Person:Jane Shepherd (2)

Jane Ellen Shepherd
m. 1 Apr 1874
  1. Jane Ellen Shepherd1875 -
  2. John Marvell Shepherd1878 -
  3. Richard Shepherd1880 - 1966
  4. Harriet Louise Shepherd1882 -
  5. Ida Asa Shepherd1884 - 1988
  6. Pearl Shepherd1887 - 1981
  7. Bertha Dolpha Shepherd1889 - 1976
  8. Lucy Etta Shepherd1894 - 1994
m. 25 Dec 1898
  1. Nova M Holmes1899 -
  2. Edna J HolmesAbt 1903 -
  3. Pearl L HolmesAbt 1904 -
Facts and Events
Name Jane Ellen Shepherd
Alt Name Jenny _____
Gender Female
Birth? 20 Feb 1875 Haywood, Tennessee, United States
Marriage 25 Dec 1898 Newton, Missouri, United Statesto William Holmes

Jennie was the sister who stayed behind in Missouri. In 1940 she apparantly needed proof of her birth and wrote to her family in Washington to send her legal proof of birth. They took the family Bible to George Sellers office (attorney) and got affidavit. When they returned this to Jennie in Missouri Aunt Abbie (wife of Jennie's brother, Dick) wrote the following:

Wenatchee Wash April 8, 1940

Dear Jennie,

I expect you think we are a long time in rending this paper to you but took a while to find the Bible with the family record. It was here with a few things of your mothers she didn't want to take with her to Orondo.

I hope it will prove to be the necessary information and you get your pension.

It surely helps out a lot.

Our weather is nice now, cold nights but everything is growing.

We haven't planted any garden yet and don't think we will plant much. Your mother is at Pearls just now. Was here for one week till yesterday.

My mother is quite sick and I was with her a while so Mother Shepherd helped here a while. She had the flu in the winter but is pretty well again except for a cough she hasn't gotten rid of yet. Orville is about the same as usual and Dick has been having neurites or something like it in his arm till he doesn't feel very well sometimes.

The rest of us are well. Dick is waiting for this to go to town so will close. Hope you folks are well,

simply addressed:

Mrs. Jennie Holmes

Wheaton, Missouri Abbie Shepherd

  1.   Shepherd Family Bible.

    have affidavit of Jenny's birth and birthplace in doc. dated 5 Apr 1940 saying her birth is proven in the A. F. Shepherd "old family bible" that was in the possession of J. F. Shepherd at that time.

  2.   1880 census Haywood, Tennessee, United States.

    with parents

  3.   1900 census Franklin, Newton, Missouri, United States.
  4.   1910 census Franklin, Newton, Missouri, United States.
  5.   1920 census Franklin, Newton, Missouri, United States.
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