Person:John Bionaz (2)

John Elere Bionaz
d.Abt 1925
m. Abt 1860
  1. John Elere Bionaz1867 - Abt 1925
m. 24 Nov 1900
  1. Charlotte Bionaz1901 - 1929
  2. Joseph E Bionaz1902 -
  3. John C. Bionaz1904 - 1984
  4. Evelyn Bionaz1910 - 2008
Facts and Events
Name John Elere Bionaz
Gender Male
Birth[1][2][3][4] Feb 1867 Gignod, Aosta, Italy
Marriage 24 Nov 1900 Johnstown, Cambria, PAto Mary Orpheline Boche
Death? Abt 1925

CENSUS: Not listed with family in 1920 Census.

CONFLICT: Some confusion over when he died; his son says 1925; but his grand daughter always was told 1915. PA does not have a record of his death.

Possible answer to the confusion over his death: We have found possible evidence that John might of traveled back to Italy in 1915, thus leaving his son, John, to help sopport the family. Then due to World War I, he was not able to return to America until after his family moved to California. He may have decided to remain in Pennsylvania and continue working in the cool mines. Then later his family received notice that he had died in 1925.

  1. Correspondence/Personal Knowledge
    Elizabeth Joan Bionaz Baker.
  2. 1900 US Census;PA;Adams Twp,Cambria,PA;ED98,Sheet 26,p26A; Fam
    listed as border in Peter Bush (Boche) household; age 32; born Feb 1868 in Italy; immigrate.
  3. Correspondence/Personal Knowledge
    John Camel Bionaz.
  4. 1910 US Census;Summerhill,Cambria Co,PA; ED 155;SD 18;Sheet 14 B; Line 87; Dwelling
    age 42;born Italy;marr 9 yrs;immigrated in 1895;occ coal miner.
  5.   Correspondence received from Lisa Baker. She received it from Michael Boggiatto, 11 May 1998..