Person:Jacob Martin (26)

Jacob Martin
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Martin
Gender Male
Marriage to Maria Surbey (add)
Death? 13 Sep 1850 North Canton, Stark, Ohio, United States
Burial? North Canton Cemetery, North Canton, Stark, Ohio, United States

Find-A-Grave, Jacob Martin [1]

Biographical Sketch

From: The North Canton Heritage, Vol I 1805-1940
by Ruth Harpold Basner
Publ: The Heritage Society of North Canton, 1972
Pa. 234

Jacob Martin

This was undoubtedly the most eccentric and comical man in the county at this time. At times he would assume to be very sedate and dignified, and in the twinkling of an eye change to such a comic expression as to provoke the bystanders into a fit of laughter.
He was much addicted to the use of strong drink and when under its influence, would do the most comical and at the same time provoking tricks, as for instance one day working in the fields for his mother, she according to the custom of the day, gave him an old fashioned whiskey bottle about half full, to take to the field. This did not last until dinner. When he went in at noon he put about as much water into the bottle as he should have had whiskey left. He told his mother that he was ashamed to have people see him drink from such a big bottle, and she should give him the small bottle in the cupboard. She did as Jacob requested. A few days after, the lady wanted to use some whiskey when she discovered how Jacob had duped her.
At one time one of the neighbors had a fresh fox hide. He proposed to Jacob to drag the hide along the ground and when he would be out of sight, he would put his hounds on the trail to see if they would follow. Jacob took the hide and started off like a deer. When he heard the howl of the hounds following him, he put in his best efforts to keep out of their reach. In his excitement, he never thought of dropping the hide. The hounds still came closer and at last Jacob sought refuge on the fence, where the neighbors found him and took the hounds away, at the same time having a good laugh at Jacob's expense. Even to this day whenever someone does some comical thing, the saying is "That is one of Jakey Martin's Tricks."
He will be long remembered for his foolishness.
He was the father of Daniel, George, and John Martin, whose sketch will be found elsewhere.
His remains rest in Zion Cemetery [aka North Canton Cemetery].

  1.   The 3 sons mentioned in Biographical Sketch are also buried in Zion (North Canton) Cemetery:

    John Martin: b ? d 28 Nov 1882
    George Martin: b ? d 17 Feb 1865
    Daniel Martin: b ? d ? Civil War, Co. K of the 76th Ohio Infantry