Person:James McBride (14)

Duplicate parents - compare
m. 1767
  1. James McBride1773 - 1850
Duplicate parents - compare
  1. James McBride1773 - 1850
  1. Keziah McBride1805 - 1866
Facts and Events
Name James McBride
Gender Male
Birth? 1773 Virginia, United States
Death? 28 November 1850 Ripley, Tippah, Mississippi, United States

"James McBride Born 1773 in Virginia. He had a brother Daniel but we have no record of Daniel. James and Daniel's parents lived in Virginia before the Revolutionary War. History has it that the father, name unproved took an apprenticeship as a blacksmith trade and married in Virginia. After the Revolutionary War they moved to Tennessee where the parents died.

The first time we find James McBride in when he buys land, 13 Oct 1810 in Lincoln Co. Tennessee, on the headwaters of Kelley's Creek, a south branch of Elk River near the Tennessee and Alabama state line. The next record we have of him is 1830 census of Shelby Co. Tennessee. The 1830 census of Hardeman Co. Tennessee lists his son william McBride and family also his son-in-law, Anderson Street. In a land deed in Lincoln Co.

James McBride married twice, first to Miss Brock, they had four children before she died. 1. John McBride born 1800 Tenn. Married in 1819 to Louisa Street. They were the parents of nine children. 2. Sherwood McBride born 24 June 1802 Tenn. Married Catherine Stewart 15 March 1821 Lauderdale Co. Alabama. They were the parents of ten children. 3. William McBride born 9 November 1803 Tenn. Married Elizabeth. They were the parents of eight or nine children. 4.Kiziah McBride born 22 October 1805 marrie AndersonStreet. They were the parents of fifteen children.

James' second wife was Sarah Jackson. Their children were 1.Daniel McBride born 14 Nov 1809 Lincoln C. Tenn. he married Mary W, Bridges 20 November 1830, Shelby Co. Tenn. They had 8 children. 2.George L. McBride born 13 November 1810. 3.Solomon McBride born 5 May 1812. 4.John McBride born 13 November 1819.

Sometime between 1830 and 1840 James moved his family to Tippah Co. Mississippi where they settled near the Antioch Church. Anderson Street bought land in 1837 in Tippah seven or eight miles northwest of Ripley. In 1848 Daniel McBride buys land joining Anderson Street, now known as the Albert Thompson old place. There are no deeds where James McBride bought land. He lived near his son Daniel and daughter Kiziah Street.

I have Daniel's bible and his parents death dates are given. James McBride Sr. died 28 November 1850 and his mother Sarah died 2 January 1854. I am sure they are buried at Antioch Cemetery. In 1850 census of Tippah Co. James and Sarah McBride lived next door to Anderson Street. An old letter exhists dated 31 May 1858 where Daniel McBride writes a letter to his brother Sherwood McBride sending a draft for his share of their father's estate." - Gladys Meadows

The following is a partial letter written by James L. McBride of Parish, Louisiana to his brother Daniel McBride in Walker, White, Arkansas in 1894:

"My great grandfather and granmother came from Ireland sometime between 17 hundred and twenty five and fifty before they married and granfather serves at prentiship as a blacksmith trade and then he married and settled in Virginia. They lived there till after the Revolution war and they then moved to Tennessee. I don't know how many children he raised. They raised several sons I never saw but 2 of them that was my granfather James and Uncle Daniel. James was my granfather. His first wife was a Brock. She had 4 children before she died, 3 sons and 1 daughter, John was the oldest, was my father, next Sharword then William next Kisey (Kesiah).

My granfather second wife was a Jackson. She had 4 children 3 boys and 1 girl, Daniel, Jefferson and Solomon and Polly (Mary).

My granfather fout threw the Revolutionary war. Great granfather and granmother lived till they was 93."