Person:Johannes Ebling (2)

  1. Johannes Ebling1725 - 1787
m. Bef 1749
  1. Maria Barbara EblingBet 1745 & 1752 - 1824
  2. Margaret EblingBet 1748 & 1751 - 1789
  3. Anna Catharina Ebling1753 - 1830
  4. Elisabeth Marie EblingBef 1755 -
  5. Ludwick Ebling1758 -
  6. Jakob G. Ebling1760 - 1846
  7. Johannus Paulus Ebling1761 - 1825
  8. Johan Heinrich Ebling1763 - 1816
  9. Valentine Ebling1766 - 1847
  10. Maria Christian Ebling1767 - 1823
  11. Johannes Ebling, Jr.1769 - 1849
  12. Anna Maria Ebling1770 - 1792
  13. Frederick Ebling1771 - 1831
  14. Maria Magdalena Ebling1771 - 1825
  15. Wilhelm Ebling1772 - 1804
  16. Maria Philapena Ebling1777 -
Facts and Events
Name Johannes Ebling
Alt Name Johannes Eberingen
Alt Name Johannes Ebening
Gender Male
Birth? 20 Aug 1725 Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Marriage Bef 1749 Alsace Twp., Berks County, Pennsylvaniato Maria Philapena Yager
Death? 21 Mar 1787 Alsace Twp., Berks County, Pennsylvania
Other? Revolutionary War Military

Type: aka

Type: aka

The name Ebling has several variations: Ebeling, Aebling, Eabling, Eblin, Evling, Abling, and Eberling. Johannes Ebling owned two tracts of land (after his death these were sold to sons of William Penn) called Openheim and Undenheim named after villages in Germany. Another village close to Undenheim is Schornsheim where Ebling's have lived since at least the early 1700's. Historical side note: in 1521 Martin Luther stayed overnight in Openheim during his trip to Worms to be tried for heresy.

The will of Johannes Ebling (also Ebeling) of Alsace Twp. mentions all his children and his minor children, but only names eldest son Lodowick; the children of son Lodowick (not named). Also mentions all his real estate. Executors: Wife Maria Philipena and son-in-law Daniel Missey (Miese). Witnesses: Francis Parvin, Thomas Parvin, and Thomas Lightfoot. Will dated the 16th of the 11th month 1786; proved 12 May 1787. (page 199)

The earliest Ebeling/Ebling that we can find that came to America was Johan Ebeling, he was found on a List taken at St. Catherine's, June 2, 1709, 1745 persons VOL. 2, NO. D 68, Palatines at St. Catherines, June 2, 1709. First Settlers in the Mohawk Valley. His occupation was husbandman and vinedresser. He was a Roman Catholic. He was 25 (should read 35) years old at the time. sons ages 14-10, daughters ages 8-1. Johan Ebeling was born in 1684.

Many of these people in 1723 and 1728 left Schoharie, Monades (New York) for what was then western Pennsylvania, many settled in Tulpehocken area that would later become Berks County, Pennsylvania (1752). Tulpehocken Township was later divided, the other part became Heidelberg Township.

During the Revolutionary War, Johannes Ebling got in trouble for a public statement he made. His apology was printed in the English and German newspapers in Berks County, Pennsylvania:

"Whereas, I, the subscriber, have declared that no person who hath taken the oaths of allegiance to the king ought to be permitted to hold any office in the Militia, and that Henry Christ and Baltzer Gheer, Esq.'s were unfit persons to be Colonels for that reason; and whereas I am now convinced that if such an opinion should prevail it would occasion the removal of many worthy officers who have taken the said oaths before the same were dispensed with by the honourable Congress, and promote great disturbances among the Associators; I do therefore, hereby declare that I look upon the said opinion as unjustifiable and wrong, and beg pardon of Colonel (Baltzer) Gheer for the disturbance my declaring the same hath produced in his battalion; and I do engage for the future not to mention the same, or any other matter which may tend to the disturbance of the Associators, or other persons engaged in the support of the publick measures necessary at this time."

Witness my hand:

John Ebeling. June 15, 1776

Lieutenant Colonel Baltzer/Balzer Gheer/Gehr, lived in Bern Township, Berks County, held numerous public offices and was the Commander for the 4th Battalion, in which Johannes and his son Ludwig served. Henry Christ was appointed sheriff of Berks County, Pennsylvania by King George, on the 1st of Oct., 1760. Johannes Ebling was said to be a Quaker. Quakers, as a matter of religious principle, refused to take the oath, but did offer to "affirm" their loyalties.

Johannes Ebling was also in Captain Deturk’s Company, Third Battalion. John’s oldest son Ludwig Ebeling is also in this company along with many neighbors such as Daniel Deturk, Jacob Becker, John Fisher, Daniel Zacharias, Henry Smeck, John Kloose, Jacob Kissinger, David Kinsey, George Babb, John Babb, Dewalt Haveracher, John Haveracher, Christian Gosh, David Ratenbush, and George Hechman.

Johannes paid Supply Tax in 1782 and 1783. This tax raised funds to support the Continental Army is considered Patriotic Service by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The former private burial ground known as Ebling Cemetery near Temple, Pa. in Berks County, a tract of land 25 perches square, was laid out by Johannes Ebling and where he was buried. After his son-in-law bought the plantation and cemetery, it was called Bernhardt Cemetery. In recent years being where the government wanted to build a lake, it was removed to the Minnershitz Cemetery about 5 miles north of Reading, Pa. Besides Johannes, his wife and his mother, Paul and his wife, Wendel Bernhart and his wife and family are also buried there.