Person:Jean Rodrigue (2)

João Rodrigue
Facts and Events
Name João Rodrigue
Gender Male
Birth[2] Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal St. John Parish
  1.   Réal Rodrigue. Rodrigue Families Association.

    The parents of João Rodrigues were João Rodrigues and Susana da Cruz (in the notarized acts in which he was a party, he named his parents as Jean Rodrigue and Suzanne Lacroix; it was most likely a francization of the names; the restoration of the real names is quite evident in the case of the father [Jean Rodrigue = João Rodrigues], but less in the case of the mother [Suzanne can be translated by Susana, but Lacroix can be either Cruz or da Cruz]; most likely, it is to better identify himself with his new environment that he chose to give his parents and himself French-sounding names).

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    Jean Rodrigue was born in San Joao, Lisbon, Portugal. He and Suzanne LaCroix married in San Joao, Lisbon, Portugal. They were the parents of first generation Jean Rodrigue (Tanguay, Dictionnaire, I, 525, and DNCF, 1179)