Person:James Hamblen (4)

James Hamblen, Jr.
m. 19 Apr 1632
  1. James Hamblen1630 - 1633
  2. Sarah Hamblen1632 - before 1639
  3. Mary Hamblen1634 -
  4. James Hamblen, Jr.1636 - 1718
  5. Hannah Hamblen1638 -
  6. Bartholomew Hamblen1642 - 1704
  7. John Hamblen1644 - 1718
  8. Sarah Hamblen1647 -
  9. Eleazar Hamblen1649/50 -
  10. Israel Hamblen1652 -
  • HJames Hamblen, Jr.1636 - 1718
  • WMary Dunhamabout 1642 - 1715
m. 20 Nov 1662
  1. Mary Hamblen1664 - Abt 1698
  2. Elizabeth Hamblen1665/66 - 1742/43
  3. Eleazar Hamblen1668 - 1698
  4. Experience Hamblen1668 - before 1715/16
  5. James Hamblen1669 - before 1742
  6. Jonathan Hamblen1670/71 - 1743
  7. Child Hamblen1672 - 1672
  8. Deacon Ebenezer Hamblen1674 - 1755
  9. Elisha Hamblen1676/77 - 1677
  10. Hope Hamblen1679/80 - after 1735
  11. Job Hamblen1680/81 -
  12. John Hamblen1682/83 -
  13. Benjamin Hamblen1684/85 - 1737
  14. Elkanah Hamblenabout 1686 -
Facts and Events
Name James Hamblen, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? Apr 1636 Reading, Berkshire, England
Baptism? 10 Apr 1636 Reading, Berkshire, England
Immigration? before 1642 Barnstable, Massachusetts
Marriage 20 Nov 1662 Plymouth, Massachusettsto Mary Dunham
Death[1] 3 May 1718 Tisbury, Massachusetts



"He was a farmer and resided first at his father's Coggin's Pond lot; but in 1702 had removed to Hamblin Plains, West Barnstable; and his son Ebenezer occupied the Coggin's Pond homestead; afterwards sold to Col. John Gorham, who died 1716, and gave this place to his son; which was occupied by three generations of Gorhams; and in 1899 was occupied by Mr. A. T. Jones."

"Mr. Otis says that he probably lived in Barnstable all his life; but a writer on the Hatch family asserts that he settled in Falmouth, Massachusetts, about 1660; which must be an error. He was a proprietor of that town at the time mentioned; but if he ever resided there, it was temporarily, only. The erroneous idea of his settlement in Falmouth probably arose from the following circumstances. A controversy arose in Plymouth colony over the persecution of the Quakers. Gov. Thomas Prence and his party were relentless in their opposition; another party were inclined to more tolerant measures toward these persecuted people; which brought down the vengeance of Gov. Prence upon the leaders of the opposition; in consequence a company of the dissatisfied people left Barnstable in 1660. It is supposed they contemplated settlement at Martha's Vineyard, a favored retreat of the Quakers; and one of their number took a letter of dismission to the church there. The names of this company were Jonathan Hatch, Isaac Robinson, John Chapman, John Jenkins, JAMES HAMLIN, Mr. Thomas, Samuel Fuller, Thomas Lothrop, Anthony Annable, Peter Blossom, William Nelson, James Cobb, Samuel Hinckley and Thomas Ewer. They coasted around Cape Cod and landed at Succonesset, now Falmouth, Massachusetts, where lands were assigned to them as proprietors, Nov. 29, 1661. Hatch and Robinson settled there; but most, if not all the others, returned to Barnstable."

Plymouth records

His name frequently appears in the records of Plymouth Colony. It was ordered in town meeting, Oct. 3, 1663; "That the sons of the present inhabitants shall successively be received inhabitants and allowed equal priveleges in the commons, and such other priveleges as belong to the present inhabitants as a township at the time of their marriages, or at the age of twenty-four, which ever shall happen first. There following persons were thereupon admitted;" among others, JAMES HAMLIN.

May 29, 1670, James Hamblen, Juni. appears in a list of freemen.

Jun 5, 1671, "For the prevention of great abuse by the excessive drinking of liquors in Ordinarys (taverns), It is further ordered by this court yt some two or three men be appointed in every town of this jurisdiction to have the inspection of the ordinary," etc. For the town of Barnstable were appointed James Hamblen, Jun'r. and two others.

Jun 6, 1682, James Hamblin, Junr. Member of the Grand Enquest.

He and his wife were members of the church in Barnstable, 1683.

He was expressly named in his father's will, Jan 23, 1683.

1683, The jury on whom devolved the duty of bounding the County road, and the town highways were: ... among others, James Hamblin, Jr.

At the division of the Great Marshes in Barnstable, Jan 30, 1694, shares were assigned to James Hamlin, senior, (this was James Hamlin Jr., son of the Emigrant, for his father was then dead,) also to Bartholomew, John, Eleazer, (Senior) Israel, James, Jr. and Eleazer Hamlin, Jr.; but in February following, James, Bartholomew, John, and Eleazer Hamlin and others dissented from the division.

"At a Great and General Court or Assembly for Her Majesties Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England, begun and held at Boston upon Wednesday the thirtieth of May 1705. Being convened by her Majesties Writt: ... The names of the Representatives returned to serve for the several towns, that were sworn, being as follows, viz:

Barnstable, MR. JAMES HAMLIN."

It will be observed in his will, 1717, that he then claimed to be a resident of Tisbury, Mass.

  • Andrews, H. Franklin. A Genealogy of JAMES HAMLIN of Barnstable Massachusetts, eldest son of James Hamlin, the immigrant, who came from London, England, and settled in Barnstable, 1639. Exira, Iowa, 1902



  1. His will was written 13 September 1717.

    In the name of God, Amen: This Thirteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventeen, I James Hamlin, Seniour, late of the town of Barnstable, in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England; Being of Perfect Disposing mind and memory; yet considering my age and the mortality of my Body do make & ordain this my last Will and Testament, in the Town of Tisbury, in Dukes County, in the Province aforesd, the place of my present abode and residence.

    Imps. Principly and first of all I give and commend my Imortal Soul into the hands of God through Jesus Christ his Son; who I trust hath redeemed and will save it through the Blood of the everlasting Covenant. And my Body I recommend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian maner, at the Discretion of my executor; And as to the Portion of worldly Estate that I have yet remaining, having already given and settled large Portions of my Estate in Land and Meadows, Housing and Commonage in the Town of Barnstable upon My Sons, James, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Elkanah Hamlin. In manner and form following I make Disposition and — thereof (viz:) my just debts and my funeral charges being first Paid by my Executor hereafter to be named, then I give to my four above names Sons, James, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Elkennah Hamlin, the sum of Two Shillings to each of them.

    1ly. I give and bequeath to my son Job Hamlin the sum of Sixty Pounds.

    2ly. I give to my Daughter Hope Case, wife to William Case of Tisbury, the sum of nine pounds which I would have taken out of and to Consist in what Household Goods I shall have at my decease, Viz: Chiefly Bedding and the furniture belonging to it; And when this is done my will is that my Daughter Scudder, wife of John Scudder of Barnstable, and my Daughter Hope Case shall have & divide the remainder of my Household Goods Equally between them.

    3ly. I give and bequeath to my four Grandchildren, the children of my son Eliazar Hamlin deceased, the sum of five Pounds to each of them.

    4ly. I give to my eight grand children, of my daughter Experience Jenkings, now deceased, the sum of nine pounds (viz) twenty shillings a peace to seven of them. But to Thankful the wife of Isaac Taylor I give the sum of forty shillings.

    5ly. I give to my Daughter in law Ruth, the wife of my Son James Hamlin the sum of twenty Shillings; And to my daughter-in-law Sarah the wife of my son, Ebenezer Hamlin, the sum of twenty Shillings; And to my daughter-in-law Abigail, the wife of Elkennah Hamlin, my son, the sum of twenty shillings; and to my daughter-in-law Ester, the wife of my son, Jonathan Hamlin, the sum of twenty shillings.

    6ly. I give and bequeath to my Grandchildren Shuball; James & Ebenezer, the sons of my daughter Mary Davis, deceased, the sum of forty shillings to each of them.

    8ly. I give and bequeath to my Brother Israel Hamlin of Barnstable, the sum of twenty shillings.

    9ly. I give and bequeath to Lida Barrow and Mercy King of Plymouth, who are my wife's sisters forty shillings, to each of them.

    10ly. I give and bequeath to Jean Kelly, who was formerly my maid at Barnstable, but now resident at Martha's Vineyard, the sum of forty shillings.

    11ly. I give and bequeath unto the Reverend Mr. Jonah Tony, Minister of Tisbury, on Martha's Vineyard, or his Heirs, the Sum of five Pounds.

    12ly. I give and bequeath the Surplusage or remainder of my Estate, whether money or goods remaining. (After all the herein mentioned Legacies and Bequests are will and truly paid,) unto my son Job Hamlin, and my daughter Elizabeth Scudder, both now of the Town and County of Barnstable, to (be) equally Divided between them: saving one Third part of the goods remaining as aforesd, my will is and I give and Bequeath them unto my Daughter Hope Case, wife to William Case of Tisbury, one third part thereof, ye money only excepted.

    13ly. I give and bequeath to the Reverend Mr. Jonathan Russell, Minister of the Town of Barnstable, the full sum of ten pounds, together with full and noble Satisfaction for all his pains and trouble he shall be at about my Estate in Administering there upon.

    Lastly. I do hereby nominate and apoint the said Rev. Mr. Jonathan Russell to be Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament, and I hereby revoke anull and make void all former and other Wills and Testaments by me at any time made by word or in writing, and declare these presents to be and contain my only last Will and Testament.

    In witness here of I have hereunto set to my hand and seal this Thirteenth Day of September in the fourth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King George over Great Brittain, &c.

    Anoqe Dom, 1717.

    Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared By the Testator to be his last will and testament in the presence of us who subscribe our names as witnesses in the testators presence and by his desire.

    PAIN MAYHEW, Junr.