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Jan Joosten "John" Van Meteren
m. 12 Dec 1682
  1. Jan Joosten "John" Van Meteren1683 - bef 1745
  2. Rebecca Joosten van Meteren1686 -
  3. Lysbeth Joosten van Meteren1689 -
  4. Rachel van Meteren1692 -
  5. Isaac Joosten van Meteren1692/93 - 1757
  6. Hendrick Joosten van Meteren1695 - 1759
  7. Abraham van Meteren1700 -
  8. Jacob van Meteren1705 -
  • HJan Joosten "John" Van Meteren1683 - bef 1745
  • WSarah BodineBef 1687 - Bef 1710
m. 1705
  1. Sarah Van Meter1706 - AFT 1769
  2. John "Johanes". Van Meter, Jr.1708 - Abt 1735
  3. Mary J. Van Meter1709 - ABT 1795
m. 1710
  1. Rebecca Van MeterABT 1711 - ABT 1770
  2. Isaac Van Meter, "of Old Fields"ABT 1713 - bef 1757
  3. Elizabeth Van MeterABT 1715 - ABT 1793
  4. Henry Van MeterABT 1717 - 1793
  5. Rachel Van MeterABT 1719 - 1744
  6. Abraham Van Meter1721 - 1783
  7. Jacob Van Metre1722 - 1798
  8. Magdalena Van MeterABT 1725 - AFT 1745
Facts and Events
Name[1] Jan Joosten "John" Van Meteren
Alt Name John Van Meter, "John the Indian Trader"
Gender Male
Birth? 14 OCT 1683 Marbletown, Ulster County, New York
Christening[2] 14 Oct 1683 Kingston, Ulster, New York
Marriage 1705 Somerville, Somerset County, New Jerseyto Sarah Bodine
Marriage 1710 Somerville, Somerset, NJto Margaret Mollenauer
Death? bef. 3 September 1745 Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia[Will Proven]
Will? 13 August 1745 Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia[Will Written]
Burial? Frederick County, Virginia

Early Land Acquisition in Orange County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

John VanMeter received a grant of 10,000 acres on the north branch of the Shenandoah River on 17 June 1730, as listed in the following record in Orange County, Virginia:

  • Pages 447-49. 28-29 Feb. 1739 [1740]. Jost Hite of Orange County to Christian Black of same. Lease and release; for ₤8 current money. 60 acres on the north side of the north branch of Sharranando (Shenandoah) in the bounds of 10,000 acres granted to John Van Metre 17 June 1730... below the mouth of a small branch.. down the river... along the hills.. part of a tract granted to Jost Hite. (signed) Jost Hite. 29 Feb. 1739 [1740]. Acknowledged by Jost Hite. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 30].

Other acquisitions by John Van Meter:

  • Pages 384-89. 18-19 Oct. 1736. Francis Pincher and Sarah his wife of Orange County to John Vanmetre. Lease and release; for ₤20 current money and ₤20 current money. 100 acres on Opecken Run on the west side Sherrundo (Shenandoah) River granted by pattent to Francis Pincher 12 Nov. 1735... on the west side of Opecken Run... ag[ains]t an island... crossing a branch... (signed) Francis (X) Pincher. Wit: James Porteus, Thos Postgate, Cha. Stevens, John Bramhan. 25 Nov. 1736. Proved by James Porteus, Charles Stevens and John Bramham.
27 Jan. 10 George II [1737]. Commission to Morgan Morgan, Just Hite, Benja. Borden and Wm. Russell, Gent., to take the acknowledgement of Sarah, wife of Francis Pincher, to the deed of 18-19 Nov. 1736 to John Vanmetre. 17 March 1736-7. Certification that Sarah Pincher released her right of dower, at the dwelling house of Francis Pincher in Orange County. (signed) Just Hite, Morgan(an). 24 March 1736-7. Admitted to record. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 27].
  • Pages 449-53. 23-24 March 1736 [1737]. Jost Hites of Orange County, Gent., and Mary his wife, to John Van Metre of same, farmer. For ₤5 and bond in amount of ₤200 to convey. 475 acres on Opeckon Creek, part of tract whereon John Lilbour now dwell, which contains in the whole 700 acres... for a division between John Van Metre and Jno. Lilbourn. (signed) Jost Hite. 24 March 1736 [1737]. Acknowledged by Just Hite, Gent. On motion of Wm. Waller, Gent., admitted to record.
16 Oct. 1737. Commission to Morgan Morgan, Benja. Borden and Wm. Russell, Gent., to take the acknowledgement of Mary Hite, widow of Just Hite, who is so sickly and infirm that she cannot travel to the Court. 12 Jan. 1737 [1738]. Mary Hite relinquished her right of dower, at the dwelling house of Just Hite. (signed) Morgan(an), Benja. Borden. 23 Feb. 1737 [1738]. Returned. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 1, Dorman, pg. 31].
  • Pages 437-42. 23-24 Aug. 1738. Richard Morgan of Orange County to John Van Metre of same. Lease and release; for ₤100 current money. 290 acres... between the dividing of Josiah Jones and Charles Anderson's path... near fish spring... (signed) Richard Morgan. 24 Aug. 1738. Acknowledged by Richard Morgan.
5 March 1743. Commission to Morgan Morgan, Andrew Campbell and John White, Gent., of Frederick County to take acknowledgement of Jane, wife of Richard Morgan, who is so sickly she cannot travel to the court. 6 April [1740, sic]. Jane Morgan relinquished her right of dower. (signed) Andrew Campbell, John White. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 2, Dorman, pg. 58].

Will Abstract

Van Meter, John. Will 13 August 1745. 3 September 1745.
"Sick of Body". Wife: to have dwelling house and one-third of the estate - cows, linen yarn and her bed.
To son Abraham a tract of land of 420 acres.
To sons Isaac and Jacob a tract of land to each.
Daughter Sarah, wife of James Davis.
Daughter Mary, wife of Robert Jones, a tract of land where I now live containing 350 acres. After decease of wife to have one-third of movable estate.
To daughter Rebecca, wife of Solomon Hedges*, Esq., a tract of land.
Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Shepherd.
Daughter Magdelene.
Grandson John Lefarge, son of dec'd daughter Rachel, a tract of land, should he die the land to go to his cousins.
Johanes Van Meter, son of Johanes, dec'd, and Joanna, daughter of Johanes dec'd, grandchildren to each have 18 pounds when twenty-one years of age.
Exrs: Abraham Van Meter, Jacob Van Meter.
Securities Thomas Swearengen, Thomas Shepherd, John Hite.
Wit: Joseph Carroll, Edward Morgan, Andrew Corn.
[Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, and Administration Accounts of Frederick County, Virginia, 1743-1800, by J. Estelle Stewart King, pg. 2].

Note: this will abstract is listed twice in this publication, on pg. 2 and also on pg. 9. The only substantial difference is the listing of daughter Rebecca's husband as Solomon Hedges [pg. 9], instead of Thomas Hedges [pg. 2], which agrees with other sources.

Records in Orange County, VA

The following were listed consecutively:

  • Declaration. On 15 Oct. 1736 Robert Yeldall, late of Orange County, labourer, came before me, Morgan Morgan, and assumed under penalty of ₤50 sterling, and Giles Chapman of the said county, farmer, undertook of Robert Yeldall in the penalty of ₤25, that Robert personally appear before the Justices on the third Tuesday in November next to do what by the Court be enjoined and in the meantime keep the peace, especially toward John Vanmetre of Orange County (signed) Morgan(an).
  • 15 Oct. 1736. John Vanmetre declares that on 13 October there came to his dwelling house one Robert Yelddall in company with Cornelius Newkerk, in a riotous and inhuman manner did enter his dwelling house and abused his wife and scared her by this threatening and saying that he would stand by one James Davis that had lately assaulted the deponent's house, and that he is not safe in his owne house by reason of the riots aforesaid. (signed) John Vanmetere.
  • (Same date as above). Mary Jones of this county declares that on 13 October Robert Yelddall was with Cornelius Newkerk, and Robert Yelddall entered the house of John Vanmetere and asked Vanmetre's wife for a botle he left there. The woman answered that she did not know of any botle. He began to swear and say he wood have his botle, except she would cheat him out of it, and if she did, he did not mater it, they were knaves, they had swore the peace against James Davis, but he would stand by him, and that James Davis was able to drive them and all of their generations, and if not he wood stand by him, and after they had been gone a while, they came back to the house again. Robert Yelddall rod up the house door, and the fore part of his horse entered the inside of the house, and John Vanmeter struck the horse back. (signed) Mary (M) Jones. Sworn before Morgan(an). [Petitions & etc, 1736, Orange County Deed Books 3 & 4, Judgements 1736, Dorman, pg. 112].
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    Parents: Joost Janz, Sara du Bois
    Child and date: Jan, 14 Oct. 1683
    Witnesses and Sponsors: Jan Joosten. Mayken Hendricz. Jacob du Bois.