Person:John Bickers (12)

John Bickers
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] John Bickers
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1735 Orange, Virginia USA
Death? 1799
Reference Number? 394

JOHN BICKERS (G2/R1) 2ND GENERATION Virginia ca1734-1799 m. Sarah Son of Robert Bickers (G1) & Elizabeth VA ca1709-1808 Draft as of 11 February 2003 Note: Spelling used in the following research is that used in documents

John Bickers (G2/R1), of the Second Generation of Robert & Elizabeth Bickers of Orange County, was born in Orange County, Virginia, about 1734. As proof that John Bickers was the son of Robert Bickers, reference is made to the following copy of a deed from Robert Bickers to his two sons, William Bickers (G2/R1) and Robert Bickers, Jr. (G2/R1), indicating by document that William Bickers and Robert Bickers, Jr., were sons of Robert Bickers, together with an abstract copy of deed from Robert Bickers, Jr., to his brother John Bickers (G2/R1). These two documents prove that John Bickers was a brother of Robert Bickers, Jr., as well as being a son of Robert Bickers (G1). 24 June 1816: Deed, Heirs of John Bickers to Sheriff John Henshaw The marriage of Lewis Bickers (G3/John2), son of John (G2/R1) & Sarah Bickers, is recorded in Green County, Georgia, in 1795, indicating that Lewis went to Georgia before his widowed mother. Jonathan Bickers (G3/John2) was on Georgia Tax Lists for 1805 (Greene/fa); 1809 (Greene/CA); and 1815 (Greene). John Bickers, Jr. (G3/John2), was married in Greene County, Georgia, about 1811, suggesting that Sarah moved to Greene County between 1801 and 1811. Sarah signed some deeds in Virginia as ‘Sally', received land in the 1821 Lottery: Sally Bickers, Greene Co, Scotts Military District, lot/Sec 116/6; Drew: Monroe. The date of John Bickers' death is not known, but he was deceased in Orange County, Virginia, by 01 December 1799 [see land transaction with Webb], before his wife, Sarah, and her children moved to Greene County, Georgia. According to the following abstract copy of release deed from Sarah and her children, Sarah was still living in 1822 at which time she would have been approximately 77 years old: "Deeds HH, page 258 -- November 26th 1822. KNOW all men by these presents that we William Bickers and Franklin C. Heard of Greene County and State of Georgia, are held and firmly bound unto Elizabeth Bickers, widow of Jonathan Bickers, late of said county, deceased, in the just and full sum of six thousand dollars for the true and faithful payments of which said sum we do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns-----this 16th day of November 1822.

The condition is such that whereas Jonathan Bickers, late husband of the above named Elizabeth Bickers, departed this life intestate, leaving as his only heirs the said Elizabeth, his widow, Sarah Bickers, his mother, John Bickers and the above bound William Bickers, and Elizabeth Bickers, Lucy Bickers, Fanny Bickers his sister, and Jonas Cartwright in the right of his wife, Jemima Cartwright, formerly Jemima Bickers, another sister, and heirs of Lewis Bickers, deceased, brother, or the said Lewis himself if in life, and it being the wish of said Elizabeth Bickers, widow of said deceased, and the said William Bickers for himself and in behalf of the other heirs of the said deceased above named, to settle and divide the estate both real and personal without administration---the said William Bickers doth covenant and agree to give the said Elizabeth Bickers, widow, as her moiety of estate of her late husband, ten acres of land including the house where she now lives, and 50 acres of woodland adjacent thereto, and the four slaves, Irvin, Ann, Ben, and Frank.--November 26, 1822. J.W. Tally and George Watkins, Teste: Recorded 29th of November 1822." Note: Lewis Bickers had gone to TN by 1810 and evidently was no longer in touch with his family.

As listed in the foregoing copy of abstract of release deed, the names of the children of John Bickers (G2/R1) & Sarah: Lewis Bickers (G3/John2) Jonathan Bickers (G3/John2) Lucy Bickers (G3/John2) Frances G. Bickers (G3/John2) ‘Fanny' Jemima Bickers (G3/John2) ‘Jenny' John Bickers, Jr. (G3/John2) William B. Bickers (G3/John2) Elizabeth Bickers (G3/John2) ‘Betsy'

Source: Research of Lucyle Bickers Middleton provided on CD. This info is listed on the 11Nov2004 CD under "G" and "G2-2-1John". Married: Bef 23 Jul 1778 in Orange County, Virginia

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