Person:Hugh Quin (3)

Hugh Quin
b.1732 Ireland
d.7 May 1798 York Co., SC
m. 1748
  1. Peter Quin1750 - 1824
  2. Mary QuinAbt 1755 - 1820
  3. Daniel Quin1758 - 1844
  4. Hugh Quin1763 - 1840
  5. John QuinAbt 1765 - Abt 1840
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Hugh Quin
Gender Male
Birth[3][4] 1732 Ireland
Marriage 1748 Tyrone Co., Irelandto Margaret Fondren
Death[5][6] 7 May 1798 York Co., SC


1. HUGH1 QUIN, SR. was born 1732 in Ireland (Source: Wanda Bradford, descended through Hugh Quin's son John, Wanda Bradford, 10074 Hwy 48, Russellville, Al 35654 256.332.2587, and died May 07, 1798 in York Co., S. C. (Source: Wanda Bradford, descended through Hugh Quin's son John.). He married MARGARET FONDREN 1748 in Tyrone, Ireland (Source: Wanda Bradford, descended through Hugh Quin's son John.), daughter of JOHN FONDREN and MARGARET EDWARDS. She was born 1730 in Tyrone, Ireland (Source: Wanda Bradford, descended through Hugh Quin's son John.).

More About HUGH QUIN, SR.: Estate inventory: June 11, 1798, Settled Aug 2, 1802 (Source: Wanda Bradford, descended through Hugh Quin's son John.) Immigration: Abt. 1760, From Ireland (Source: "Letters from Private Richard C. Bridges, C.S.A." in The Journal of Mississippi History, "Both Hugh Quin and his son (Peter) immigrated from Ireland to the Carolinas in the 1760's. Hugh Quin was a surveyor and landholder in the Upper Carolinas from 1768.")

Children of HUGH QUIN and MARGARET FONDREN are: 2. i. PETER2 QUIN, b. April 11, 1750, Ireland; d. December 29, 1824, Holmesville, Ms, Pike Co.. 3. ii. MARY 7 QUIN, b. Abt. 1755, Granville Co., NC?; d. October 10, 1820, Pendleton District, S.C. 4. iii. DANIEL 4 QUIN, b. 1760, Granville Co., NC?; d. 1844, York Co., S. C.. 5. iv. HUGH 1 QUIN, b. 1763, Orange, N.C.; d. April 01, 1840, Cleveland Co., NC. 6. v. JOHN 5 QUIN, b. Abt. 1765, Orange, N.C.; d. Abt. 1840, St. Clair Co., Al.

From Draper Collection of Manuscripts, document "1881 Jan 28, 6 DD 31 in the TN and King's Mountain Papers: EXTRACT: "The progenitor of this family was Hugh Quinn, who emigrated from Ireland (an Irish Catholic) and settled in York Co. SC at Moores Crossroads. Hugh Quinn was a surveyor and entered a great deal of valuable land and became rich, he died there about the time of the revolutionary war.

His eldest son was Peter Quinn. Descendants were Peter, John, Daniel, Richard, Henry, & Hugh. His daughters were Mary (who married Abner McAfee) and Nancy, who married James Bridges.

Land Deeds of York Co. SC appear the names of at least four Quins who were apparently brothers: Peter, John, Daniel and Hugh. In 1810, the place given to Daniel Quin (Peter's son) is described as bordered by the Broad River "beginning on the line near where said Daniel's uncle Jno. Quin's fence joins same river" and also adjoining Uncle Daniel's land. William Quin of Randolph Co NC in 1793 may also be a brother of Peter Quin, Sr.

John H. Gwathmey's, HISTORICAL REGISTER OF VIRGINIANS IN THE REVOLUTION (Richmond, 1938, p. 645; QUINN, PETER, 8 CL (8th VA Regiment). The original source of Draper's account of Peter Quin's service as a messenger for Colonel Ferguson was a letter from L. R. Logan to Prof. Draper, dated Dec 6, 1880. document "1880 Dec. 6; 6 DD 28 in the TN and King's Mountain Papers of Draper collection of Manuscripts".

In another letter from L. R. Logan, May 7, 1881, designated "1881 May 7, 6 DD 49" same collection, The farm on which Col. Williams a Whig (American) commander who died while marching from the battlefield at King's Mountain, once belonged to Matthew FONDREN, who was a relation of the Quinn family; his wife was a GUYTON. Several of the Quinns lived adjacent to Fondren, who after the war sold out to John CARRUTH.....I have obtained my information as to the Fondren place from Mrs. Margaret Roberts whose maiden name was Quinn and a relation of Fondren....

General Joseph Graham's account of Collins and Quin as messengers for Ferguson, quoted in Draper, King's Mountain, p. 548 is contained in full in Major William A. Graham, General Joseph Graham and His Papers of NC Rev. Hist., Raleigh, 1904, pp. 276-77, and also contains a history of the Graham family which was connected with the family of John Carruth, whose daughter Hugh Quin married.

Deeds #17 & #18 show that Peter Quin, Jr sold Peter Quin's old place, bounded by Buffalo Creek to Jno. Carruth of Lincoln, NC on Mar 25, 1814 and James Bridges sold his plantation on Cause Branch of Broad River to Jno. Carruth on Sept. 16, 1815. John Carruth of Lincolnton was the father-in-law of Hugh Quin.

About 1834 Rev Hugh Quinn moved to GA, he sold the land in 1834 that he had bought in 1829 from Lawson Henderson, the husband of Elizabeth Carruth and Hugh Quin's brother-in-law.

The 1850 Pike Co. MS Census included both sons of Peter Quin, Sr. living in 1850, Daniel and Hugh, and the widow of Peter Quin, Jr; All three living sons of Daniel Quin; four of the five living sons of Richard Quin (Richie R. Quin lived in LA, as did both of the sons of Henry Quin); and five of the six living sons of Peter Quin, Jr. (Josephus Robertson Quin is not listed).

Josephus R. Quin constructed a handsome residence opposite the Methodist Church, Holmesville, Pike Co. MS. His wife was Miss Murphy, of Kentucky, sister of Captain Murphy, of the Summit Rifles. They had two little girls Mollie and Katy. Their residence was subsequently occupied by Dr. Coates and then by William A. Barr.


One of the first Confederate soldiers to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was serving with Company F, 14th Mississippi Infantry when he was wounded at the Battle of Spottslyvania on May 8, 1864. He was taken to a Washington area hospital where he died on May 16, 1864. He is buried in Section 16 of Arlington National Cemertery, near the base of the Confederate Memorial.

Rock Island IL Union Prison Cemetery

QUINN, A.R. PVT F 6 BATTN GA CAV ST GD 7/25/64 1339. QUINN, HENRY PVT F 10 TENN 9/16/64 REMOVED. QUINN, JNO. O. PVT D 45 MISS 1/18/64 221. [S559] [S195]

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