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  1. William Alonzo Hickock1801 - 1852
  • HWilliam Alonzo Hickock1801 - 1852
  • WPolly Butler1804 - 1878
  1. James Butler Hickock1837 - 1876
Facts and Events
Name William Alonzo Hickock
Gender Male
Birth? 5 Dec 1801 North Hero, Grand Isle, Vermont, United States
Death[1] 5 May 1852 Troy Grove, La Salle, Illinois, United States
  1. History of LaSalle County, Illinois, [1].

    Wm. A. HICKOK, from Grand Isle Co., Vt., to Union Grove, Putnam Co., June 16, 1834, to Bailey’s Point with Rev. N. GOULD and Isaac FREDENBURGH, then to Granville and Troy Grove in Nov., 1836; was Deacon of the Presbyterian Church; opened the first store kept at Homer; a worthy man. He died May 5, 1852; his widow resides with her daughter at Homer, much respected, aged 74. Had three sons: Lorenzo B., who is Supervisor of Troy Grove; Hiram,, married Martha EDWARDS and holds the office of Justice of the Peace at Troy Grove; James B., born and raised at Troy Grove became notorious on the western frontier and earned the sobriquet of "Wild Bill"; a man of superior physical form, over six feet tall, lithe and active, he was more than a match for the roughs he met on the debatable ground between civilized and savage life, and is said to have often killed his man; at one time he is said to have killed four in sixty seconds – they were on his track seeking his life. He served with Jim LANE in the Kansas troubles. He was elected Constable while a minor in Kansas; was for two years U. S. Marshall at Abilene, and was regarded as a very efficient and reliable officer. He was killed at Deadwood, Dakota, Aug. 2, 1876. While playing cards his assailant came silently behind him and shot him through the head. His murderer was tried by a mob jury and acquitted, but subsequently arrested under forms of law, convicted and hung.