Person:James Strode (2)

Capt. James Strode
m. 1720
  1. Susannah Strode1721 -
  2. Edward Strode1723 - 1749
  3. Letitia 'Letty' Strode1725 - 1799
  4. Capt. James Strode1727 - 1795
  5. Capt. John Strode1728/29 - 1805
  6. Jeremiah Strode1732 - 1785
m. 1755
  1. Susannah Strode1756 - 1835
  2. Phebe Strode1757 - 1786
  3. James Strode1760 - 1812
  4. Rachel Strode1762 - 1839
m. 29 Mar 1787
  1. James W. StrodeAbt 1790 - 1866
  2. John Strode1792 - 1819
  3. Anna StrodeAbt 1793 - 1823
m. 12 Dec 1794
Facts and Events
Name[1] Capt. James Strode
Gender Male
Birth? 26 Dec 1727 Spotsylvania County, Virginia[area became Frederick County in 1738]
Marriage 1755 Frederick County, Virginia[area became Berkeley County in 1772]
to Ann Hamilton Forman
Marriage 29 Mar 1787 Berkley Co., VAto Chloe "Elsey" Chenowith
Marriage 12 Dec 1794 to Ann Elizabeth Fryatt
Death? 7 Mar 1795 Berkeley County, Virginia
Alt Death? 7 Mar 1795 Berkley Co., VA
Burial? Winchester Cemetery, West Virginia

Acquisition of Land in Frederick County

Acquisition of Land from Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants 1742-1775, Vol. 2:

  • K-127: James Strode of Frederick County, 289 acres in said County. adjoining Isaac Evens on Opeckon. Surv. William Baylis, adjoining Widow Morgan, John Evens (Evins). 10 May 1760. [Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, pg. 118].

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Tate vs. Bedinger--O. S. 163; N. S. 57--Bill in Berkeley County, July, 1797, by Magnus Tate, Jr., and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Strode, widow of James Strode, deceased. In 1794 Strode gave a tract to his son-in-law, Henry Bedinger, and made a deed which it is sought to set aside as fraudulent. Henry was member of legislature in 1794. Answer says in fall of 1794 Henry was informed of precipitate marriage of James Strode, aged 68, to Miss Fryatt (now Mrs. Tate), aged 19. Copy of the deed. James Strode's will of Berkeley County. Daughter, Susannah Magowan; land in Fleming County, Kentucky. Grandson, James Magowan; daughter, Eleanor Shepherd; daughter, Rachel Bedinger; sons, James, John (lands near Strode's Station in Kentucky); daughter, Anna, lands in Ohio County; granddaughter, Eleanor Swearingen; granddaughter, Nancy Magowan; daughter, Phebe Swearingen, deceased. Dated 20th February, 1795. Recorded in Berkeley 28th April, 1795. Nancy Snodgrass (formerly Nancy Fryatt), deposes in Berkeley County, 26th November, 1798. Elizabeth Tate is daughter of John Fryatt, of Berkeley. Nancy Snodgrass is sister of Elizabeth. Abraham Shepherd deposes that in December, 1794, James Strode married Elizabeth. He had then living by his first wife, three daughters, Susannah, Eleanor, Rachel; and by a second wife, two sons and a daughter. Susannah married James McGowan. Eleanor married deponent. Rachel married Henry Bedinger. Children by second wife were small children, the eldest about 7 years, the youngest about twenty months. James Strode died 7th March, 1795.

Information on James Strode

James Strode (1726/7-1795) was married first to Ann. At the age of 68 he married again in 1794 to Elizabeth Fryatt, aged 19. In his will he named daughter Susanna Magowen and her son James Magowen; daughter Rachel Bedinger, wife of Henry who was George Michael’s brother); daughter Anna; daughter Phoebe Swearingen, deceased, and her daughter Eleanor Swearingen, sons James Strode and John Strode. By 1776 James Strode owned—in addition to his property in Frederick County—1,000 acres of land on Howard’s Creek, a drain of the Kentucky River, near his brother John’s Station south of Winchester, KY.

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    James Strode
    Birth 20 Dec 1727
    Berkeley County, West Virginia, USA [s/b Spotsylvania County]
    Death 7 Mar 1795 (aged 67)
    Berkeley County, West Virginia, USA
    Captain James Strode Cemetery
    Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia, USA