Person:James Couch (5)

James D. Couch
b.31 Jul 1819 Ulster County, Ny
Facts and Events
Name James D. Couch
Gender Male
Birth? 31 Jul 1819 Ulster County, Ny
Marriage to Susan A. Hults
Marriage to Sarah A. Hults
Death? 1898 Hammersley Fork, Clinton, Pa

From "Genealogy an Personal History of Northern Pennsylvania" by John W. Jordan, Lewis Historical Publishing Co., NYC, 1913, reprint by Heritage Books James Couch, the first member of this family of whom we have definite information, was born in New York state in 1823, and died at HammersIey Fork, Pennsylvania, in 1898. He learned the trade of milling in New York State, and then removed first to Milan, Pennsylvania, and later, a short time before his death, to Hammersley Fork. He was a Republican in politics and a Methodist in religion and very active in church work. He married Susan A. Hults, who was born in New York State in 1825, and is now living in Milan, Pennsylvania, Children: 1. Annie, married Servillon Kitchen, of Milan; child, Elizabeth, married Herbert Sampson, a railroad carpenter. 2. Henrietta, married John Vanatta, a civil war veteran and pensioner, of Claremont, Virginia; children: Burt and others. 3. Harriet, married Jules Sexton, of Bradford County, Pennsylvania; child, Belle. 4. John Corwin. 5. Antoinette, died in Binghamton, New York; married Orville Newell. 6. James, married Myra Walters, of Hammersley Fork; children:

Laura, married Richard Powers; Nettie, married Edward Ressler; Lottie; Jennie; Carman. 7. Phebe, died in Athens, Pennsylvania, married Edward Hoyt, child, Louis. 8. Charles, living at Punxsutawny, Pennsylvania, married Margaret _____. 9. William, living at Punxsutawny, Pennsylvania, married Sarah, sister to his brother Charles' wife. 10. Kate, died in Waverly, New York, in 1900, married George Babcock.

See 1850 Montgomery, Orange County, Ny, Federal Census, Dwelling 506, Family 564, for Silas C. Couch

From 1860 Barton, Tioga County, Ny Federal Census .... Dwelling 166, Family 162 ... Couch, James, age 41, born NY Susan, age 34, born NY Henrietta, age 14, born NY Hannah, age 12, born NY Hester, age 10, born NY John, age 8, born NY Antinette, age 7, born NY Phebe, age 5, born NY James S, age 2, born NY

From 1865 Barton, Tioga County, Ny, State Census .... Dwelling 69, Family 79 Couch, James, age 45, born Ulster Co. Susan A., age 39, born Orange Co. Hester, age 17, born Orange Co. Hannah L., age 15, born Orange Co. John C., age 13, born Orange Co. Antoinetta, age 11, born Orange Co. Phobe A., age 9, born Orange Co. James S., age 7, born Tioga Co. Charles L., age 2, born Tioga Co.

From Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, PA, 1870 Census ..... Dwelling 130, Family 130 ...... Hults, Samuel, age 69, m, farmer, 1500, 300, born NY Eliza, age 60, f, keeping house, born PA

Dwelling 131, Family 131 ...... Couch, James, age 51, m, miller, 500, 150, born NY Suson (sic), age 45, f, keeping house, born NY John age 18, m, born NY Phebe, age 15, f, born NY Charles, age 8, m, born NY Marshall W., age 5, m, born NY Suson (sic), age 2, f, born PA

From Ulster Township, Bradford County, PA 1880 Census ... Dwelling 67, Family 67 ........ Couch, James, age 60, M, hus, laborer, born NY, father born CT Susan, age 54, F, wife, housekeeper, born NY, father born, NY, mother born NY Marshel, age 14, M, son, born NY, father born NY, mother born NY Katie, age 12, F, dau, born PA, father born NY, mother born NY

Dwelling 167, Family 170 Hults Eliza, 70 F boarder (at K. Abajina French house), widow, born PA, father born PA, mother born PA