Person:James Taylor (22)

Col. James Taylor, II
m. est 1666
  1. Jane Taylor1668 -
  2. Martha Taylor1670 - 1671
  3. Col. James Taylor, II1674/75 - 1729
  4. Sarah Taylor1676 - 1745
m. 23 February 1699
  1. Frances Taylor1700 - 1761
  2. Martha Taylor1702 - 1782
  3. Col James Taylor, III1703 - 1784
  4. Zachary Taylor, I1707 - bef 1768
  5. Col George F. Taylor1711 - 1792
  6. Tabitha Taylor1713 -
  7. Erasmus Taylor1715 - 1794
  8. Hannah Taylor1718 -
  9. Mildred Taylor1724 - 1795
Facts and Events
Name Col. James Taylor, II
Gender Male
Birth[2] 14 Mar 1674/75 Caroline, Virginia, United StatesDrysdale Parish
Marriage 23 February 1699 St. Peter's Parish, King and Queen County, Virginia, USAto Martha Thompson
Residence? Abt 1722 Orange County, Colony of Virginia
Death? 26 Jun 1729 Locustville, Accomack, Colony of Virginia
Occupation? Burgess & 1715 "Knight Of The Golden Horseshoe"
Occupation? One of the earliest surveyors of VA, locating about 10,000 acres of land.
Burial? Hare Forest Cemetery, Bowling Green, Caroline, Virginia, United States
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  1.   Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. (Richmond, Virginia: Virginia Historical Society), Vol. 30, pg. 387, Secondary quality.

    2. Col. James Taylor, m. Martha Thompson: had
    :a. Frances Taylor, m. Ambrose Madison (gr-parents President M).
    :b. Martha Taylor, m. Thos. Chew.
    :c. James Taylor, whose 1st w. was Alice Catlett, nee Thornton. (gr-parents Gen. Jas. Taylor, War of 1812).
    :d. Zachary Taylor, m. Elizabeth Lee (gr-parents Pres't. Taylor).
    :e. COL. GEORGE TAYLOR: 10 sons officers in Rev., among them COL. FRANCIS TAYLOR the DIARIST.
    :f. Tabitha Taylor, m. Thos. Wild.
    :g. Erasmus Taylor, m. Jane Moore.
    :h. Hannah Taylor, m. Nicholas Battaile.
    :i. Mildred Taylor, m. Richard Thomas.

  2. Anderson, William Kyle. Donald Robertson and his wife Rachel Rogers of King and Queen County, Virginia: their ancestry and posterity : also a brief account of the ancestry of Commodore Richard Taylor of Orange County, Virginia, and his naval history during the War of the American Revolution. (Detroit, Mich.: unknown, 1900), pp. 226 & 229, Secondary quality.

    p. 226 indicates place his father lived,
    p. 229 gives his birth date as March 14, 1674.

  3.   Family Recorded, in Browning, Charles H. (ed.). The American Historical Register and Monthly Gazette of the Patriotic-Hereditary Societies of the United States of America. (Philadelphia: The Historical Register Publishing Company), 1002, Secondary quality.

    ... James l Taylor's son James 2 , an early land owner in Orange county, Va., had nine children. Of them Frances was the grandmother of President James Madison, and Zachary was the father of Major Richard Taylor, 1st Virginia line, ... Colonel James2 Taylor's son, Colonel George, a burgess, had thirteen sons holding office at the same time under government. Seven of them were commissioned officers in the army and navy of Virginia. James'2 son Erasmus also had some distinguished sons ...