Person:Jan Van Arsdalen (1)

Jan Symonsen van Arsdalen
m. ABT 1658
  1. Geertje Simonse van ArsdalenABT 1659 - 1724
  2. Jannetje van ArsdalenBET 1660- 1665 - BET 1660 - 1665
  3. Nettye van ArsdalenBET 1660 - 1677 - BET 1655 - 1686
  4. Symon Simonse van ArsdalenBET 1663 - 1681 - BET 1659 - 1761
  5. Jannetie Simonse van ArsdalenABT 1665 - ABT 1732
  6. Cornelius Symonse van ArsdalenABT 1665 - bef 1745
  7. Jan Symonsen van ArsdalenABT 1667 - 1753
  8. Symon Simonse van ArsdalenABT 1669 - 1745
  9. Metje Sijmons van ArsdalenBEF 1673 -
  10. Marretje Simon van Arsdalen1678 - BET 1679 - 1772
Facts and Events
Name[1] Jan Symonsen van Arsdalen
Gender Male
Birth[2][3][5] ABT 1667 Flatlands, Kings, New York, United States
Marriage ABT 1695 New Lots, Kings, New York, United Statesto Lammertje Probasco
Census 1698 Gravesend, Kings, New York, United Stateswith Lammertje Probasco
Religion[3] 25 DEC 1714 Gravesend, Kings, New York, United StatesListed as an elder in the Protestant Dutch Reformed Church.
Other[3][6] 1715 Kings, New York, United StatesMilit-Beg
Religion[3] 15 JAN 1715 Gravesend, Kings, New York, United StatesOne of the signers of the agreement which officially reorganized the church at Gravesend.
Residence[3][7] AFT 1716 Jamaica, Queens, New York, United States
Will[8] 1736 Jamaica, Queens, New York, United States
Death? 1753
Alt Death[4] Jamaica, Queens, New York, United States
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  5. Born "in New Amersfoort, on the island of Nassauw, in the province of New Yorke." Date is approximated from a letter he wrote in 1698 to his brother Joost Jansz, who was living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    [NOTE: Source lists year as "1676," which *has* to be a typo...]
  6. Listed as a member of the "Troop" in the Kings County militia regiment.
  7. Member of Dutch Reformed Church of Jamaica.
  8. In the name of God, Amen. I John Vanarsedale of Jamaica in Queens County in the Province of New York, being by the abundant goodness and mercy of God in perfect health of Body and of sound disposing mind and memory for which I return to the Almighty hearty praises knowing that all men are mortal and that the hour of death is uncertain and willing (that no trouble may ensue) to settle my estate, Do make this my last will and testament [in the] manner following. Pincipally I recommend and bequeath my soul unto God my Creator trusting in His mercy through Christ my Redeemor for Salvation and my Body I desire may be decently interred at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named and as touching my World Estate I do give and dispose thereof as following:

    First, I do order and will that all my just and lawfull debts with my funeral charges be duly paid out of my moveable estate by my Executors in some convenient time after my decease.

    Item -- I do order and will that my beloved wife Lamitie shall live on and have the benefit and profit of all and singular my dwelling House, Lands, Meadows and tenements whatsoever which I now possess and enjoy during the time she continues my widow if she see cause to keep the same but if she had rather I do will and order that she shall have and [be] duly paid to her the sum of fifteen pounds per year during her natural life by my Executors out of my Estate to be to her own use and to the use and benefit of her Ex[ecuto]rs and assigns forever, the first of which payments shall be within six months after my decease and if said wife shall quit her claim to my said Dwelling Houses, Lands, Meadows and Tenements abovesaid and accept of the said sum of fifteen pounds per year as aforesaid then it is my Will and I do order that all my Estate both real and personal shall be divided and distributed amongst my children as follows.

    To my son Simon the sum of ten pounds, to my son Nicholas one hundred and fifty pounds. To my son Uriah the sum of One hundred and fifty pounds, first to be taken out of my said Estate and paid to them and the rest remainder and residue thereof to be equally divided amongst all my children (so that they shall each have an equal share), viz Simon, Nicholas, Uriah, Christophel, John, and Cornelius and my Daughters Idah, Peternellah, Mariah, Heletie, and Sarah and shall be to them and each of them and their and each of their repective Ex[ecuto]rs and assigns forever.

    Item -- In order that my said estate shall be divided and distributed as abovesaid I do will and order that the same shall be sold by Executors whenever it shall fall into their hands unless they with any other Children shall mutually agree otherwise to divide the same.

    Item -- I do except out of what is above given my wearing apparel and do give and bequeath the same unto my sons above named to be equally divided amongs them.

    Item -- I do nominate, authorize and appoint all my above named to be the Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do own and acknowledge this and no other to be my last.

    In witness whereof I have hereunto set my seal this ________ day of ________ in the tenth year of his Majesty's Reign and in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and thirty six.

    [signed]Jan van aersdalenL.S.

    [NOTE: Witnessed by George (Guy?) Youngs, Benjamin Coe, and Benjamin Hinchman. Only Hinchman appeared at the proving as Coe was, by that time, deceased, and Young(s) had moved to Albany.]