Person:Jacob Howerter (1)

Jacob Howerter
d.after 1840 Poss. Texas
m. 2 Jul 1764
  1. Anna Maria Hochwaerter1766 -
  2. Christopher Hovatter1767 - 1859
  3. Anna Howerter1768 -
  4. Maria Magdalena Howerter1770 -
  5. Anna Margareth Hochwaerter1774 - 1809
  6. Michael Hochwaerter1775 - 1793
  7. Jacob Howerter1777 - Aft 1840
m. abt 1800
Facts and Events
Name Jacob Howerter
Immigrant Name Hochwaerter
Gender Male
Birth? 17 Sept 1777 Frederick County, Maryland, USA
Marriage abt 1800 to Elizabeth Sharpe
Death? after 1840 Poss. Texas

Family tree [2]

  1.   Jacob HOVARTER was born on 17 Sep 1777 in Frederick Co., Maryland. He was baptized on 30 Nov 1777 in Frederick Co., Maryland. Evangelical Lutheran Church. With Jacob Hauser and wife Margreth as sponsors. He owned in the Liberty Hill Community between Fourth Creek and the South Yadkin River before 1808 in Iredell Co., North Carolina.(21) The land that had been granted to a Charles Mc Donald. The property was sold to James Moore, who then bequeathed it to his son, William. William sold the property to Jacob on January 26, 1807 but in 1808 it was sold by Shriff to a Jesse Fortune. He appeared in the census in 1810 in Iredell Co., North Carolina.(22) He was shown with 2 males children ages 0-10; 2 males 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 1 female 0-10; 1 female 10-16; and 1 female 26-45.
    He owned John Sharpe in 1812 in Iredell Co., North Carolina. the father-in-law of Jacob, died 17 May 1812. He wrote his will 28 Feb 1810 and it was probated 17 Aug 1812 in Iredell Co., NC. In his will he left Jacob one Negro named Lucinda. On 24 Sep 1812 the executors of the estate of John Sharpe valued his Negro slaves. A female slave named Amey was valued at $225 and was given to Jacob. Four other slaves were divided amoung others named in the will.
    Also from the inventory of the estate of John Sharpe, Jacob purchased 1 keg for $3.00, 1 black steer, 1 muled steer, and 1 sorrell colt.
    Then on 29 Jun 1818, the widow of John Sharpe, Lilly (McCoy) Sharpe, wrote her will and it was probated in May 1820. It seems evident that by the time she wrote the will, Jacob had left, or was planning to leave, North Carolina. At least he seems to have "fallen out of favor" with his mother-in-law. She left several items of wearing apparel and her household and kitchen furniture to her daughters, Esther and Besty (Elizabeth). She left to her grand-daughters, Sophia Hovarter, a bedstead and cord (Sic), a chest of drawers, a falling leaf table and a skillet. She further states in her will that this is to be Sophia's property and is "not to be in the power of Jacob for a moment nor any person for him". She also left to her daughter Betsy, her looking glass while Sophia lived with her, then states that it is to go Sophia. She also left her Negro, Agg, to her daughter Betsy. He appeared in the census in 1820. Jacob not was found on any census as the head of the household in 1820 that I have been able to locate at this time. (1996) He appeared in the census in 1830 in Blount Co., Alabama. Before 1828, Jacob, three of his sons and his younger daughter Sophia, left North Carolina and went to Athens, Georgia. Sophia married Reece Burk on 17 Feb 1829 in Athens, Georgia and eventually, around 1838, they moved to Franklin Co., Alabama. In the 1830 census, Jacob and his three sons were found in Blount Co. Alabama where he enumerated with 1 male 15-20; 2 male 20-30; and 1 male 40-50. He appeared in the census in 1840 in Republic of Texas. Jacob and two sons was in Texas, Artemus, and Ruel. He died after 1840. It is possible he die in Texas.

    He was married to Elizabeth SHARPE (HOVARTER) (daughter of John SHARPE and Lilly MCCOY) about 1800. Elizabeth SHARPE (HOVARTER) was born on 14 Nov 1771 in Iredell Co., North Carolina. She died after 1820 in Iredell Co., North Carolina. [1]