Person:Irma Faeth (1)

m. 10 AUG 1905
  1. Living
  2. Alfred Gustave Faeth1900 - 1990
  3. Herbert Edward Faeth1908 - 2002
  4. Irma Dorthea Faeth1914 - 2004
Facts and Events
Name Irma Dorthea Faeth
Gender Female
Birth[1] 15 JUL 1914 Pittsburgh, Alleghey County, Pennsylvania
Other? 1920 roll 1524, ed 706, sheet 6B, line 821920 Census
Other? 03 APR 1930 Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, ed 435, sheet 2A, line 131930 census
Death[2][3] 22 FEB 2004 Pittsburgh, Alleghey County, Pennsylvania
Burial? 01 MAR 2004 Mt. Lebanon Cemetery, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Reference Number? 22
Soc Sec No[4] 192-05-6788

From: Fran Martin To: ''; '' Sent: 29/05/02 10:03 Subject: Aunt Irmr Fell

Art called yesterday. I suppose it was Monday that Art and Jan took Aunt Irmr out for the day to visit all the graves and put flowers on them. They brought her home and told her to take it easy because it had been a long day. And they tell her not to work in the yard.

Well, she decides to weed the front yard. I guess she was weeding and moving backward as she progressed. When she came to that slope out front, she lost her balance and landed over that wall on her head on the concrete driveway. She has a severe head laceration, a concussion, and a broken shoulder. She's in Mercy trauma unit. I'm going at lunchtime to visit her. Art said she knows what she's taking about, but some of her words are made up.

Aunt Hilda was in the house the entire time - totally out of it. Art said the neighbors must have all be away. They don't know how long she laid there before a man came along walking his dog. She was supposedly unconcious. The man called police and they kept going thru all the speed dials until they reached Art on his cell phone. By that time, the ambulance was there.

Now Jan has to stay each night w/Hilda, but Art said he's going to get her into Rolling Hills w/Stimpap until they see what's up with Irmr. Art & Jan have to forego their vacation. I really do feel bad for them.

BTW, Lindsay is coming home and going to Pitt. And something about Ashley too. Jan is disguisted.

I'll keep you posted. Hope you trip is going well.

Frannie (Mum)

From: Janet Ruprecht [1] Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 8:12 AM To: Subject: RE: Irma news

Irma fell at the Baptist Home last Friday night and broke her femur, like Herb did, but it's way at the top of her leg where the ball attaches at your hip. She was to have surgery yesterday, but they didn't do it because she had fluid in her lungs and they want to clear it up and she should get operated on today. I'll let you know. Art was at the hospital until 3 AM Sat. morning and I was with Hilda Friday night. Irma turned off the light in the living room and was going to bed and she said she tripped over the carpeting, but it had to be her oxygen line. She's in intensive care, but doing ok. They put her there on Sat. because she was having difficulty breathing, but they gave her more oxygen and she's ok now. She's been on morphine drip or vacation for pain. She says she's ok unless she tries to move her leg. NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!!

Ashley is trying to finish up her stuff for her senior art show on 4/22. I'll send you one of her postcards when we get them later this week. I hope some people show up for it. She's sending me a list of the galleries in NY for me to send them to invite them. It would be nice if some people showed up. We're going up and Bob & Judi are supposed to go. My sister was going to come up from Florida, but now she has to go to Idaho to babysit her grandchildren so she's not coming.

Lindsay had a great time in Oxford and is trying to get all the he work done she needs to do before school is over. She goes to Chile on 5/12 for 6 weeks. I hope that all works out well.

Let me know what's going on with your family.



From: Janet Ruprecht [2] Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 8:00 AM To: Subject: Re: update

We didn't have e-mail here for 4 days so I just got yours. The server was down and it was a mess in the entire school district.

Irma is doing really well. She is back at the Baptist Home, but in the nursing area instead of assisted living with Hilda, but I think (hopefully) she'll be back with Hilda later this week. She's getting up and going to the bathroom by herself using a walker. She's amazing - like the eveready bunny bouncing back. She looks good. I'm not sure what her phone number is there, but she's in room 111 in the nursing center.

Hope all is well with you.

From: Janet Ruprecht [3] Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2003 8:59 AM To: Subject: RE: Your sister

Our e-mail at school was down for a week so I didn't get your message until I returned to work today, 4/24. Ashley's show was great. We got back last night. It was on Tuesday at Cooper Union. a lot of people showed up, the President of the College, the Dean of the Art School, 3 professors, a lot of kids wanting free food and a lot of Ashleys friends. One guy is a painter who is going to call her about doing a mural in the Hamptons starting in May. We'll see what happens. She's supposed to go to Europe so I don't know what's going to happen there either.

Irma is in the hospital again. Art's phone doesn't get service at Ashley's apt. so we didn't get the message from the Baptist Homes or her dr. until we were on our way home yesterday. She was taken there on Tuesday morning about 2:00 AM. She was having difficulty breathing. They were thinking of putting her on a ventilator, but didn't. The Dr. said yesterday that as fast as she went down, she came back fast also and is breathing ok. Her respiratory system is having problems and she has an upper respiratory infection which is bad because it affects her breathing. Art went to see her last night and said she sounds awful and is not happy there because they won't let her walk around. She is going down hill.

I guess I better get back to work.


From: Janet Ruprecht [4] Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 1:23 PM To: Subject: RE: Your sister

I went to see Irma last night, but I can't remember what room it was. It was on the 6th floor though. You could call 412-561-4900 and ask for her room. Art just called and he said he went at lunch time to see her and she wouldn't eat anything. Her throat hurts so much. She didn't eat any dinner last night and I'm sure she hasn't eaten since she was taken in there on Tuesday morning. Art talked to the Dr. and told him that and they are doing tests on her and giving her antibiotics. I know she got this from her roommate at the Baptist Homes because she had been in the hospital with pneumonia. She's so weak now from not eating.

Glad you got to go to see Shaun. Ashley was hanging her show at Cooper Union on Sunday, but I guess you weren't in the city that day though. Is Carlos a set designer? I thought he was a painter. I guess you could do both though. Let's hope something good happens for him. I hate to see these "Artists" have to work so hard for nothing. It's such a shame the arts aren't thought of here like they are in Paris, etc.

I guess I better get back to work.

From: JRuprecht [5] Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 2:37 PM To: Fran Martin Subject: RE:Thursday

Irma went to the hospital about 3:00 yesterday. I went there about 3:45 and stayed until 6:00. She has congestive heart failure again, but the congestion in her chest is making the breathing worse. Art went over at lunch time to see her and he said she's as miserable as she usually is. She's having breathing treatments, antibiotics, lasix because she had gained 4 lbs. yesterday (water weight).

That's nice that you went to the house on Pittview Avenue. I forgot to ask Art about Fritz Maitz. He's very busy with work and I went to a play at the high school last night. Tonight I have tennis from 5:30 - 7 and then the dog has a vet appt. at 7:45 PM. As I said yesterday - never a dull moment. I talked to Irma this morning and she said she didn't sleep very well last night, but that's to be expected in the hospital. I know why she says she has trouble breathing at night. While I was in the emergency room with her she fell asleep with her mouth open and the only way the oxygen works is if you breath thru your nose, which she doesn't do. I know she's scared because she can't breath. It would be terrifying not to be able to easily. The dr. yesterday said she has emphysema also.

Haven't hear any more from Ashley and I don't expect to. Hopefully, she'll get a lot of work and make some money to pay off her charge she's racking up because she couldn't get any money from the ATM machine. She's guaranteed a certain amount of money, but if you don't work quickly I guess they send you home and cancel your contract. NO PRESSURE THERE!!!!

I'm not sure I told you some professor e-mailed Lindsay that he needs an assistant to go to Uruguay with him this summer to do research and he asked the head of the Latin American studies program for someone's name and they gave Lindsay's. She's supposed to see the guy today to talk about details. She said she'd love to do it but didn't know if it would work out or not.

Better get back to work. Jan

From: JRuprecht [6] Sent: Monday, February 16, 2004 3:29 PM To: Martin, Fran Subject: RE: the gang

Irma's back in the hospital. She's been in there since last Monday or Tuesday. She has good days and bad. Darlene doesn't stay in the room with Hilda. They go and do activities, etc. or go to other places in he building. Irma won't be back in Assisted Living with Hilda I don't think. She'll be in the nursing side from now on. It's time for me to leave so I'll write more tomorrow.


From: JRuprecht [7] Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 10:07 AM To: Martin, Fran Subject: RE: Hi

I didn't check my e-mail last Friday because we had Candy Gram Day. All the kids send chocolate covered pretzels to their friends attached to a valentine. We had 2000 we had to do so it takes a while. We're having a blood drive this Thursday and I have to coordinate times, parent permission slips, etc. so I've been busy.

Ashley is doing better now, but their is a mechanical problem with her tongue not being able to touch her back teeth now and food is going up into her sinuses so something's not right, but it doesn't hurt any more which is good.

I'm sure you've had trouble in your lane because our driveway has been all ice. We finally got it off, but at the top there is some.

Lindsay is going with 1 professor and 2 other student's to research "Carnival". The professor's name is Reed something or other. She's excited about going, but would like to be outside instead of a library all day long. She wants to go to Brazil afterwards and spend some time. She's taking a couple of classes at CCAC this May before she goes to Uruguay. It's allot cheaper and she got permission to do so. She wants to graduate in December of 04.

Ashley's boyfriend may be coming here tomorrow and they may take my car to Maryland for a wedding on Friday. She's calling her agent today to see if she's still going to Greece. Since they paid for 2 airplane tickets and she didn't go, we're doubting they'll pay for it again.

I guess I better get back to work.

Irma was comatose last night when we went to see her. But she was on a medication to relax her so I think that was the problem.


Obituary: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

FAETH IRMA D. Age 89, of Mt. Lebanon, peacefully on Sunday, February 22, 2004; daughter of the late John P. and Marie Faeth of Troy Hill; she is preceded in death by her late brothers Elmer, Albert and Herbert Faeth; she is the sister of Hildegard M. Ruprecht of Mt. Lebanon and the aunt of Frances Faeth Martin of Butler, Arthur R. Ruprecht of Mt. Lebanon, Robert R. Ruprecht of Rosswell, GA and Richard N. Ruprecht of Bethesda, MD; "Aunt Irma" is also survived by six grandnieces, five grandnephews and two great-grandnieces. Friends welcome Sunday 2-4 and 7-9pm at WILLIAM SLATER II FUNERAL SVC., 1650 Greentree Rd., Scott Twp. where a service will be held Monday 11am. Interment private. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services, 1945 Fifth Ave. Pgh, PA 15219. 412-281-1375. Please sign the guest book at

Published Saturday, February 28, 2004

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