Person:Jane Pease (5)

Jane Pease
d.18 May 1815
m. 28 Feb 1716/17
  1. Elizabeth Pease1718 -
  2. Hannah Pease1720 -
  3. Abigail Pease1722 -
  4. Robert Pease1724 -
  5. Emery Pease1727 -
  6. Jane PeaseAbt 1729 - 1815
  7. Ann Pease1729/30 -
  8. Bathsheba Pease1732 -
  9. Mary Pease1734 -
  10. Abiel Pease1736/37 -
  11. Noah Pease1739 -
m. 5 Jun 1749
  1. Samuel Buck1750 -
  2. John Buck1752 -
  3. Daniel Buck1753 -
  4. Eunice Buck1755 - Bef 1756
  5. Eunice Buck1756 -
  6. Enoch Buck1759 -
  7. David Buck1761 -
  8. Perces Buck1763 -
  9. Jane Buck1765 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Jane Pease
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1729 Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Marriage 5 Jun 1749 Somers, Tolland, Connecticut, United Statesto Thomas Buck
Death? 18 May 1815 Citation needed
Questionable Information Found
Identification of parents is very probably wrong, see note.
  1. Margaret Scheffler
  2.   No sources for identification of her parents were given nor found. Presumably this just blindly copied the information found in Source:Pease, David. Genealogical and Historical Record of the Descendants of John Pease, Sen., Last of Enfield, Conn, but no justification was given in that source for its assertion, and similar assertions there are largely considered wrong, indicating some superficial research.

    Several indications were found to indicate this is probably wrong.
    * No birth record for Jane is found even though other children are, many in both town and church records. Estimated birth is too close to daughter Ann (but use of an estimate reflects that all that is known about Jane is the marriage record - basis for 1815 death date has not been found) and that record which may possibly be mis-transcribed (see below).
    * Father's will does not name any Jane even though she was alive and had heirs, and indicates daughter Ann never married and was deceased, ruling out the possibility they were the same person.
    * Confusion in History of Enfield about the name of Thomas Buck's wife (Jane Pease or Jane Bare Bond), while not not engendering a lot of confidence due to necessity of making a correction, does raise some doubts that Jane Pease is even the correct name of Thomas Buck's wife, but beyond that, there were several Pease families and there would still remain the necessity to showing why she is connected to Robert.
    *Knowledge of Thomas Buck is sketchy at best, with no probate found, but the names of the children do not include either Robert or Elizabeth.