Person:Jacob Kurtz (14)

  1. Jacob Kurtz, Sr.1770 - 1846
  • HJacob Kurtz, Sr.1770 - 1846
  • WSarah Seiver1772 - 1849
  1. Jacob Kurtz, Jr.1800 - 1883
  2. Adam Kurtz1801 - 1847
  3. John Kurtz1805 - 1838
  4. Stephen Kurtz1810 - 1880
  5. Henry Kurtz1817 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Kurtz, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? 13 Apr 1770 Reistville, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage to Sarah Seiver
Residence? 1813 Berks, Pennsylvania, United StatesNorth Kill Settlement
Death? 1 Apr 1846 North Lawrence, Stark, Ohio, United States
Burial[1] Kurtz Cemetery, North Lawrence, Stark, Ohio, United States

Jacob Kurtz is the third of eight persons to be buried in the Kurtz Cemetery, the cemetery that he carved out of the southeast corner of his 160 acre farm. The cemetery is three rods (49.5 feet) by three rods.

Jacob is the son of Stephan Kurtz, an Amish immigrant from Switzerland. Stephan was one of the founders of the first Amish settlement in the United States, The Northkill Settlement in Berks County, Pennsylvania. It appears Jacob and Sarah had a religious rebirth. Around 1813, Jacob and his wife packed up their six children and walked about 500 miles to North Lawrence, a few miles west of Massillon, Ohio. Once there they alligned themselves with either the Mennonites or the United Bretheren. Their seventh child Henry was not born until 1817, well after their settlement in North Lawrence.

  1. Kurtz Cemetery, in Find A Grave.
  2.   son of Stephan Kurtz, native of Switzerland