Person:James Treadaway (2)

James Arthur Treadaway
m. 21 Feb 1877
  1. John Forney Treadaway1878 - 1903
  2. Rev William Marion Treadaway1881 - 1972
  3. Margaret Leona Treadaway1883 - 1971
  4. James Arthur Treadaway1886 - 1964
  5. Martha Esther Treadaway1889 -
  6. Mary Della Treadaway1894 - 1965
m. c 1915
  1. John Arthur Treadaway1918 - 1988
  2. Nancy Melda Treadaway1921 - 2012
  3. James Frederick Treadaway1923 - 2010
  4. Frances Treadaway1931 - 2011
Facts and Events
Name James Arthur Treadaway
Gender Male
Birth[1][6] 25 Jun 1886 Alabama, United States
Census[1] 1900 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Census[2] 1910 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Marriage c 1915 Alabama, United Statesto Minnie Mae Rush
Physical Description[7] June 1917 DeKalb, Alabama, United StatesTall, slender, Blue Eyes, Dark Hair
Military[7] June 1917 DeKalb, Alabama, United StatesWWI Draft Registration
Census[3] 1920 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Census[4] 1930 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Census[5] 1940 DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Burial[6] June 1964 Highway Church Cemetery, Lakeview, DeKalb, Alabama, United States
Death[6][8] 13 Jun 1964 Fyffe, DeKalb, Alabama, United States

Biography of James A Treadaway

Arthur grew up on his father's farm on the Forks of Town Creek near Fyffe, Al. As a child up thru his teenage years his father's nearest neighbor was a man who was a slave prior to the civil war. This mans children and Arthur and his brothers and sisters spent many hours playing and swimming in the creek. When Arthur was 14 years old his father purchased a farm from the railroad and built a house on it. When his parents got old they lived with Arthur and Minnie in this same house. Arthur raised his family in the same house.

Arthur and Minnie met when she was teaching school at Tenbroek School and was boarding with his cousin John Little who lived near the school. After they married she quit teaching.

Arthur grew up and raised his family without electricity, indoor plumbing, or automobiles. Arthur owned a car for a short period of time. Between 1926 and 1931 he purchased a Whippet car for $500 on the installment loan plan with the dealership in Fort Payne. After a short period of time Arthur saw that he wasn't going to be able to make the payments on the car. He notified the dealer and told him he couldn't pay for the car and to come and pick it up. The dealer never did pick up the car. Arthur refused to drive the car since he couldn't pay for it. The car sat up in a shed for years until the tires rotted off. His son Fred told a story about telling their company that "his daddy had a Whippett and it would whip you" Minnie thought Fred was being disrespectful and gave him a whipping for saying what he did.

Arthur had a gift for hospitality. He always tried to help what in his days men who were called tramps. Today they are just called homeless people. He would feed them and let them spend the night in the barnloft and do any work that might need doing. He only got burned one time when his family's meat was stolen from the smokehouse. The thief was caught and arrested. Arthur also had a gift for understanding and interpreting prophetic scripture which he shared with anyone who would listen.

When Arthur got too old to work he took up the hobby of woodcarving. He would make handles for various farm tools.

He is buried in the church cemetery where he went to church in a beautiful location at the top of a hill with an old water oak spreading its limbs over the cemetery.

Courtesy of Sheila Treadaway, 2013

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