Person:Jane Logan (2)

Jane 'Jennie' Logan
b.Abt 1713
  • HJohn McKeeAbt 1706 - 1792
  • WJane 'Jennie' LoganAbt 1713 - 1763
m. Abt 1735
  1. John McKeeAbt 1736 -
  2. Robert McKeeAbt 1738 -
  3. Miriam McKeeAbt 1740 -
  4. Mary Wise McKeeAbt 1747 -
  5. David McKeeAbt 1750 -
  6. James Logan McKee1751/52 - 1832
  7. William McKee1759 - Abt 1835
Facts and Events
Name Jane 'Jennie' Logan
Gender Female
Birth? Abt 1713
Marriage Abt 1735 poss. Virginiato John McKee
Death? 17 Jul 1763 Killed In 1st Kerr's Creek Massacre In Augusta, VirginiaThe McKees of VA and KY, by Geo Wilson McKee, from the John McKee bible, p 35 -54
Jane was killed by Indians before 1774. Fifty-five-year-old John McKee and his pregnant wife Jenny didn't go to Cunningham's after the initial warnings. They sent their children to Timber Ridge, planning to join them later. When the attack came they ran for the woods, but when Jenny faltered McKee kept running. An Indian stopped to knock Jenny in the head with the blunt end of his tomahawk and continued after McKee who made "a short angle" in a thicket and zigzagged through the trees until he found a hiding place. Still conscious, Jenny crawled into a sink hole and bound her head with a handkerchief before dying unscalped.

The McKees of Virginia and Kentucky by George Wilson McKee, page 35 - 54, no longer copyrighted at (PDF) has much data on Jane and John, data from the John McKee bible at the time (in Aug 1890) was in the possession of kin Okelala B. Dunlap, including details of the 17 July 1763 massacre.

LDS film #1036714, #21: McKee : Bible records, 1707-1872, Notes Microfilm of 2 page typescript copied from the Quarterly Bulletin of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society, donated by Mrs. George Hallgren, Potomac, Maryland.Includes Dunlap, Laird and related families.John McKee was born in 1707. He married Jane Logan in 1744 and Rosannah Cunningham in 1765, and died in 1792. Virginia and Kentucky are the geographical locations cited.