in his will. This Court appoint John Humphrey, Joseph Humphrey and Joseph Hoskins, of Simsbury, to make a division of such part of the estate so given by the will.

    Dist. per File: 16 March, 1742: To John Case, to the heirs of Daniel Case, to Jonathan Case, and to Sarah Case, widow relict of the decd. By Joseph Humphrey, John Humphrey and Joseph Hoskins.

    P. S.—We think it reasonable and necessary, and do therefore order, that John Case, his heirs and successors, shall have the liberty and use of a passway through the north side of the Bissell lot distributed to the heirs of Daniel Case, for him to go from the highway to his land by the river with carts, cattle, etc., as they shall have occasion.

    This distribution was allowed by the Court, 5 February, 1744-5.


    Test: Joseph Talcott, Clerk.