Person:Henry Miller (72)

Facts and Events
Name Henry Jonathon Miller
Gender Male
Birth? 1750 Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 1781 Pennsylvania, United Statesto Rachel Flory
Death? 1812 Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
Burial? Somerset, Pennsylvania, United StatesLichty Cemetery
  1.   ref. History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Penn., p. 68 (pub. 1906)

    Henry Miller (1761-1812) was a German Baptist or Dunkard who lived and farmed in Meyersdale, Somerset County PA having moved there from eastern PA in about 1786. Henry's wife, Rachel Flory; b. Dec. 6, 1763; d. July 19, 1841, is the daughter of Abraham Flory.

    Henry's exact birth and death dates are not known, and his parents are not known. Evidently he is descended from a Miller family that Gingerich and Kreider describe as among the "first wave" (18th century) of Amish/Mennonite pioneering immigrants from Germany or Switzerland. There is little doubt that his parents were born in, and emigrated from, Switzerland or Germany. He married Rachel Flory before 1781 in Eastern PA, prior to moving to Somerset County, PA. Their first three children, Daniel (b. Apr. 26, 1782 - d. June 9, 1848), Henry, and Catherine were born in Eastern PA. Four more children were born in Somerset County, PA: Abraham H. (b. Feb 17, 1789 - d. Apr. 13, 1880), Jonathan, William Henry, and Samuel (b. June 26, 1799 - d. June 7, 1850)
  2.   Rachel Flory was born Dec 6 1763 in Washington Twp, Franklin Co., PA, and
    died July 19, 1841, in Somerset County, PA. However, Gingrich & Kreider's
    lovely book, AMISH & AMISH MENNONITE GENEALOGIES on page 319 says that Henry
    Miller died in 1812. Gingrich & Kreider's information says that
    the family moved from Eastern PA to Meyersdale, PA and by 1786 the family was
    German Baptist Brethren.
  3.   My thoughts on this that their are only seven known children:

    Daniel b. 1782, Henry b. 1784 and Catherine b. abt 1785 were all probably born in Franklin county, where Rachel was born and probably married Henry Jonathan Miller who probably was born in the same area. Then in 1786 they bought land and moved to Somerset county where the last four children were born. Abraham Henry b. 1789, Jonathan b. c. 1793, William Henry b. 1797 and finally, Samuel b. 1799.

    I don't think any of this family was born and christened in York county (unless someone has the actual christening records to prove this, I've not ever located them and noted that their parents are Henry and Rachel) There's to many duplicate children names that just don't fit quite right, on this family tree, two or three Catherine's, two John/Jonathan's, two Jacob's that really have no proof and look like they could be the same person. There are a couple other girls "dumped" into the mix with no actual proof and dates that don't quite fit.

    I think researchers have found a Henry and attached the information without proving that they have the correct Henry Miller family. Everyone is picking up incorrect information from one another.

    It was common practice among these Somerset families to use the father's name as the middle name for the sons. Would appreciate any other input and/or proof to confirm all these childen and the "jumping" around in three counties.