Person:Isaac Worden (4)

m. 26 Aug 1665
  1. Peter Worden1668 - 1732
  2. Samuel Worden1670 - 1727
  3. Isaac Worden1673 - BEF 1718
  4. Thomas WordenABT 1676 - 1759
  5. Mary Worden1677 - BEF 1728
  6. Hopestill WordenABT 1678 - AFT 1716/7
  7. Dr. Nathaniel Worden1679 - BEF 1738
  8. Rose WordenABT 1679 - AFT 1716/7
  9. William Worden1698 - 1790
  • HIsaac Worden1673 - BEF 1718
  • WRebeccaABT 1673 -
m. 1702
  1. Amos Worden1695 -
  2. Mary WordenABT 1695 -
  3. Hopestill WordenABT 1696 -
  4. William Worden1698 - 1790
  5. Isaac Worden1700 -
  6. Thomas WordenAFT 1700 -
  7. Sarah Worden1704 -
  8. Rebecca WordenABT 1708 - 1770
  9. Samuel Worden1708 - AFT 1780
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Worden
Gender Male
Birth? 1673 Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts, United StatesSecondary date: 1 JUL 1673
Alt Marriage ABT 1695 Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island, United Statesto Rebecca
Marriage 1702 Kings Town, Rhode Islandto Rebecca
Death? BEF 11 Aug 1718 Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut

Received part of his father's farm on Jun 27 1702. Marriagecould range from 1685-1688.

On 18 September 1716, the Court appointed Isaac Worden, of Stonington, administrator of his father's estate after his stepmother, Frances, refused the responsibility--having been married to (Dr.) Samuel for less than one year. Isaac died intestate two years after his father, before fulfilling his duties as administrator. Isaac's widow Rebekah then fulfilled his responsibilities. Isaac's estate, since he did not leave a will, was not settled until after Rebekah's death (about 1735). Between 1735 and 1741, each of Isaac's children signed a quitclaim deed to their brother William, probably to settle the estate.

. Isaac died intestate (in 1718), as did Samuel II. His family is not as neatly accounted for by quitclaim deeds as was that of Samuel II. Some pertinent quitclaim deeds were found by ONW, and more by MWS, but there is not assurance that the record is complete. Apparently it was not until after their mother Rebecca also had died that Isaac’s children undertook to settle his estate. The rest who are known quitclaimed to their brother William, at various times and for various prices, and there is no evidence of Rebecca in these deeds. Three deeds were created in 1735. ONW saw one of these, signed by Isaac II, and it has not been seen in modern times by Worden researchers (exemplifying the difficulty of building up a man’s family now by such records). Two deeds were signed 28 Aug 1735, were not seen by ONW, and were discovered by MWS in Stonington land evidences, book 4. Caleb Weeden of Newport in Rhode Island, cordwainer, and Hopestill his wife, daughter of Isaac Worden late of Stonington, yeoman, quitclaimed to William Worden, witnessed by Job Lawton and Jonathan Weeden. Others of the quitclaim deeds were signed on 10 April 1738 by Amos Worden of Newport, cordwainer, on 11 Apr 1738 by Joseph Pendleton II and Sarah (Worden) Pendleton, his wife, of Westerly RI, and on 16 Jan 1740/1 by Samuel Worden of Rye NY.

Isaac has been estimated to have been born circa 1673, and his son William circa 1698. According to correspondence in the files of the Rhode Island State Archives, Isaac’s daughter Sarah was born 3 Mar 1702. It is reasonable to suggest that Isaac’s daughters Mary and Hopestill, their husbands James and Caleb, and Isaac’s sons Amos, Isaac, and Samuel, were each born somewhere around 1700. William has been believed to be the oldest of Isaac’s children, but there is no documentation to support this. Any of the children (except Sarah with her particular date) may have been born as early as 1695 or as late as 1715. Altho seven children accounted for by quitclaim deeds is a goodly number, there surely is room for some unknown addition.