Person:James Montgomery (19)

Capt. James Montgomery
b.BET 1749 AND 1750 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
m. 2 JUL 1738
  1. Isabella MontgomeryEst 1740-1750 - 1792
  2. Capt. James MontgomeryBET 1749 AND 1750 - 1809
  3. Alexander MontgomeryBef 1752 -
  4. Rev. John Montgomery1752 - 1818
  5. Margaret "Mollie" Montgomery1754 -
  6. Esther Houston Montgomery1755 - 1807
  7. Ann Montgomery1756 - 1829
  8. Dorcas MontgomeryABT 1758 - 1834
  9. Jane Montgomery1763 - 1843
  10. Robert Montgomery1764 - 1813
  11. Thomas? MontgomeryAFT 1769 -
  • HCapt. James MontgomeryBET 1749 AND 1750 - 1809
  • WMargaret Weir1749 - 1809
m. abt. 1770
  1. Hugh Montgomery1770 - 1841
  2. Mary Weir "Polly" Montgomery1777 - 1853
  3. John Montgomery1778 - AFT 1830
  4. James P. Montgomery1781 -
  5. Jane (Peggy) Montgomeryabt 1782 - aft 1860
  6. Esther MontgomeryABT 1784 - 1846
  7. Samuel Montgomery1785 -
  8. Margaret MontgomeryBEF 1788 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. James Montgomery
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] BET 1749 AND 1750 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage abt. 1770 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Weir
Census[3] 1788 James and Margaret had moved to Tennessee and were established in Blount County
Death? 1809 Blount County, Tennessee
Census? 2 SEP 1809 will dated - Blount County, Tennessee

Miss Julia Hughes Spurr. DAR ID Number: 28439 Born in Fayette county, Kentucky. Descendant of Col. William Edmondson, John Montgomery Edmondson, and Capt. James Montgomery, all of Virginia. Daughter of Richard Alexander Spurr and Ruth Wierman Sheffer, his wife. Granddaughter of Richard Winn Spurr and Martha A. Prewitt, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of William Chandler Prewitt and Margaret Montgomery

Edmonson, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Montgomery Edmondson and Margaret Robinson Montgomery, his wife. Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of William Edmondson and Margaret Montgomery, his first wife; James Montgomery and Nancy Robinson, his wife. William Edmondson, (1734-1822), was at the battle of Point Pleasant, commanded a company against the Cherokees, 1776, and served in the Chickamauga expedition, 1779. He was major at King's Mountain and, 1782, colonel of Washington county militia. He was born in Cecil Co., Md.; died in Washington Co., Va. Also Nos. 7371, 8407, 11905, 13799, 20735, 21808. John Montgomery Edmondson, (1757-1813), served under his father and was one of eight of that family at King's Mountain. He was killed at the battle of River Raisin and his name is on the monument erected at Frankfort, Ky. He was born in Augusta Co., Va. [p.161] James Montgomery, who had served in the early wars, was the first justice of the peace of Washington county when it was formed, 1776. He was captain, 1777-80, of the Washington county, Virginia, militia. Also Nos. 8407, 11905.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mcdonald Preston. DAR ID Number: 97242 Born in Abingdon, Va. Wife of Robert F. Preston. Descendant of Capt. James Montgomery, Major John McC. Taylor, Capt. John Campbell, Walter Preston, Charles Cummings, and David Campbell, as follows: 1. Robert A. Preston (b. 1842) m. 1868 Amelia C. (Preston) (b. 1844). 2. Robert R. Preston (d. 1866) m. 1832 Elizabeth McDonald Cummings (1808-85) (parents of Amelia); Dr. Alexander R. Preston (1805-74) m. Sarah Smith. 3. Walter Preston m. 1785 Anne Montgomery (parents of Robert R.); Henry Smith m. Mary McC. Taylor (b. 1780); James Cummings (1773-1840) m. 1802 Mary Campbell (1783-1829). 4. John Campbell m. 1778 Elizabeth McDonald; Charles Cummings m. 1766 Millicent Carter; James Montgomery m. Mary Robinson; John McC. Taylor m. 1766 Elizabeth Campbell. 5. David Campbell m. 1735 Mary Hamilton. James Montgomery held many offices, both civil and military, from 1776-81, in Virginia. He was born in Lancaster County, Pa.; died in Washington County, Va. Walter Preston was engaged in the battle of Kings Mountain, and, 1781, was deputy surveyor of Washington County, Va. He was born in Ireland; died, 1834, in Virginia. Also No. 55017. John McC. Taylor (1736-1813) served, 1782, as major of Virginia troops, fighting Indians incited by the Tories. He was born in Ireland; died in Virginia. Also No. 63861. John Campbell (1741-1825) commanded a company, 1776, at the battle of “Long Island Flats.” He was born in Lancaster County, Pa.; died in Washington County, Va. Also No. 61542. David Campbell (1706-90) was a member of the legislature, 1779. He was born in Ireland; died in Washington County, Va. Charles Cummings, known as the “fighting parson,” was with Colonel Christian in his expedition against the Cherokees, 1776; also served under Col. Evan Shelby. He was born in Ireland; died, 1812, in Washington County, Va.

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    birthdate lised as 1740, but date of marriage of John Montgomery and Esther Houston is listed by several other sources as July 2, 1748. This combined with the fact that Esther would have been 16 years old if James was truly born in 1740, which is improbable. I have placed the date of James' birth at 1749-1750, a more probable date taking all of these facts info account.

  2. Ernest Elder Crownover, Author and Compiler. Matt and Daisy Dell Kuykendall Crownover, Their ancestry and Posterity. (National Press, Santa Rosa, California, 1986), pg. 82.

    Date of birth listed as 1740 on page 82, but marriage date of John Montgomery and Esther on previous page is listed as July 2, 1748. I have estimated 1749-1750 as James' birthdate for same reasons listed in previous Source listing.

  3. John and Esther Houston Montgomery, 1719-1973, compiled by Beulah Henry Anderson, et al., pub. 1974, by Brazos Printing Co., Maryville, Tennessee, p. 17.