Person:Isaac Harden (1)

Isaac Harden
  1. George Harden1762 - 1825
  2. Isaac Harden1767 - 1848
  3. Savil Duncan Harden1768 -
m. 1781
  1. Eliza Harden - 1849
  2. Hannah Harden1782 - 1839
  3. Mary J. Harden1788 - 1843
  4. John Harden1790 - 1865
  5. George Harden1794 - 1880
  6. Rachel Harden1796 - 1874
  7. Lydia Ann Harden1801 - 1846
  8. Nathaniel Harden1804 - 1868
m. 1810
  1. Mariah Harden1811 -
  2. Eleanor Harden1815 - 1875
Facts and Events
Name Isaac Harden
Gender Male
Birth? 1767 , Pennsylvania
Marriage 1781 Cumberland, Allegany, Marylandto Mary Newmeyer
Marriage 1810 to Catherine Beal
Death? 19 Jul 1848 Southampton Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania

Isaac can be found in the following census:

1790 Not Stated, Bedford, PA Federal Census

File #23 - 1848, Book 4, Page 421 July 19 1848 Isaac Harden, died intestate in Southampton Twp., Somerset County, PA in 1848 leaving a widow [Catharine] and issue of ten children. These children are listed as George Harden of Allegany County, MD; John Harden of Allen County, OH; Eliza, wife of John Cook of Bedford County, PA; Eleanor, wife of William DeHaven; Maria, wife of Peter Miller; Lydia, deceased wife of Peter Troutman; (all of Somerset County, PA.) Mary, deceased wife of Joseph Crichfield of Knox County, OH; Hanna, deceased wife of Jesse Tomlinson residing somewhere near Indianapolis, Iowa; Nathan Harden of Knox County, OH; Rachel, wife of James Devore, whereabouts unknown.On July 19, 1848 the widow certified that she had chosen George Harden and George Cook, Esq. administrators "of the estate of my late husband Isaac Harden deceased". George Harden, referring to himself as the oldest son, petitioned the court to award an inquest to make partition of the estate. This inquisition was held at the dwelling house of the late Isaac Harden on October 27, 1848 by "twelve free, honest and lawful men of the bailiwick".

The men valued and appraised:

The home place of 100 acres with a log house, barn and apple orchard. Land adjoining that of J. Cox, Jacob Witt's heirs and Peter Troutman.

A frame house and smokehouse on Lot #1 purchased by Isaac from George and Rachel Cook in 1843. Land bounded by the Meeting House on the west and J.R. Brinham on the east.

A one and a half story frame house and a stable on Lot #5, bounded by George Winters on the west and an alley on the east.

Double story frame house on Lot #29, fronting the Turnpike.

Single story house and blacksmith shop on Lot #33 and #34.

Single story frame house and 1/2 acre lot known as the "Old Gate House".

Probate records reveal further information about the heirs of Isaac Harden:

1) Petition of Hanson Cook, a minor son of John Cook & Eliza, his wife (now deceased) who was a daughter and heir at law of Isaac Harden.

2) Petition of John Cook, represents that his first wife Eliza, now deceased left issue as the fruits of their matrimonial union Four children, to wit, Hanson, William, David and Mary Catharine who are minors. That the three last of said minors are under the age of fourteen years.

3) Petition of Peter Troutman respresents that his late wife Lydia Troutman, a daughter and heir at Law of Isaac Harden, died some time previous to her said father leaving issue Seven children of whom to wit, Daniel, Jonathan & John are under fourteen years of age.

4) Account of John R. Brinham, Guardian of John H. Troutman

5) Auditor's account stating that Hannah Tomlinson's share is to be divided among ten heirs. Three of them, John J. and Jesse Tomlinson and Joseph Barnhill and wife (Drusilla) have been paid in full. William McInturf(?) & wife, George W., James and Joseph Tomlinson have received partial payment and the rest of the Tomlinson heirs have received nothing.

6) Auditor's account naming Lydia Troutman's heirs as Mary Ann, Levi, Daniel, Jonathan & John H. Troutman, Isaac Troutman and Matilda Troutman.

7) Administrator's vouchers naming heirs of Mary Crichfield as George, Peres, John, Nathaniel, Lewis, Meshack, Hannah Rightmire, Harrison & Amy Rightmire, James & Lydia Rightmire.

NOTE: According to a biography of Jacob Harden, son of George Harden, contained in the history of Lee County, ILL printed in 1892, the widow Catharine was Isaac's 2nd wife and her maiden name was Beal. Isaac's 1st wife was "Miss" Neymeyer.