Person:James Taylor (87)

James Taylor
b.abt 1607 England
m. 19 OCT 1641
  1. Samuel Taylor1656 - 1740/41
Facts and Events
Name James Taylor
Gender Male
Birth[2] abt 1607 Englandage 64 in 1671
Alt Birth? 11 Mar 1614/15 Dunstable, Bedfordshire, EnglandCitation needed
Emigration[4] 1635 Truelove
Marriage 19 OCT 1641 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United Statesto Isabel Tompkins
Occupation[3] 1643 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United StatesCarpenter
Death[1] 22 JAN 1689/90 Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States


Origins & Emigration

Based on his age given in 1671 as 64, he was therefore born about 1607. There was, on the ship Truelove in 1635, a James Taylor age 28, therefore born 1607. On this same ship were other Taylors, who may have been siblings and record of such names are found in early Massachusetts records; they include:

  • Ann Taylor 24 [b 1611]
  • William Taylor 17 [b 1618]
  • Richard Taylor 16 [b 1619]

The alternate birth date provided here is unsubstantiated.

Life in New England

  • married in Concord, 1641 Isabel Tompkins (Concord VR);
  • 1643.2.28 (Concord): upon oath, reported on wishes of Thomas Bagnly (deceased) pertaining to his estate ("Abstracts of Earliest Wills, NEHGR 2:185 (1848)
  • had at least three children (3 found in Concord VR), only one of whom survived to adulthood (Samuel, b. 21 June 1656);
  • 1671.11.19 Test: James Taylor of Concord Age sixty four years (Massachusetts Court Records) (therefore b. about 1607)
  • 1687: Boston Tax List: James Taylor, 2-14 (NEHGR 55:142 (1901) “Boston Tax List 1687”)
  • died in Concord 22 Jan 1690 (Concord VR).


From: Land Deeds - Middlesex County, Volume (Book 10), page # illegible, dated 26 Nov 1686. (FHL #0554003)

Know all men by these presents that I, James Taylor ???? of the town of Concord in Massachusetts Colony, in the County of Middlesex, planter, In consideration of my fatherly affection and good will to my only beloved? Son Samuel Tailor heartily desiring his prosperity in land (love) and body? I said father James Tailor do give, pass over and make sure and by those presents ?? freely and firmly given pass over to him my only son Samuel Tailor those parcels of land and meadow out six acres of meadow lying in a meadow commonly called Elmo Brooks meadow bound to the south west by medow and by Samuel Miriam Northeast by medow of Deacon? Robert Miriam and ? of William Hartwell ... North End. Abt fifty six acres of upland and some swamp both more or less and is bound so on lands of Joshua Brooks south south west and on land of Timothy Wheeler on east and of Thomas Pellet east north east and land of Robert Miriam this I give to him my said son Samuel and his heirs forever not to be sold from them. Also four acres of medow with eight acres of upland bound by medow of Christoph Westy, Will. Hartwell and Robert Miriam, this last medow and upland my said son may sell, or change. This I give to my said son Samuel Tailor for confirmation hereof I the said James Tailor ???? to my hand and seal this twenty first day of November one thousand six hundred eight and five.

Probably NOT the James Taylor of Cambridge & Marlborough

Many genealogies associate him with the James Taylor of Marlborough who married Sarah Newton. This belief appears to rely solely on Savage who guessed he was the same who by wife Sarah had William b. 21 August 1676 in Cambridge. But the 1690 Concord death clearly identifies the deceased as husband of Isabel (Concord VR).

More likely, James Taylor having William in 1676, Cambridge, was a younger generation or possibly even a son of James and Isabel whose birth is not recorded. (See family page for discussion of gaps where other (non-recorded) children may have been born.)

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    James Taylor ye Husband of Isabell his wife dyed January ye 22d 1689/90

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