Person:James Logan (11)

James Logan
b.est. 1745-1750
d.Bef 16 Feb 1819 Washington County, Virginia
  • HJames LoganEst 1745 to 1750 - Bef 1819
  • WBarbara UnknownBef 1755 - Bef 1818
m. Abt 1771
  1. Mary LoganAbt 1771 - 1831
  2. Robert Logan1772 - 1848
  3. William Shaw Logan1775 - 1843
  4. Barbara LoganEst 1779 -
  5. John LoganAbt 1780 -
  6. James Logan1786 -
  7. Caleb Logan1789 - 1860
  8. Dorcas 'Darcus' LoganAbt 1794 -
Facts and Events
Name James Logan
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1745-1750
Marriage Abt 1771 prob. Virginiato Barbara Unknown
Death? Bef 16 Feb 1819 Washington County, Virginia


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Will of James Logan

Washington Co., Virginia - Will Book 4, pg. 285-287
In the Name of God Amen. I, James Logan of Washington County and State of Virginia, being very sick & weak but in perfect mind & memory & calling to mind the mortality of the body & that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament, that is to say first of all I give and recommend my soul to Almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my executors. And as touching such worldly estate where with it hath pleased Godd to bless me in this life I give & bequeath of the same in the following manner viz First of all my will is that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid by my Executors out of their legacies.
Secondly I give and bequeath unto my two sons John & Caleb Logan my mansion house I live in and all the other houses thereunto belonging with all the household & kitchen furniture except what shall be hereafter named. My Smith Tools & Sawmill shall remain for all my sons benefit as they can best agree concerning them.
I give and bequeath to my son John Logan one negro boy named Dick. I give and bequeath to my son Caleb Logan one negro boy named Charles. I next give to my grandson Samuel Logan one bay mare named Shad with a good new saddle and bridle. Next my books of every kind my desire is that they be divided amongst my children at the discretion of my Executors.
I next give to my sons John and Caleb Logan my old survey of land on which I reside jointly. I next give to them the survey known by the name of the Chestnut Ridge survey all except fifty acres to Robert Logan adjoining Samuel Woodwards survey in form and shape as the executors shall dictate and fifty acres I give to my son Wm. S. Logan off the nearest part adjoining his own land where he lives.
I also give to my two Grandsons James and John Logan, sons of James Logan dec.. my tract of land known by the name of Gibsons survey jointly when they arrive at the age of Twenty one years but I do allow their Mother Elizabeth Logan the whole benefits arising from said land during said time provided she remains a widow for the purpose of raising & schooling her children and if she remains a widow I allow her one third of the benefits of said land during her natural life.
I next give to my two sons John and Caleb Logan jointly all my interest in the tract of land known by the name of Marklands mill place and what remains unpaid towards the price of said land to be discharged out of their own estates except they provide otherwise. I also give to the widow and orphans of James Logan dec.... one fourth part of the profits and loss of said mill for the term of ten years from my decease. I also direct that my executors shall refund to the heirs of James Logan deceased, jointly all the money & property he the said James advanced towards discharging the debt due for said land with the lawful interest thereon at any time from my decease until the heirs arrive at age. I also allow to my daughter Bithia Fullen half a bushel of corn wheat or rye per week as she chooses for five year for to bread herself and children.
The Balance of my negroes I bequeath as follows: one negro girl named Phan I give to my daughter Barbara Logan with a horse & saddle with an equal share of household and kitchen furniture with my two sons John and Caleb Logan. I also give to my said daughter Barbara the use of the room she now lodges in with a cupboard that stands in the same with a support as usual as long as she remains single.
And to my Daughter Darcas McCulloch I have given a negro girl named Lucy with other property which is all I can allow her.
The balance of my negroes that I have not bequeathed namely Will, Dinah, Susanna & Quinlon it is my will that they remain in the family and on the plantation during my life and my brother Wm. Logan to assist in providing our support & their own and at our decease said negroes that are surviving to be retained in the family by way of sale & the valuation equally divided amongst all my heirs except my son James Logan dec. heirs who I allow the specified sum of two hundred dollars out of the valuation of said negroes, my will also is that the negroes I have particularly bequeathed to my four children above named is if any of them should decease without heirs that if the negroes should survive them, they shall be returned to my heirs and the value of them equally divided among all my children.
I also give my desk to my son Caleb Logan. My Plantation tools with some carpenters tools my waggon & gears I give to my Executors to do with them as they think proper. I give to my son Robert Logan one hundred dollars to be paid in twelve years from my decease in trade or cash at the discretion of the Executors. I also give to my son Wm. S. Logan Ten dollars and to James Logan son of Robert Logan ten dollars when he arrives at the age of Twentyone. I likewise give to my Grandson James Talbott ten dollars in five years from my decease to be discharged by my Executors or the survivor of them and lastly my will is that all my live stock of every kind after giving to Wm., John, Caleb, & Barbara Logan two head of cattle as they can agree themselves, and to John & the widow of James Logan deceased, Barbara & Caleb Logan three head of sheep each, the balance of stock of every kind to be sold and equally divided among all my heirs and all the crop of grain on hand to be at the disposal of my executors. I Constitute and appoint John & Caleb Logan my executors to this my last Will and Testament.

(Signed) James X Logan S.S. (His Mark)
As Witness my hand & seal this 27th Dec 1818.
Signed, sealed in presence of
Nickerson Sneed, John Dunn
George M. Crawford
At a Court held for Washington County the 16th day of February 1819.
The last Will and Testament of James Logan Sr..deceased was exhibited in court and proved by the oaths of Nickerson Sneed, George M. Crawford and John Dunn, the witness thereto and ordered to be recorded---And on the motion of John Logan and Caleb Logan the Executors therein named who took the oath of an executor prescribed by law and entered into & acknowledged their bond in the sum of Three Thousand dollars with William S. Logan, James Kelly, John Dunn, William Dunn, Jacob Morell and Thomas McCulloch their securities conditioned as the law directs. A Certificate is therefore granted them for the probat of the said Will in due form.
Jacob Lynch DC

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