Person:Isaac Taylor (20)

Isaac Taylor
m. 1730
  1. John Taylor1731 - bef 1772
  2. Andrew Taylor1731 - ABT 1787
  3. Lettice Taylor1733 - AFT 1800
  4. Isaac Taylor1734 - 1801
  5. Catherine TaylorEst 1735-1745 - Aft 1771
  6. William Taylor1736 - Bef 1768
  7. George Taylor1738 - 1801
  8. Elizabeth TaylorBef 1742 - 1760
m. abt. 1752
  1. Isaac Taylor, III1753 - 1815
  2. Thomas Taylor, Sr.1757 - 1817
  3. William Taylor1759 - 1807
  4. Joseph Taylor1761 - 1809
  5. Mary Taylor1763 - 1766
  6. William Taylor1764 -
  7. Jane P. Taylor1765 -
  8. Mary Taylor1766 -
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Taylor
Gender Male
Birth? 1734 County Armagh, Ireland
Marriage abt. 1752 Poss. Augusta County, Virginiato Emeline Unknown
Death? APR 1801 Montgomery County, Virginia

[hoffman102299.FTW] children still need to be verified that all are from one wife.

Will of Isaac Taylor

Will of ISAAC TAYLOR, JR Montgomery Co. VA Will Book 1, p 103

In the Name of God Amen I Isaac Taylor Senior of Montgomery County being arived to a period of old age and in a low state of health but of perfect mind and memory and knowing that it is apointed for all ment once to die I recommend my soul to the Great Creator of heaven and earth and my body to be desently buried at the discretion of my Executors which I appoint (that is today) my son Isaac Taylor and my son William Taylor, and my worldly estate I will and bequeath as followeth viz To my son Thomas Taylor fifteen shillings to my two sons Isaac and William Taylor the land I possess on Ronoak to be equally divided between them agreeable to quantity and quality as they can agree or left to disinterested persons to settle but let it be observed Isaac Taylor my son is to pay his brother Joseph Taylor the sum of fifty pounds my son William Taylor to pay his brother Joseph Taylor the sum of fifty pounds current money of Virginia in the course of two years after my decease, let it be observed my cousin Isaac Taylor and his wife Rebecah his wife is to have the use of a small piece of land below my house on ron oak during their natural lives, the money that is in M David Wades hands which is the sum of Eighty pounds in cash I allow to my daughter Mary Bryans fifty pounds in cash I allow to my daughter Jane Huston as soon as it can be collected by my Executors my stock of every kind and moveable property except my cupboard I allow to my son Joseph Taylor and all out standing debts Daniel She__? money due me included my large Bible I allow to my son William Taylor This Instrument of writing I certify to be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have affixed my hand and seal this 19th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one. Isaac Taylor

Teste James Robertson James Rayburn James Bus(?)kett It must be observed the legacy left my daughter Mary is to be applied on purchasing a slave to assist her on getting though life her present situation is attended with a bad state of health and continue her properly during her natural life and to be distributed? at her discretion at her death.

Montgomery April Court 1801 This Last Will and Testament of Isaac Taylor deceased was presented in Court and proved by oath of James Roberton, James Reaburn and James Bus(?)kett the witnesses thereto ordered to be and acknowledged ---- --- the law ---- certif--- for attaining a probate thereof is granted him Teste Charles Taylor, clerk