Person:James Duckett (2)

James Odell Duckett
m. 1766
  1. James Odell Duckett1767 - 1806
  2. Sarah A Duckett1769 - 1827
  3. Martha O Duckett1771 - 1819
  4. Jacob Duckett1773 - 1846
  5. Thomas Duckett, , Junior1775 - 1800
  6. Mary Duckett1777 - 1835
  7. John W Duckett, , Senior1779 - 1855
  8. Baruch Duckett1781 - 1831
  9. Elizabeth Duckett1782 -
  10. Rachel Duckett1784 - 1854
  11. Susanna Duckett1786 -
  12. Joseph Duckett1788 - 1834
Facts and Events
Name James Odell Duckett
Gender Male
Birth? 10 Mar 1767 Frederick County, Maryland
Death? 16 Oct 1806 Laurens County, South Carolina

JAMES O'DELL DUCKETT lived in Maryland. He later moved to South Carolina.

February 18, 1803 Sheriff of Laurens District, Lewis Saxon, to James Duckett, planter of same . . . 141 acres on Duncan Creek, for $160 . . ."whereas Henry Bishop of the same District & state was seized in feesimple & possessed of a tract of land containing 150 acres . . . bound by Andrew McCrery & Joseph Jeans by virtue of a writ from Court of common Pleas held for District of Laurens aforesaid under the hand & seal of Robert Creswell, Esq., Justice of the said State . . . dated 3rd Monday of October 1802, directed to all & singular the Sheriff of said state, commanding them & each of them that of the goods & chattels, houses, lands & other Hereditaments and real estates of the said Henry Bishop & William Lyles they should come to be lived and made as well the sum of $143.73, which James N. McCrery lately in the Court of Common Please covered against him for damage which he sustained as also the sum of $45.64 for his certain charges expended in and about prosecuting said suit. In obedience to which said writ to the said sheriff . . ." /s/ L. Saxon, S. L. district. Wit: Robert Creswell, Robert Word. [Laurens County Deed Book G. Page 549]

November 6, 1806 Appraisers of estate of James Duckett, dec'd., David Reeder, George Whitmore, Henry Davis, James Dillard. Levi Fowler, Adm. [Laurens County Probate Records, Box 21, Package 16]

November 1806 "Nov. Ye 2nd - Published according to law by Coleman Carlisle, Minister of the Gospel." Nov. Ye 9th - Published according to law by Wm. Leak." "Nov. Ye 14th - Published according to law by Richard Bennett." [Laurens County Probate Records, Box 21, Package 16]

November 17, 1806 Petition . . . Estate is somewhat indebted & property mostly perishable . . . Sarah Duckett, Adm., and Levi Fowler, Adm. [Laurens County Probate Records, Box 21, Package 16]

November 17, 1806 Adm. Bond - "Sarah Duckett, Levi Fowler, George Young and David Reeder bonded for $6000. [Laurens County Administration Book CC, Page 67]

December 8, 1806 Names of some of those who bought at Estate sale of James Duckett: 1st day: Sarah Duckett (widow); George Moss; James Howerton; Frindred Bobo; James Dillard; Negro Charles (1 hog); Wm.Alexander; James Williams; Jeremiah Bobo; John Jeanes (1 negro fellonamed Isaac): Benjamin Wilson (1 negro fello named Mingo); Daniel Welch; John Bonds; James Dillard; John G. Caldwell; John Duckett; John Whitton; Henry Davis; John Swinford; James Petty; Jacob Duckett; Thomas McCrary; John McCrary; Baruch Duckett. 2nd Day: Sarh Duckett (widow), bought many things some of which were: 2 linen wheels, furniture, chairs, coffeemill, 1 butter jug, 1 jug honey, 1 jug malheglin [Monongahela?), 1 juglinseed oil, hunting saddle, man's saddle. . . ; John Miller, Wm. Alexander; James Williams, Henry Hugg; Josiah Duckett; David Reeder; Joseph Jeanes. 3rd Day: Sarah Duckett (widow): one negro named Charles, one negro woman named Fillis and child (Phillis), candle molds, crocks,pocket book, bottle of sweet oil, red lead, pots, skillets, tobacco; Edward Jeans: one dress deer skin; Thomas Jeans: 1 deer skin in the hair. . . [Laurens County Administration Book CC, Pages 247 - 251]

December 19, 1806 Appraisal Bill: "A true & perfect inventory of all the goods & chattles, and personal estate of James Duckett, late of Laurens District, farmer, deceased made by us whose names are here unto subscribed the 19th day of December, 1806 . . . Grain forage, $261.57; Stock, horned & neat, $797; Plantation utencils, $237; Household furniture, $306; Five negroes, $2350." /s/ Henry Davis, David Reeder, James Dillard. [Laurens County Administration Book CC, Page 247]

November 14, 1808 Return: Rec'd of: Henry Wesson $1.00; Abraham Holland $1.00; Wm. Liles $6.00; Enoch Garrett $1.00; Alex. Glen $200.00; Eliz. Wesson $10.00; John Duckett $7.00 (etc.) Money paid to: Thos.Gideion $350.00; Josiah Duckett $6.93; John McCoy $4.75; Wm. Liles $1.43;Wm. Dillard $10.06 /s/ Levi Fowler.

1809 - 1817 Returns made for 1809, 1810, 1811, 1812, 1815, by Levi Fowler and Sarah Duckett. Nothing of value. Return made in 1817, but no legatees mentioned.

January 3, 1820 Bond: Martha Duckett, minor. John Duckett, Guardian. Signed by: John Duckett, Nathan Fowler & Richard Fowler. [Laurens County, Box 85, Package 6]

February 5, 1820 The Receipts of the Legates of James Duckett, dec. .. Administration granted to Sarah Duckett, widow of the said deceased (James Duckett) and Levi Fowler of the District aforesaid . . . Now knowye that we George Young, Jr. (Now intermarried with Mary Duckett firstchild of said deceased) and John Duckett, second child of said deceased and Thomas Duckett, third child of the said deceased, and Samuel Dillard(now intermarried with Lydia Duckett, the fourth child of said deceased) and John Roberson (now intermarried with Ailcey Duckett, fifth child of the said deceased . . . Do hereby confess and acknowledge that we have had and received, of and from the said Sarah Duckett and Levi Fowler,Adms. . . . six hundred dollars each . . . administrators discharged from duties . . . /s/ George Young, Jr., John Duckett, Thomas Duckett, Samuel Dillard, John Roberson. Wit: Thomas Ranes, Thomas Dayhill. [Laurens County Record Administration Book CC, Page 59]

February 1, 1821 Sarah Duckett vs. Patsey Duckett - an acc't. Patsey [Martha] Duckett to Sarah Duckett, Adm . . . 3 yrs. schooling at $10. Ea.= $30.; to 11 yrs. Board & clothing at $22.27 = 4244.97; total $274.97 .. . a true account . . . against Patsey Duckett, one of the heirs ofJames Duckett, dec. /s/ Sarah x Duckett, her mark.

January 13, 1832 Sarah Duckett made her will, which was proved December 3, 1832 . . . to my son John Duckett, one negro woman namedClark abt. 18 yrs. Old; the rest of my estate, both real and personal to be equally divided between my six children, viz: John Duckett, George Young, Jr., Thomas Duckett, Lidday Dillard, Alcey Robertson, Martha Duckett. Son, John Duckett and George Young, Jr., to be Execs. /s/ Sarah Duckett, her mark. Wit: John Whitmore, Joseph Garrett, George Dillard. [Laurens County Probate Records, Box 19, Package 11]

November 1832 Citation: "I do certify that I read the within citation in public audience, 21st day of Nov., 1832 - J. Story"; "I do certify thatI read the within citation in public audience, 24thday of Nov., 1832 -Luke Wesson"; "I do certify that I read the within citation in public audience, 25th day of Nov., 1832 - E. Lindsey"

December 19, 1832 Petition for Sale. Warrant of Application for Sale. Appraisers: John Boyce, Benjamin Hill and Joseph Garrett, Ambers[Ambrose] Ray. Apprasal Bill: Household & kitchen, plantation tools, stock, negroes, cash on hand, land - Total: $5287.40.

December 20, 1832 Sale Bill: Household & kitchen furniture, $153.75; Plantation tools, $77.16; Stock, $432.74; Negroes, $4469; Land, $220.00. Total: $5322.86.

January 6, 1834 Sundary Debts: Samuel Dillard, $293.46; George Young, Jr., $227.22; George Young, Jr. $512,62; Thomas Duckett, $623.84; Samuel Dillard, $623.84.

June 1, 1835 Return: Alsey Robertson (cash pd. Her atty., J[acob] D[uckett] Casey), $623.87; same, $324.77; John Duckett, $456.68; Richard Duckett, $715.; John Duckett (cash pd. His atty., Richard Duckett), $220.50.

November 8, 1837 Return: Paid Thomas Duckett, $41.37; Aisey Roberson,$43.05; Samuel Dillard, $45.04. George Young, Exec.

James is buried in the Old Duckett Cemetery, Newberry County, South Carolina.