Person:Henry Howland (15)

m. 1560
  1. John Howland1555 - 1651
  2. Nicholas Howland1568 - 1612
  3. Margaret Howland1570 - 1624
  4. Henry Howland1576 - 1635
m. Abt. 1591
  1. George Howland - 1642/3
  2. Arthur Howland1590 - 1676
  3. John Howland, Pilgrim Leaderabt 1599 - 1672
  4. Humphrey Howlandabt 1600 - 1646
  5. Margaret HowlandBet 1601 and 1602 - Aft 1646
m. 1592
  1. Joseph Howland
  2. Sarah Howland
  3. George Howland1602 - 1641/42
  4. Henry Howland1603 - 1670/71
  5. Simon Howland1605 - 1671
  6. Hannah Howland1609 -
  7. William HowlandBET 1610 AND 1611 - BEF 1646
Facts and Events
Name Henry Howland
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 1560
Alt Birth? 1564
Birth? 1576 Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England
Marriage Abt. 1591 to Ann Margaret Ayres
Marriage 1592 Englandto Anne Margaret Aires
Alt Marriage 26 Apr 1600 Ely, Cambridgeshire, Englandto Anne Margaret Aires
Death? 17 May 1635 Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England
Burial[1] 19 May 1635 Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, England
Religion? Society of Friends, Plymouth church
Other? yeoman
Ancestral File Number 1B92-TTD

Henry Howland was a yeoman who spent his entire life in or near the town of Fen Stanton. Since he was born there, his parents must have moved from the village of Newport Pond in the adjoining county of Essex shortly after their marriage in 1560.

Henry was married twice, first to a woman named Ann who lived in the same area and then to Margaret Aires from Essex. Each marriage produced five children. Three of the five offspring of his first marriage would go to the new world and become part of the Plymouth Plantation of Cape Cod Bay. A son by his second wife also joined them. Some references say that all sailed on the Mayflower but, although they apparently were early arrivals there, only one can be confirmed by the records of that colony as being among the passengers.

The one who actually did make that historic 1620 voyage was Henry Howland's son John. His is a most interesting story as are the events of that memorable chapter in early American history. (See John Howland's notes.)

When Franklyn Howland published his 'Howland Genealogy' in 1885 it was known that a Humphrey Howland of London, draper, left a will in 1646 which mentioned his three brothers, Arthur, John, and Henry of New England. Further research did not identify their parents until 1937 when McClure Meredith Howland of New York discovered in the Draper's Records of London, mention that Humphrey Howland was the son of Henry Howland of Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England. Thus we know that John Howland's father was Henry Howland.

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    Ancestor of five American presidents: through Mayflower passenger son John, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush; and, through son Henry, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.