Person:Herbert Krumm (2)

Lieutenant Herbert Zettler Krumm
m. 1877
  1. Lieutenant Herbert Zettler Krumm1878 - 1905
  2. Benjamin Zettler Krumm1880 - 1912
  3. Thomas Zettler Krumm1881 - 1968
  4. Grace Helen Krumm1883 - 1902
  5. Nettie Belle Krumm1885 - 1971
  6. John Jacob Krumm1886 - 1887
  7. Alexander Washington Krumm, Jr1888 - 1964
  8. Samuel Zettler Krumm1890 - 1966
  9. James Zettler Krumm1891 - 1953
  10. Edna Mary Krumm1893 - Abt 1954
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Lieutenant Herbert Zettler Krumm
Alt Name[3] Herbert J Krumm
Gender Male
Birth[4] 15 Mar 1878 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States
Graduation[2] 1894 Central High school, Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
Graduation[2] 1898 Ohio State University, Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
Other[9][18] 12 Jul 1898 Milit-End
Residence[10] Bet 1900 and 1902 975 South High Street, Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
Graduation[11][19] 1902
Death[5][2][15] 20 Apr 1905 Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Other[12][20] 21 Apr 1905 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United StatesObitz_OK
Other[13][21] 21 Apr 1905 Newark, Licking, Ohio, United StatesObitz2_OK
Burial[6][7][16] 24 Apr 1905 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United StatesGreen Lawn Cemetery
Other[14][22] 25 Apr 1905 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United StatesObitz_OK
Other[8][17] News
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Note from Kris: I sent Dale a genealogy report showing him all that I had on this family from Herbert's father forward and informed him that my husband is only a second half cousin twice removed. To which he responded: "Thank you for your prompt reply to my note. West Point alumni records show that Herbert Zettler Krumm died on 20 Apr 1905, per your records, but their records show his death in Washington, DC, his death occurring during surgery. Yes, it would be sad not to have a representative of Herbert to represent him at this event next May. However, since your husband is related, albeit distantly, there is no reason that he should not be represented! I would love to get your husband's home or work address so that I might add him, and you and your family, to a mailing list for invitations to this event next year, May 5-6, 2002. I would also then send you a brief history of this event and last year's schedule-this is a wonderful event that you and your family would very much enjoy-even though the relationship is not close, that fact would not impinge upon your enjoyment of this event. If you, by chance, haven't ever visited West Point, such a visit in itself is an exciting, patriotic event. I look forward to hearing from you again. Dale

Note from Kris: I sent him our address, and hope to find some living relatives to forward the information to.

letter I received: "I found your name and e-mail address through a search for Herbert Zettler Krumm, a 1902 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. On May 5-6, 2002, West Point holds a centennial celebration honoring the West Point Class of 1902. Descendants, direct or collateral, of the 54 graduates of this class are invited to this event. I am hoping that you are related to Herbert Zettler Krumm, directly or collaterally, and hence I would be pleased to send you further information concerning this event. I look forward to hearing from you. Dale W. Hansen USMA 1968 email:"

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  21. "Lieutenant Krumm-- Columbus, O. April 21--Lieutenant Herbert Z. Krumm,United States calvalry, is dead atht e government hospital atWashington. He was about to undergo and operation for a dislocatedshoulder when the anaesthetic killed him. Krumm's parents reside in thiscity."
  22. "KRUMM'S COFFIN DRAPED WITH FLAG -Impressive Honors Accorded the Body ofLate Lieutenant on Journey to Grave - The body of Herbert W. Krumm, 2ndLieut., 1st cavalry, was laid to rest in Green lawn Cemetery yesterdayafternoon with military honors, two companies of infantry from theColumbus Barrick's attending. Co. C. of the eight infantry, 2nd Lieut.A. B. Van Worner commanding, acted as an escort and furnished the sixcoffin bearers, while Co. D., Capt. Gerhardt, marched with theprocession. All of the officers of the post attended the services andmarched with the troopers to the Cemetery. At the grave a partingsalute was fired and Bugler Christopher Falker sounded taps. That casketwas borne from the residence to the cemetery on a caisson, being woundabout with a flag and the caisson draped in black. Behind the caisson atrooper led a black draped horse. The pallbearers were all Armyofficers, 1st Lieut. Kurtz Eppley, 10 infantry; first Lieut. Joseph C.Brady, 4th infantry; 1st Lieut. Benjamin H. Pope, 8 infantry; 1st Lieut.LaVergne L. Gregg, 27 infantry; 1st Lieut. William E Gillmore, 28infantry, and 1st Lieut. Wm. E. Parsons, 11 infantry. Reverend JacobAstor had charge of the services at the residence and spoke briefly atthe grave."