Person:Isabella Baskin (3)

Isabella Baskin
b.15 Oct 1760 Virginia
m. 1759
  1. Isabella Baskin1760 - 1851
  2. Mary 'Polly' BaskinAbt 1764 -
  • HJoseph Reid1756 - 1828
  • WIsabella Baskin1760 - 1851
m. 28 Feb 1782
Facts and Events
Name Isabella Baskin
Gender Female
Birth? 15 Oct 1760 Virginia
Marriage 28 Feb 1782 South Carolinato Joseph Reid
Death? 1851

Widow's Pension Application

In order to obtain the benefits of the third section of the act of Congress of the 4th July 1836

State of South Carolina } District of Pickens }

On this ninth day of January 1844 personally appeared before James H. Dendy, Esq. Judge of the Court of Ordinary (at her own residence, being unable to attend court) for the District and State above named, Mrs. Isabella Reid, a resident of the District and State aforesaid, aged 83 years the 15th of October last, who, being first duly sworn, according to law, doth on her oath, make the following Declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th 1836.

That her maiden name was Isabella Baskin, that during the Revolutionary War she resided with her mother who was a widow, on Rocky River in Abbeville District, S. C. and during the war, married to Joseph Reid, who resided about 20 miles distant from her at Reid Mill's on Long Cane Creek in the same District and who was a Private and Lieutenant in the War of the Revolution, that during the year 1782, the same year of their marriage her husband, the said Joseph Reid was out in the service of his country, that she cannot recollect the names of any of the officers under whom he served except Capt. John Bowie and Col. Robert Anderson, she does not now know whether he was a volunteer, or whether he was drafted or enlisted, that after marriage they still resided at her husbands place on Long Cane and remained there until fifty-two years ago the second day of July last, when they removed to the place where she now resides, on Keowee River in Pickens (then Pendleton) District. She's unable to state at this late day much of the service of her late husband or the country through which he marched, or the length of time he was in service, he was in the service both before and after marriage, and she thinks was a Lieutenant most of the time, that he was also called Captain about the close of the War, but she paid so little attention to such things and thought so little of promotion of that kind that she does not know how he obtained it.

She understood her husband to have marched through parts of North and South Carolina and Georgia, and that he was at the Battle of Ninety-Six; recollects well to have heard him speaking of being in company when a Tory by the name of John Sloan was killed & that the army or company in which he was, were on their march into Georgia at the time.

She suffered much individually during the war, both before and after marriage by the depradations of the Tories, recollects well their taking her ____ Stock of Horses which were in the range, and all other depradations which were usual in those days. She was once at her Uncle Wm Baskin's and in company with two other female friends striped by the Tories of all their clothing except their under garments. She declares also, that she has not in her possession any documentary evidence in support of her claims; but understands, that a copy of her late husband's indent has been obtained from the Comptrollers Office, Columbia, S.C.

She further declared that she was married to the said Joseph Reid on the twenty-eighth day of February in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty-two, that her husband, the aforesaid Joseph Reid, died on the tenth day of October, 1828 and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof here to annexed.

/s/ Isabella Reid

Sworn to, and subscribed, on the day and year above written, before me. James H. Dendy Judge of the Court of Ordinary for Pickens District common seal having No Seal of Office

I do herby certify that Mrs. Isabella Reid, upon whom I have this day waited at her residence, is old and infirm and believed to be unable to turn out to attend Court; that she bears the reputation of being truthful and respectable; and is well known in this community as the widow of Joseph Reid, dec'd, who was reputed to have been a Soldier of the Revolution, all of which I fully believe.

Given under my hand and common Seal, having no seal of Office, this ninth day of January, Anno Domini 1844. James H. Dendy Ordinary as aforesaid for Pickens district, common seal having no seal of office.

South Carolina } Before me personally appeared Alexander Ramsey, Esq. a man of Pickens District} respectability and truthfulness, and made oath in due form of law that he is well acquainted with Mrs. Isabella Reid whose Declaration is annexed and that he was also well acquainted with her late husband, Joseph Reid Esq. who was reputed, and believed to have been a soldier in the War of the Revolution, and knows her to be the widow of the said Joseph Reid, and that she has not been remarried since his death; he further states that he has been intimate in the family of Mrs. Reid, and often seen the family Bible kept in it, and that the family record therein kept is the handwriting of the said Joseph Reid, or at least so much of it as relates to his own marriage, as he believes; being, or having been in his life time, well acquainted with his (the said Joseph Reid's) hand writing, which said record is in a large old Bible at the end of the new testament and in the following wording, "Joseph & Isabella Reid Married Feby 28th 1782" with record of Births below on the same page of, Margaret Reid, Thomas Baskin Reid, Joseph Reid Jr. etc. /s/ Alexander Ramsay Sworn to 9th Jany 1844 before

Miles M. Norton, Notary Public & Ex. Off. M. P. D.

I, William L. Keith, Clerk of the Court of Pickens District, S.C. do certify that James H. Dendy is Judge of the Court of Ordinary for the District, and that the foregoing signatures purporting to be his is genuine, and further that he has no seal of office. Also, that Miles M. Norton is a magistrate as above & that the above signature purporting to be his is genuine, and that Alexander Ramsay Esq. is a highly respectable and truthful citizen.

Given under my hand and seal of office, this ninth day of January 1844. W. L. Keith Clerk of the Court of Pickens District, So. Ca.

State of South Carolina } District of Pickens }

Before me personally appeared George W. Liddell who is a highly respectable and truthful citizen of the District and State aforesaid, and made Oath in due form of law, that he was in his youth well acquainted with Joseph Reid, Esq. deceased, formerly of this District, and that he knew him from that time until his death, that he also knew his wife Isabella Reid who now lives near him, and as he understands is making application for a Pension.

This deponent recollects that he was near the age of Thomas B. Reid the son of the said Joseph and Isabella Reid, and he was himself born the 6th November 1787, and that their Daughter Margaret was, he thinks, about five years older than himself, as she was a grown young lady when he was a small Boy.

This deponent has been shown a Family record of the Family of the said Joseph Reid in the first vol. of Witterspoon's Works on a blank leaf at the first in the following words, viz.

Joseph Reid Senr born the 5th day of June 1756.
Isabella Reid born the 15 Oct. 1760.
Margaret Reid born the 26th Dec. 1782.
Thos. B. Reid born the 12th January 1787.
Joseph born the 15th March 1789.
Mary Reid born 16th May 1791.
Elizabeth Reid born 13th Nov. 1793.
Isabella Reid born 22th May 1796.
Rose Reid born 3rd May 1799.
Samuel Reid born 25th Feb. 1802.

That he was well acquainted with the hand writing of the said Joseph Reid in his life time, and believes the record above alluded to, to be in his hand writing, and has no doubt but it is the true record of his family; and has no doubt but that the said Joseph and Isabella Reid were married at the time stated by the old Lady, as both herself and husband always bore the character of truthful and highly respectable citizens, and the old Gentleman was generally very particular every correction in such matters, and the legality of their marriage has never to his knowledge been doubted. /s/ Geo. W. Liddell Sworn to 18th July 1845 before Miles M. Norton Notary Public & Ex. Off. M. P. D.

I, William L. Keith Clerk of the Court of Pickens District S. C. certify that Miles M. Norton is a magistrate as above and that the foregoing signature purporting to be his is genuine, and also that the affiant Geo. W. Liddell is a highly respectable and intelligent citizen of this District.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name, and Affixed my seal of Office, this fourth day of August Anno Domini 1845 W. L. Keith Clerk of the Court Pickens District So Ca