Person:James Pendleton (24)

m. 1701
  1. James Pendleton, Sr.1702 - 1763
  2. Philip Pendleton1704 - 1778
  3. Isabella Pendleton1712 - 1790
  4. Nathaniel Pendleton1715 - 1793
  5. Mary Pendleton1717 - 1803
  6. John Pendleton1719 - 1799
  7. Judge Edmund Pendleton1721 - 1803
  8. Priscilla Pendleton1736 - 1736
  • HJames Pendleton, Sr.1702 - 1763
  • WMary TaylorEst 1693 - Bef 1732
m. 08 January 1726/27
m. ABT 1732
  1. Capt. Henry Pendleton1733 - 1798
  2. James Pendleton1735 - 1793
  3. Phillip Pendleton1741 - 1811
  4. Anne PendletonABT 1742 - 1815
Facts and Events
Name James Pendleton, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1702 King and Queen County, Virginia, USAMap: Latitude: 37.73347 Longitude: -76.89969 Birth of James Pendleton Virginia USA
Marriage 08 January 1726/27 Lancaster County, Virginiato Mary Taylor
Marriage ABT 1732 to Elizabeth Coleman
Death? 1763 Bowling Green, Caroline, Virginia, USAMap: Latitude: 38.04958 Longitude: -77.34665 Death of James Pendleton Bowling Green Virginia USA
Alt Death[1] 1763 Culpeper Co., VA

James PENDLETON Sr. 1702 - 1761 ID Number: I3591

OCCUPATION: 1757 Vestryman of St. Mark's & High Sheriff of Culpeper Co.

RESIDENCE: Caroline and Essex Cos. or KandQ and Culpeper Cos.VA

BIRTH: 1702, King and Queen or Caroline Co. VA DEATH: 1761, Culpeper or Essex Co. VA RESOURCES: See: CONFLICT Notes [S11] [S157] [S172] [S179] [S324] [S641] [S721] [S747] [S1735] [S2036] [S2354] [S3337] [S3642] Father: Henry PENDLETON Mother: Mary Bishop TAYLOR

Family 1 : Mary CLAYTON MARRIAGE: 8 Jan 1727, Lancaster Co. Virginia

Family 2 : Elizabeth COLEMAN MARRIAGE: ABT 1732 +Henry PENDLETON Sr. +Anne PENDLETON +James PENDLETON Jr. +Philip PENDLETON Family 3 : Elizabeth CLAYTON MARRIAGE: AFT 1742, VA


CONFLICT in Wives: or m. all 3.

James Pendleton b. 1702 Va., d. 1763 Culpeper Co., Va., m. (?). Marriage to "Mrs" Mary Lyall reported by "Some Prominent Virginia Families" but it did not mention a marriage to Elizabeth _____.

Source "Colonial Families of the U.S." reported marriage to James Pendleton but source "Some Prominent Virginia Families" did not.

James Pendleton m. Phoebe James. shows Mary and (2) Elizabeth Clayton.

shows married Elizabeth ?. (p 417, Vol IV) James Pendleton of St. Mark's parish b 1702 d. 1763. In 1746 he was a Lay Reader at the Chapel in the Little Fork. In 1751 he was chosen Vestryman. In 1757 he was a vestryman of St. Mark's Parish, and a lay Reader. In 1758 he was High Sheriff of Culpeper Co. Estate appraised and recorded on May 20, 1763. He is said to have been the James Pendleton who married, in Lancaster Co., Jan 8, 1727/8, Mrs. Mary Lyall, widow. (in the marriage bond he is described as James Pendleton, Gent., of Drysdale Parish, King and Queen Co.). If he be identical with this James Pendleton, then he married twice, for his will mentioned his wife Elizabeth and named their four children. She died in 1769 and in her will described herself as the widow of James Pendleton, dec'd, and named the same four children mentioned in his will as her own. She was probably the mother of all the children and the first marriage was probably issueless.

James Pendleton was a cousin of Philip Clayton, who married Ann Coleman. James was a son of Henry Pendleton (1683-1721) and Mary Taylor (b. 1688). Mary Taylor was a daughter of James Taylor of King & Queen Co. and his second wife Mary Gregory. (Southern Sojourners, by Rosemary Corley Neal, p. 287).

"married (1) MARY LYELL TAYLOR January 08, 1727/28 in Lancaster Co., VA. She was born in Of Christ Church Parish, Lancaster Co.. He married (2) ELIZABETH Abt. 1730 in VA. She died 1769."

Spouses: per Jamie Forsythe Marriage 1 Mary LYALL b: in Lancaster Co, VA Married: 8 JAN 1727/28 in Lancaster, VA Marriage 2 Elizabeth BROWN b: 1711 in Lancaster, VA Married: 8 JAN 1828

James Pendleton [30534] = Elizabeth Clayton [30544] James Pendleton [30534] --------- b.1702, VA d.1763, VA

Elizabeth Clayton [30544] ------- wife of James Pendleton

 |-- Anne Pendleton [30399]

| wife of James Taylor | |-- Henry Pendleton [30400] | b.1733, VA | d.1798, VA | |-- James Pendleton [30401] | b.1735, VA | d.1793, VA | |-- Philip Pendleton [30402] | b.1745, VA | d.1811

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