Person:James Cummings (12)

m. 30 Sep 1802
  1. Gen. Arthur Campbell Cummings1822 - 1905
Facts and Events
Name James Cummings
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 9 NOV 1773 Washington, Virginia, United States
Marriage 30 Sep 1802 Washington, Virginiato Mary Campbell
Death? 1 AUG 1840 Washington, Virginia, United States
Burial? Sinking Springs Cemetery, Abingdon, Washington, Virginia, USA


The following record might be (but probably isn't) connected with James (12); James (12)'s father died about 1812, and this implies a death of about 1823.

The Digital Library on American Slavery
Petition 20782509 Details
State: Kentucky
Location: HarrisonCounty
Filing Date: 1825-November-5
Ending Date: 1829-November-2

In 1823, the Harrison County Court ordered James Cummings to pay Agness Northcutt $300 for the support of "a certain female bastard" after determining that said Cummings was the father. The $300 was to be paid in several installments and is now $110 in arrears. At the time of the judgment, Cummings took a debtor's oath; since then his father has died intestate, leaving valuable land, slaves, and personal property. Shortly thereafter, Cummings transferred title to his share of the estate to his brother Thomas "to defraud your Oratrix Agness and to evade the payment of said demand and for no other purpose." The petitioners ask that James and Thomas Cummings answer their allegations in detail, that the court "decree a sale of so much of said land as will pay the amount of said money now due your Oratrix" and that Thomas Cummings be restrained from transferring title to the land until the final decree of the court.
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  2. Gloucester, Virginia is also commony cited as his POB. However, James father, the Rev. Person:Charles Cummings (7), is known to have accepted the "Ebbing Springs Call" in 1772, and would almost have certainly been living in southwest Virginia by November of 1773.