Person:Jacob Niswanger (4)

John Jacob Niswanger
m. 1720
  1. John Jacob Niswanger1720 - 1754
  2. John NiswangerAbt 1725 - 1788
  3. Mary NuschwangerAbt 1727 -
  4. Christian NuschwangerAbt 1731 -
  5. Magdalena NuschwangerBet 1732 & 1738 -
m. 5 Jun 1738
  1. Col. John Niswanger1743 - 1821
Facts and Events
Name John Jacob Niswanger
Unknown John Jacob Niswonger
Alt Name John Jacob Neuschwanger
Alt Name Johan Jacob Niswanger
Alt Name John Jacob Nuschwanger
Gender Male
Birth? 1720 Bern, Switzerland
Alt Birth? 1720 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 5 Jun 1738 Opequon, Virginiato Maria Gertrude Brumbach
Death? 7 May 1754 Frederick County, Virginia

Acquisition of Land in Orange County, VA

  • Pages 80-83. 22-22 Feb. 1739 [1739]. Just Hite, Gent., of Orange County to Jacob Niswanger of same. Lease and release; for £16 current money. 435 acres, being part of a tract granted to Just Hite 12 June 1734 containing 3,395 acres on the west side of Sharrando River... cross the north branch of Crooked Run to a walnut which divides this and Peter Stephen's land... at the head of the valley by Jacob Christman's place... (signed) Just Hite. Wit: Lewis Stephens, John Funk. 22 Feb. 1739 [1739]. Acknowledged by Just Hite, Gent. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 7].

Records of Jacob Niswanger in Orange County, VA

  • Petitions & c, 1736 - Petition of inhabitants on the West side of Sherendo River. They are given to understand that several persons have obtained or are about to obtain an order for a waggon or cart road from the forks of the said river over the Blue Mountains, which they conceive impossible to be made without so much expense and trouble that the advantages thereof will not countervaile the same, the said mountaine being so irigullar steep, hilly and rocky at that place as upon examination thereof will appear. They pray this Court to suspend any such order. (signed) Robert Buckles, George Hollingsworth, James Wright, Josiah Ballenger, Thomas Babb, William Hoge, Robert Willson, [James?] Parkins, Robert Smith, Thomas Stevenson, Noah Hampton, Peter Falkner, Abrm. Hollingsw[orth], John Smith, Wm. McMachen, John Calvert, George Hoge, Thomas Willson, Abraham Wiseman, Danl. Frowman, Jost Heit [in German?], [Alvig Bucher ?], Melisarh Brunbaug [?], [Wm. Sutzmubeler?], John Bullak, Nathaniel Thoms, [_____? in German], Robeart North [?], [_____?] Stephens, Jacob Nightswinger. [Orange County Virginia Judgements - 1736, Dorman, pg. 100].
  • Order, [ ] May 1739, that all of the surveyors of the roads in this county forthwith erect or cause to be erected in the most convenient place where two or more cross roads of highways meet where such ways joyn, a stone post with inscriptions thereon in large letters directing to the most noted place to which each of the said joyning roads leads, they having liberty to take any trees to wood not being timber from any of the lands next adjacent to such roads for making and setting up such posts and that expenses shall be reimbursed and paid unto them at the laying of the next levy. List of names [purpose not stated]: Thomas Little, John Denton Senr., John Denton Junr., Jonathan Denton, George Boman, Henry Johnson, George Dilizer, Andreaw Falkenburough, Henry Falkenburough, John Stikly, Robirt Warth, George Harrison, George Teter, Charles McDowel, Hugh Devens, Jacob Crisman, John Niswanger, Jacob Niswanger, Peter Stephen, Lewis Stephen, Peter Mock, Jost Hite, John Hite, Jacob Hite, Nicolas Kiser, John Peler, Wolery Poker, Stephen Hottwot [?], Abraham Wiseman, John Buler, Nathaniel Thomas, John Snap, Lawrence Snap, Phillip Clays, John Diar, Thom. Branson, Thom. Branson Junr., John Branson, John Read, Benjamin Burthen (prob. Benjamin Borden), Jams Vance, Willm. Renfrow, Robirt Maccoy, Christian Plank. [Orange County Virginia Judgements - 1736, Dorman, pg. 115].

Information on John Jacob Nuschwanger

John Jacob Neuschwanger (Niswanger) Born: 1720, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Marriage: Maria Gertrude (Gertrud) Brumbach 5 Jun 1738 Died: 7 May 1754, Frederick County, Virginia, at age 34 John married Maria Gertrude (Gertrud) Brumbach, daughter of Melchior (Melcherd) Brumbach and Mary Elizabeth Fischbach, on 5 Jun 1738. (Maria Gertrude (Gertrud) Brumbach was born in 1720 in Germantown, Northampton County, Virginia and died in 1807 in Shenandoah County, Virginia.)