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At present, I am researching not only my own family tree, but also that of my brothers/sisters-in-law. What better gift can we give our children than a knowledge of their history?

The families I am most interested in are;

for my sister-in-law & her family -

Lyle F. Coblentz (b. 1919) m. Thelma E. Mann (d. 2002)

UPDATE - I have a lineage for Lyle going back to Hans (Johann) Niclaus Coblentz which I hope to be uploading soon - once I get permission from the wonderful lady who has done an amazing amount of research on the line.

for my family -

Charles E. Tatro (b. ABT 1865) m. Elizabeth S. Howes (b. 1862) Charles G. Morton (b. 1873) m. Marie V. Charron (b. 1876) Edward C. Grant (b. 1895) m. Gladys Raymond (b. 1903)

UPDATE - as of 2/12/2012 a partial lineage of Gladys Raymond has been accepted here on WeRelate - I plan to be expanding it as I can firm up documentation on each person.

for my brother-in-law & his family -

Clarence E. Rowell (b. ABT 1910) m. Elsie Gerow (b. ABT 1913) Wilfred Carrier (b. 1910) m. Agnes Thibault

For some of these families, I already have extensive information which I will happily share. For others, I don't have near enough, and I'm asking for any and all help.