Person:James Dugger (63)

Dr James M Dugger
  • HDr James M Dugger1818 - After 1860
  • WAnn E Wiggins1833 - After 1860
m. 1857
  1. Martha E Dugger1858 - After 1860
Facts and Events
Name Dr James M Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 1818/1819 Virginia, United States
Marriage 1857 Macon, Georgia, United Statesto Ann E Wiggins
Death? After 1860 Taylor, Georgia, United States

Dr. James M. Dugger was born ca 1818/1819 per his age on the 1860 census (41). In 1870 he was 50 (born ca 1819/20) which is pretty close. Both records give his birth place as Virginia.

His parents are unproven but it seems likely that he is a son of James Dugger and Elizabeth Lucas who lived in neighboring Crawford Co., GA. They did have an apparent son his age per the earlier census records. More research is needed to prove or disprove the connection though.

James M. Dugger has not been found on the 1850 census.

In 1857 James M. Dugger married Ann E. Wiggins in Macon Co., GA.

They were on the 1860 census in Taylor Co., GA.

8th Census of the United States - 1860
Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real $ Pers $ Birth Place
Taylor Co, GA - 768 Dist GM
Page 864, H # 258, F # 242 - New Agency PO
Dugger James M 41 M W Physician 2500 4000 VA
Dugger Anna E 26 F W Domestic GA
Dugger Martha E 1 F W GA
Griffeth Newton J 21 M W Clerk 100 GA

They were still in Taylor for the 1870 census.